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Are you looking to move or do you want to stay put?  There are plenty of options of teaching ESL abroad.  It sounds like you’re good at what you do, you’re just unappreciated.  Would you still want to keep on teaching if you moved to a different country, or if you moved back to the U.S.?  If you want to stay put maybe see if there is a different company or school you could work for.  I have many friends who have taught abroad and they loved it, so I think it depends a lot on who you work for.

The ideas you suggested I feel will be difficult to start up, especially in a different country.  Every business will have start up costs, and will take a while to grow a client base.  Can you afford to take a serious pay cut?  Would you still be able to live as an expat or would your visa expire?  Lots to think about.

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MxChinca:  As a compromise, perhaps you can cut down on your hours teaching and use that to explore some of your other creative ideas. Maybe that will rejuvenate your interest in teaching or solidify one of those creative paths as feasible. 

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It sounds like you are a very creative person and you are wilting without an artistic outlet! You have some ideas, but you don’t seem very confident in your ability to make them happen.  Try one of those ideas out! What is the worst that could happen? Mexico is beautiful and it sounds like you have a nice arrangement with your fiance and dog. I also chose teaching even though it isn’t really my “passion” and I’m honestly miserable.  Teaching takes a lot out of you and if you don’t REALLY, TRULY love it then it doesn’t matter how “good” you are.  I’m a very talented educator and I know how to design lessons and implement them in the classroom very well.  I have had nothing but positive feedback on my teaching abilities from superiors. I still hate it! I still feel replacable because everyone thinks they want to teach and there are hundreds of applicants for one job! Do what you love. I’m trying to get out, myself. Good luck hun!!!

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I’ll tell you my story here. A few years ago I went into nursing because it’s a job that is in high demand (someone is sick somewhere) – and because I was dating my now Fiance who s a Marine, I wanted something where there was a guarennteed job market. A community college nearby offered pre-nursing and nursing programs for pretty cheap so I went into it thinking that since I like science I would enjoy being a nurse.. when I am by no means a care-giving type of person. Big mistake, when it got time to apply this knowledge I just wilted on the vine. I’m just not the sort of person the be a care-giver, and all the while I had ideas for stories running in my head but I was too exhausted to do anything about it. I have since quit and is pursuing writing while planning my wedding, which is what I’ve wanting to do all along but have been too scared to go for it. I am SO much happier now, before when I was in nursing I was throwing up everyday and even developed an abnormal heart beat that has just now gone away. Now I have several stories in my head, and I’m working on my current story about an hour each day until I marry my Fiance and move in with him, then I can write full time!

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MxChinca:  I’m in a similar position as you. I’ve been teaching English in Japan for the past 8 years but I’m growing more and more tired of it. My major was biochemistry and I had considered becoming a doctor or a research scientist, but I was also studying Japanese and was very interested in working here for a bit to experience life abroad and immersion in another culture. At first I only planned on staying for a couple years and moving back. I had no intention to make this my career, but I guess I just got comfortable. Teaching English is pretty easy for me and I do like my students and school, but part of me feels like I’m not reaching my full potential in this job. I look at job listings from time to time, but there are few opportunities for foreigners other than teaching English, unfortunately. English teaching pays the best too, and I surpass my husband’s salary doing this. I’ve considered going back to the states to go back to school, but I think it would be difficult on my husband since he doesn’t speak much English. He said he would go anywhere with me, but I wouldn’t want to put him through that unless I was completely sure what I wanted to do in life. All I know is I’d rather be doing something science related, and it would be nice if Japanese language were involved since I’m fluent, but that’s about it! So OP, I feel for you and hope you can figure things out!

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MxChinca:  I taught elementary school for 9 years. Never did I work so hard and feel so unappreciated in all my life. Teaching sucks and it’s just getting worse with the testing and budget cuts etc. and, yes, we are replaceable. Because “they” are trying to avoid having apathetic teachers, most schools have done away with tenure. The last school I was at grossly underpaid us (one teacher had been teaching 25 yrs and her salary was $30k!) and we had to work lots of extra hours. if we complained we were literally told “if you don’t like it, quit-the job market is so bad there is a line of people who would love to have your job” screw teaching! Inspiring young minds can only go so far…

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I wanted to commiserate. I’m not a teacher, but recently got a promotion to a management position. It came with a raise so I’m trying to be motivated and passionate about it. I have held management positions before. I guess I have innate leadership qualities that make people see me as a good management type. I don’t like it though. I am trying to stay positive, learn what I can, make the money to pay our bills as my husband is out of work right now. I’ve been trying to figure out what I really want to do. I have no idea. 

I can sew but the idea of sewing things to sell doesn’t really interest me. Its a long process to make something, I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to my stitches, and how do I find the product that would actually sell? So I’m not sure thats the right path for me. 

I love cooking and baking. I have thought about selling certain dishes that everyone loves, like coconut macaroons, but there are so many legal things to worry about with selling food it discourages me when I start thinking about it. 

So I am in a similar boat, op, except I don’t know what I would like to do that would make me truly happy. Try one of your ideas, see what happens. You never know where it could take you until you do it!! Maybe in addition to the pet posters, you can take awesome pics of the nature there and turn those into pics? Good luck!

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