Want to start TTC, but wary of going off BCP.

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Well I definitely don’t think that those two things should keep you from having a baby, so I would definitely get off of them. As for your period it is going to take a few months to get normal, that’s just how it works unfortunately, but maybe they will be little better than they used to be. I know that mine got better with age. I was put on BC when I was 18 and was on it for about 4 months and it GAVE me acne and I have literally had it ever since. It’s better than it used to be, but not great at almost 26 years old. I have also read that sometimes your hormones are just all out of whack, and after you have a baby it’s almost like your body resets itself trying to get everything and all your hormones back into place, and you can stop getting things like acne, cysts on your ovaries, etc! Keeping my fingers crossed for that!lol 

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heatherdanyel :  I went off bcp right after we got married. We were still (semi) preventing pregnancy but I’d been on them since I was 16 and wanted to stop. My skin went nuts. I actually didn’t even realize it was because of stopping bcp for like 6 months because we moved like 2 months after the wedding and I thought it was my skin reacting to the water.


So anyway, 8 months after going off bcp and dealing with like 4-7 craters at a time, I actually went to acne specialists of Oakland (in Oakland, CA) based on the rec of another bee! They basically identify “pore clogging ingredients” and tell you safe lotions, shampoos, makeup, and obviously face cleansing products (although I have switched to using their regimen they sell in house, not terribly expensive and lasts a long time). I’d say it took about 4 months then for me to feel comfortable going makeup free outside of the house. I don’t follow their regimen religiously and still get a pimple here and there, but it’s 10x better than where I was after stopping bcp and I’m really happy with them. 


They do out of town consultations though I don’t know much about this since I haven’t done it. But you should check out their website! Another reason I’m happy with them is their products are pregnancy safe (at least the ones I’m using – checked with my doc). Currently 7 months pregnant and my skin has stayed decent throughout the pregnancy with the exception of some wacky first trimester hormonal breakouts.

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heatherdanyel :  Truthfully, I never struggled much with my skin until I got pregnant. Unfortunately, you won’t know how it will be until you stop BCP. And if pregnancy is the reason for going off BCP, then you won’t know how your skin will act when you are pregnant until you get to that point, either. It’s about personal priorities – is having a child more important to you than your (temporary) skin situation? If so, then you can’t fear the unknown. You can always go back on BCP after having a child if your skin is still an issue.

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I had really regular cycles and they were light after I came off of BCP. I don’t know if that’s what you were experiencing (irregular, or heavy) periods but I was on the pill for a looooong time too. My skin was okay, I didn’t see many changes but I definitely wouldn’t let that stop you from coming off the pill. It’s been a long time since you’ve been off of it, you may be really surprised at how well your body adjusts without it. 

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heatherdanyel :  I went on the BCP when I was 17.  It cleared up my back acne and it relieved my period cramping/heavy flow.  When I went off of it at 25, none of that came back.  Don’t worry too much.  You might be surprised by how much your body has changed over the past 8 years.  FX you only have the good effects coming off the pill!

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I went on BCP at 13 and was on it until I was 29.  I was wary of going off because I had such irregular and awful cycles before but I was plesantly surprised to find out they had regulated on their own over the years.  You’ll never know until you go off them.  I would just wait until you are ready to get pregnant and go off of them.  Or if you want to go off 3-6mo earlier than you want to conceive so your cycles regulate just make sure you use a condom or other protection until you want to be pregnant.

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Honestly, you need to be at the place to decide that trying to conceive/pregnancy is more important to you than controlling your acne. I understand that it’s a really personal thing, as my acne was very well controlled for the first time on a medication that is very dangerous during pregnancy, so I had to stop it and in turn watch my face freak out again. It isn’t easy, but now I’m pregnant and the health of the baby needs to be the priority. 

As PP said, there’s no guarantee what your skin will be like off of BCP or during pregnancy, which is why it’s important to be easy to make that sacrifice regardless.

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I just went off BCP a little over a month ago after being on it for about 5 years. So far only noticeable symptoms are a higher sex drive (yay!) and serious constipation lol…although the constipation might be related to some recent overseas travel. Still haven’t gotten my period so not sure how that will go, but I am hoping it will be ok…mine weren’t too bad to begin with. 

If you were 16 when you went on the pill I am betting your body has changed a lot since then. Most 16 yr olds have acne issues…hopefully now that you’re 24 that won’t be such an issue.

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heatherdanyel :  I was like you, except I was on BC from age 15 to 33! But I went on primarily for acne. And I still had acne problems throughout the entire time, but less so. 

I’ll be honest: my skin freaked out when I went off BC. I’ve currently been off for about 9 months and am now 20 weeks preggers with our first kid and it hasn’t really changed. I sort of feel like a teenager again. Ugh. Still get acne and I HATE IT! But all the other benefits of being off BC make it worth it. I plan to never go on BC again. I think I’m just one of those people that will struggle with acne their entire life. Oh well! 

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Went off birth control 2 months ago after being on it for 16 years (from age 15-31). I went on it to alleviate cramps, heavy periods, and acne. Cramps are worse off of it, but the rest is basically the same.

There are other ways you can address acne besides birth control. You’ll never know how going off the pill will affect you until you try it, but at least birth control isn’t your last resort for skincare!

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I went on the pill at 15 and came off at 30 – my acne came back with a vengeance (not that it does for everyone) and I started taking Vitex to help balance my hormones – I can’t say for sure if it helped because it takes about 3 mos to fully work and I became pregnant about 2 mos after starting it. But I haven’t broken out once since becoming pregnant. It all depends on your specific hormone imbalances but I’ve read vitex is a good place to start. Good luck!

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Experiences with birth control change from woman to woman.  I had been on birth control from age 16 – 31.  In the last two years I have gone off of it and I too feared the return of dreaded acne.  Since going off I have had the occasional pimple but am ultimately grateful that my breakouts have been so minor and infrequent.  When you go off bc it may take a few months for your cycle and hormones to regulate.  After this point if you are experiencing trouble with acne I would recommend seeing a dermatologist or perhaps even a naturopathic doctor that can help treat acne without hormones.

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I went on BC at age 16 because of severe cramping and heavy periods. I went off it this May at age 28, and the cramping and heavy periods have not come back. In fact, my periods are lighter and shorter than they were on the BCP. The acne has returned, but I also stopped using my prescription retin-a at the same time. The acne sucks, and is likely exacerbated by the stress of the fact that I’m still not pregnant (….I hate TTC) but I’m trying not to let it get to me. As long as the severe cramping doesn’t come back I’m happy. I’ll probably go back to my dermatologist and ask to go on something for acne that is safe for pregnancy, and that will be that. 

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heatherdanyel :  stock up on Advil and heating pads. My periods went back to being awful when I stopped the pill but I just had to suck it up. Still waiting to see what they will be like post-baby as I’ve been told they can be a lot better! 

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