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If you want to be fit, then you need to determine what your definition of fitness is. Is it running a 5k under a certain time? Have the ability to deadlift x amount of weight?  Striving toward those goals would be my motivation if my desire was only for fitness (My primary goal is weight loss right now.) I will say people who do full body strength training have great physiques. Have you seen pictures of people who do pole classes? Their bodies are incredible! 

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I too am happy with my weight and work out to tone up. There are plenty of people who go to gyms and do not use the equipment to their advantage.  What kind of elliptical do you work out on? If you are trying to tone up or run a marathon then a manual setting without any resistance will do you no good. Without a need to lose weight, do a little Cardio every workout to warm up and then do weight training. You will easily build muscle and tone up.

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Helper bee

Lift weights, and don’t be afraid to go “heavy.” It will do the most for your shape IMO and you will likely end up losing fat (not necessarily weight) along the way. You can do cardio until you’re blue in the face but if you lack the muscle mass you will find it hard to really acheive that toned/firm look. 

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Weight Training…I take classes at the gym. I also use the weight room and work out on my own..well I just started going back to the gym again but that’s what I did a few months ago lol

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I agree with the girls. I use a eliptical/stair climber machine (don’t know what it’s called) as a warm up and to stretch out my legs and arms.  Then it’s all weights and squats. I follow people on instagram as a motivator. I would also suggest trx. I fell in love with it so much that I have the straps to use at home.  There are so many exercises you can do with the straps. 

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silverandgold:  Excellent point. Everyone has their own definition of “fit”

For me, I want an all over lightly muscular femenine looking body . My steps are – Eat at a defecit and do Insanity to lose 30 lb (check). Begin weight lifting to gain muscle while on a cut to lose remaining fat up until wedding (current). Once wedding is over I will go on a bulk (eat over maintenance on macro program for gains) then once my bulk phase is done I will go on a lean gains cut (eat under maintenance on hig protein/fat low carb) to trim off the fat and maintain the muscle I have acrued. Cue next summer beach season! haha

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I train for goals other than weight loss. If you want to look lean and toned then weights are your friends. Probably a hypertrophy programme whilst eating at maintenance (so weights you can do for 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps) doing big compound movements (squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press, rows, pull-ups etc). 

Weights don’t make you look bulky unless you make that your goal and work (and eat) for it, and even then it takes years of that.

I do three days of weights with the goal of improving my powerlifting total, two or three days of yoga for complementary strength and flexibility and one or two days of pole dancing for the same reasons as yoga. I wear a UK size 8-10 (US 4-6) and people are usually shocked that I’m a powerlifter (apparently I don’t look like I lift).


  • I train at the local University gym and there are always lots of people I know around (it’s really social) so whilst I don’t have a training buddy, I also have loads of them.
  • My motivation is the desire to lift at IPF Worlds (maybe take a medal in squats, or even overall… lol) although at the moment just getting to Commonwealths is going to be enough work. 
  • I love looking the way I do now, although I’d like to be a little leaner (I still have a fair belly wobble, although apparently only I see it).
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theglambee:  You should try to start incorporating a HIIT workout and weight lifting.  HIIT workouts have been proven to be the most effective form of cardio and you do not have to spend an hour on cardio— so it is easier to work out more days when you are there for less time.  I work out with family members 5 days a week.  I focus on different body groups for weight lifting each time that I workout.  Then, we do 20-30 minutes of a HIIT workout.  look up HIIT and weight lifting plans on Pinterest!  Good luck!

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If you want to run more 5k races, the best training to increase your endurance and speed then is to run more. Get outside! Find different routes with varying elevations. Strength training and crossfit will help you get “toned” but it won’t help with running. You ay be pursuing two separate goals here, which is great. I’m a CrossFitter who runs on the side since it isn’t an integral part of the programming.

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Weight training is definitely good, but I’m a big advocate of yoga and pilates if you want to look lean and toned. Both will help you build some muscle, balance well with running, and lengthen your body.

I used to do distance running and weightlifting in college and shortly after and was in great shape, but wasn’t happy with where I carried my weight and the way my muscles looked (I had great bicep/triceps and calfs, but they just looked large when I wasn’t flexing). In the last few years, I’ve gotten into yoga and pilates to complement my running, and I’ve been really happy with the way my body looks. My arms and legs look thin but strong and my shape has changed from being very straight to having a hourglass figure.

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