Wanting reassurance for potentially having a C-section

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camenae :  I had one for my son when he was breach. They didn’t call it until hour 35 of labor. Just because a baby is breach doesn’t mean you have to schedule the c section, it’s just an option. You can wait until labor. I obviously didn’t want the c section either, but it really wasn’t bad. I got up and walked as soon as they let me and my pain was minimal and mobility was close to normal. I never needed help taking care of my son and I was able to do skin to skin and breastfeed. You really do have lots of time still. It’s really towards the very end when your baby is so big that turning is hard. My son was only 5 lbs 12 oz full term so it was just really easy for him to go head down then turn around again…not the normal situation! Keep doing those exercises and do your best to sit up and not lounge on the couch. They really do help! Just make sure you’re doing the right one for the baby’s position. My son was sideways instead of head up so that’s a whole different set of exercises. Good luck!

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camenae :  I had an elective c section 5 weeks ago, the spinal was great- I didn’t feel a thing! it was the easiest thing ever! I was up and around 5 hours post op.  I was a little sore (like I did too many crunches) the next day, but by that evening I was off my pain meds, I was driving a week post op. It’s been super easy. I can’t imagine having a baby any other way. 

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I’ve had 4. You’ll be fine, Bee. If it was that God awful, I’d have only had ONE. Right? Recovery is longer than a regular birth but you WILL recover, you just need to take it more slowly. Also, with the last c-section vs the 1st, the pain management is 110% better. They really take care of your pain in the hospital and as long as you have a helping hand when you get home, you will be a-ok! I promise. You’ll be so happy to have that sweet little sugar bean…it makes it all soooooo worthwhile. 

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camenae :  it was more of a dull pulling pain. I really focused on pain management and made sure I didn’t go too long without taking medicine if I needed it. I recovered pretty quickly though which was a huge blessing. I’ll probably do c-section again for future babies.

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camenae :  I’m sorry, I’m not very helpful on the exact type of pain. My daughter is 7 and that was a long time ago. 😂 I just remember thinking, oh crap!!! When the pain meds wore off because I knew it’d take a while for them to kick in.

I could tell you some of the horror stories my friends have gone through with vaginal deliveries if that would help. Just kidding! But there is pain after both kinds of deliveries. You’ll be ok!

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Pain is dull. It’s more sore than anything – like being extra out of shape and hitting the gym really hard and a little worse than what it feels like the next few days after that. You’ll be sitting in the bed and nothing hurts but when you get out of the bed to go to the bathroom, you feel the soreness, etc… You’ll develop ridiculous strategies to get out of the bed and hope nobody sees you doing it…lol. You will become best friends with your feet and use them to pick things up so you don’t need to bend over. For the first time in your life, you will find granny panties chic. Stay on the meds, don’t let the pills expire. If it’s an 8 hour med, be ready and waiting and don’t let the pain get you before you take your pill. Every single day, you feel a little bit better and you’ll find yourself completely missing and skipping the pain meds. You’ll be all over the house in a few days but stay out of the kitchen and milk that no cooking thing as long as you can. I had one on 12/19 one year and was able to sit on a chair and prepare Christmas dinner with a little assistance. Couldn’t lift turkeys or hams or anything but I prepared all my sides (mac and cheese, stuffing, green bean casserole, etc…) with no problem.  Being pampered is nicer though 🙂

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I’ve had 2, 16 and 13 years ago, I’ve blocked out all the memories of recovery lol. Just wanted to say that my kids are fine and healthy and you can barely see my scars but they do still itch once in a while even after all these years! 

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