Wanting reassurance for potentially having a C-section

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I had an emergency one after 30 hours of labor. If yours is planned, you will have plenty of time to mentally prepare yourself for it.

I wasn’t scared at all but I was relieved my labor was over.

They wheeled me in, sat me up, did the spinal, laid me down, and there was a sheet in front of me so I couldn’t see. My now fiance was able to be there. The anesthesiologist was by my head the whole time and that kept me calm as well

I don’t remember feeling much tugging or anything, but I heard the baby squawk, and my now fiance held her first

I went to recovery where I was able to hold and nurse my daughter, my mom and fiance were able to be there as well 

They went back to my room with the baby while I finished up in recovery

They had me up and walking within 24 hours which sounds scary but that’s how you heal. It was tough to get in and out of bed but by day two I was managing on my own

The recovery isn’t a picnic but to be honest, I didn’t find it to be that bad. The pain meds took all of my pain away and I stopped taking them after 10 days

There is a lot of misinformation and horror stories about csections out there. I would stay far away from them because if you trust your dr and your dr thinks it is in yours and your baby’s best interest for a section, then it’s the best route for you to go.

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camenae :  also look into a chiropractor who does the webster techinique.  they can also help spin the baby around.

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I had a C section last week. FTM. Baby was head down but I basically spent my entire pregnancy insisting that due to my physical disability, baby wouldn’t be able to engage with my pelvis. All the doctors ignored me and I ended up in hospital for 5 days for a labourless induction before being sent home for another 4 days to await an elective section. Worst experience of my life.

I am a huge needle phobic and can honestly say that in comparison to my induction experience the section was a blessed relief. The anaesthestists were absolutely brilliant and engaging so I was calm as I numbed and I just held my husband’s hand and chatted away while we waited for the first cry.

Doctor told us baby had been struggling to engage as she lifted her out so I had been right about my pelvis and will be allowed to elect in future which I will absolutely do.

It was painful to move until a day or so ago so keep on top of painkillers and use your limbs to move, not your tummy muscles and accept all the  help and rest you need. But genuinely,  I am relieved I got the section birth that was right for my baby. Please trust that if it must be, then it will be the best for you and your boy. Wishing you a peaceful delivery! 

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camenae :  Had a csection and will have to have another one this March.

My first csection came after 24 hours of labor and being 2 weeks late. I finally was pretty much told enough was enough when my daughter’s heart rate started going all over the place and my blood pressure was rising.

To be honest with you, it was not that bad. The idea of it scared me more than the actual procedure. It was quick. It was painless and I was given skin-to-skin within minutes after her birth. She latched and breastfed shortly after we got back to the room to recover, but because I had labored so long, I was super dehydrated and out of it. That was probably the worst part of it for me. They had me up and walking within 12 hours. I showered later that day, was pretty much unhooked from all contraptions with the exception of the IV and the pain meds were pretty damn effective.

I was released within 3 days and while there was some soreness and pain, it really wasn’t anything that debilitating; more obnoxious and inconvenient when you’re trying to adjust to life with a newborn.

I agree with PPs who say to stay off of google. webMD will make it sound like csections will make you get 3423480294803982 infections, ruin your abs, make your baby unable to bond with you, and make it impossible to breastfeed or lead a normal and happy life. It’s a medical procedure needed to keep you and your baby safe from further complications. It’s not the most pleasant or ideal situation, but its really a fairly safe procedure.

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camenae :  You can still vaginally deliver a breech baby. So long as your attendant knows how. Darling Husband was born breech vaginally. Also, there are some midwives who can turn a baby externally using their hands and a long large piece of fabric like a scarf. 

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I had an emergency c-section. I got sick on the drugs but other than that it wasn’t bad. And I think going in knowing you’ll have a c-section would be so much better, you have time to mentally prepare. 

The recovery really wasn’t bad. I was unsteady on my feet for a few days and stopped taking my heavy drugs early on. Getting up and down was difficult for a bit but not too bad. And I slept way propped up on three pillows. I felt almost 100% at about 4-5 weeks. 

One tip, please take people up on offers to help out. You’ll need to take it easy. 

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I’ve had two. The first was after 24 hours of labor and no progression past 4cm. I was scared but I had to do it because my dd was under my ribs. I had a wonderful recovery.  I was walking the next day to the restroom and went to target on my release day. Just take your time and really listen to your body. Mine was a fast healer.  My second was planned but I went into labor the day it was planned and still had a c section. Again, I had an easy recovery. I had a small drainage so I had two rounds of antibiotics but on the side of pain… I didn’t have much. Just make sure you don’t over do it. Good luck!

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Congratulations!!!! I had to have c-section with both of my pregnancies.

The positives – the baby comes out perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ as there is no shuffling through the birth canal.

It’s safe for both of you.

Longer time for people to help you out as you adjust to being a FTM. 

The negatives – a scar that only you can see and longer recovery time.

It’s fine. Enjoy your quiet time before life changes forever ๐Ÿ™‚ <3 


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I’ve had 2 elective c-sections and it was such a calm relaxing experience ๐Ÿ˜Š Didn’t feel pain at all and recovered really quick afterwards – you’ll be fine! 

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I had a planned csection at 37 weeks. My baby basically stopped growing and she was better off being out than in (also breech but because of her size as well csection was safer). I had 4 days to mentally prepare for my csection. I honestly have no complaints. I had a wonderful set of doctors, fairly easy recover (it’s still surgery so it isn’t a walk in the park) and a perfectly healthy baby girl. Good luck!

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camenae :  I had a c section after 38 hours of labour. At the end of the day, that’s the only way I would get to meet my little peanut and I’m so thankful c sections are an option.

My baby latched right on the operating table, I had no issues producing milk and we got to spend an extra day in the hospital (which I liked because it’s frightening to take home a teeny baby)! They say c sections babies can be less healthy but my one year old has had 2 colds whereas I know many kids her age who have been sick much more.

The recovery is no joke and you will want help that first week. Everything hurts especially laughing. 

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I had a c section in August after my waters ruptured and my body didn’t want to labor. It worked out so well that way for us. I had never had major surgery but my team of doctors and nurses were absolutely wonderful! The recovery is a bit difficult for the first few weeks but as long as you manage your pain, you will be just fine.

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I had a c-section with my daughter after my water broke and labor was not going well. My fever spiked, baby’s heart rate kept dropping, etc. The doctors were very concerned for both of our health.

Honestly, my fear and anxiety around surgery was the worst part. But looking back, I had far fewer complications than a number of my girlfriends who delivered naturally. I’m just glad she was born healthy and ok.

Recovery wasn’t too bad. My ex had to get up and bring her to me for the first little while because it was hard to get in and out of bed. Just stay on top of the pain killers. I tried to wean off of them too soon – that wasn’t good. LOL

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