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Once you start being healthier and losing weight, that other stuff won’t seem to matter as much! It’s worth it! Check out myfitnesspal.com!

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If you want to lose some weight, but have already chosen your dress, you should focus on moderate weight loss… Aim for 2 lbs a month. You could lose 20lbs, which would make you feel accomplished but also not be too much to be able to alter your dress to accommodate. You can never know how your boobs will respond to weight loss, so think about this as a health thing and not a beauty thing. Also, if you weight lift and include chest work, you can increase the muscle mass behind your breasts which will help make them look bigger.

I’m not sure if you have a dress though… Paragraph 1 makes me think you do, but 2 makes me to, you don’t. If you don’t, wait until about 7 months out to order so you can lose a little first.

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Try out Insanity and/or P90X.  They are THE BEST workout programs ever and can completely change your body in 60-90 days.  Insanity is probably better, but it’s also way harder in my opinion.  You can DO this!!

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You’ve still got 10 months. You could probably get away with shopping 3 months before – on-line or buying off the rack. Keeping that in mind, and because 3 months out is getting into Homecoming season for many schools, you should have little problem shopping for a white dress.

Weight loss is a tricky thing. I know people who were small-breasted when they were thin. Put on a ton of weight, got gigantic boobs. Lost all the weight…and their boobs stayed. You just never know.



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This is going to be long, but I had brainstormed a list of information if you’re interested… 


Fitness Advice  (not weight loss advice, because skinny does NOT equal healthy!)


Eating habits:


DRINK WATER!  Eliminate juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, full fat lattes, etc.  Eat your calories, don’t drink them! 

-I’m not saying to skip your morning juice or milk, but read the serving sizes on the juice container… many of them have so much sugar.  Drink coffee black, or with skim milk instead of cream.  Small changes add up!


EAT CLEAN!  Avoid processed foods.  Focus on fresh fruits and veggies.  Increase lean protein.  Swap out refined carbs like white bread/rice/pasta for a whole grain variety.  Don’t eat packaged what you can prepare fresh.  Reduce or eliminate all processed sugars.  If you want something sweet, have a piece of fruit.  If you are chocoholic, that’s ok, but opt for a small piece of dark chocolate to satisfy the craving.


Snack often, but eat smaller meals.  Add some kind of protein to every snack and meal.  Like oatmeal every morning?  Get the plain oats and use almond milk, cinnamon, and honey for a naturally fulfilling breakfast.  Pair a piece of fruit with some yogurt or nuts.  Dip veggies in hummus or have a string cheese with some whole grain crackers.

-I don’t think people need to completely cut out carbs, vegetables are carbs after all!  Carbs are also necessary for energy.


Exercise habits:


WEIGHTS!!!  Lift them.  Lift heavy ones.  Women are physiologically unlikely to “bulk” up by lifting heavy weights.  More weights = more muscle mass.  More muscle mass = higher burning BMR.  Aim for 2-4 weight sessions a week.  You can do upper one day, lower the next, or you can do a whole-body workout with rest days or cardio days in between. 


Cardio will help melt the fat off those newly toned muscles.  This can be power walking (not taking a stroll through the park, but work yourself to breathlessness), running, elliptical, cycling, etc.  Take a spin class, step class, zumba, whatever gets you moving and your heart rate elevated.  Swimming is an awesome alternative for those with joint problems.


Interval training is also helpful because you work VERY INTENSELY in bursts, with active recovery in between intense exercises.  This allows your heart rate to increase rapidly, but you never fully recover back down to a resting heart rate.  By doing things in bursts (or intervals!) you can keep your heart rate higher for longer.


Other tips:


Get a workout buddy to keep you accountable and motivated.  Hire a trainer, join a gym, sign up for a class.

Check out MyFitnessPal- it’s free!  You can enter in certain information and you get a daily calorie goal.  Remember to input your exercise as well, since it will adjust your daily goal based on activity. 

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PS, even if you end up being President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, just get a fantastic bra and have them sew cups into your gown.  Don’t stress about that!

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@DaneLady:  Glad you got here first – that is pretty much exactly what I’d suggest! Saved me some typing 🙂 


ETA: I have A cups… does that make me super teensy-weensie? lol!

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I also plan on losing weight before my wedding. Its not that much sooner than yours! I already have my dress and need to lose about 30lbs to fit in it correctly. It was a size to small (I took the sample gown to save myself money). Maybe we can keep in touch and keep each other motivated? Let me know! Good luck on your weight loss journey!

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I appreciate the dilemma.

I (male) would want to look my best for my wedding day and I’m sure that my fiancée would think he same.

if you lost weight to a look that you would be happy with (nobody is totally 100% with how they look) then you would look at you best and you would Feel amazing.  Just think of how you would feel when hearing people say to you ‘Oh my god, you look really amazing & beautiful’.

You still have enough time and can postpone the wedding (if thats possible).

Eat fresh fruit, vegetables, SOME carbs & water daily along with an excercise that you enjoy (have fun whilst doing it and get your partner involved if possible to help you e.g hiking, badminton, gym etc).

You will look amazing in your weeding photos.

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If you haven’t decided officially on a dress yet I would worry about losing too much weight. Start eating healthy and exercising (I did Nutrisystem and lose 25 pounds and then just did my own thing about two months before the wedding).

Good luck on your weight loss journey!

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My wedding is in May of 2013 so i feel ya girl. I’m wanting and needing to lose some weight too.  Hope to come down about 20-30 lbs any suggestions would be welcomed!

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Myfitnesspal. com

or download the app. It takes some dedication, but it really does work. Calorie counting. 

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Thanks, i’ll check it out

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