Warranty on AMORA Moissanite from Moissanite Co. NOT honored

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Honestly, I don’t think it would be worth sending it for repair. Very few people would be willing to pay a lot for an second hand Amora stone anyways, as there are so many other modern moissanites available affordably these days. I would just price it accordingly, which for a second hand moissy from 8 years ago was never going to be very much, even if the stone was in perfect condition. 

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I wouldn’t be sending shit to them. 

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I’m sorry, but I dont see the need to go through all these gyrations for a stone that didnt cost that much in the first place. It seems like a lot of wasted effort for what is clearly an inferior stone. I’m not a moissanite expert by any means, but I always thought one of the selling points of moissanite is that there’s no need to insure it because the stone can be replaced easily without great cost. Even if they magically buff out all the scratches, it will just get scratched up again. Do you really want to do this again in a few years? And I thought moissy was supposed to resist abrasions at the facets. What you’re showing is a lot more common with cubic zirconia.

I’m going to be blunt: there are moissanite stones out there that are much better looking that the one you have now. Why not just get one of them? 

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sunburn is right. You can get well cut moissanites very cheaply so you can easily purchase a replacement and have it set in your ring. The reality is that, no matter what you do, you are not going to get much for it. This is an 11 year old ring set with an older type of moissanite. The pictures you posted are all at high magnification which is not how you would normally see the stone. I agree with PP who have pointed out that this is not likely to affect the stone’s performance or the resale value. Even diamonds can develop these types of abrasions and chips and I don’t know of any diamond miner, polisher or seller that would replace your diamond free of charge.

Amora moissy is C&C 6H moissanite which, at the time, was not cut to high standards. Better Than Diamond screened the stones and selected the best cut to treat with high pressure and high temperature thereby improving the colour. They marketed these as Amora moissanite which were sold through MoCo and Better Than Diamond. There have been so many improvements in the intervening years including the growth of 4H moissy (a naturally whiter stone – no treatment required) and better cutting. Momonquest, you will be competing with rings set with these newer moissies being offered on the resale market. Check out Loupetroop and Diamondbistro – there are very nice 4H H&A rings for about 300 USD. 

Also, at the time that MoCo sold this product, there was a notice on their site stating that, as per C&C, this treatment voided the manufacturer’s warranty. Again, the value of the warranty is questionable because it only covered clouding which moissanite does not do. It did not cover chips and abrasions.

Good luck with your sale.


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Are you thinking of selling the stone? Because I think you’d have better luck giving it away, and it might give someone some happiness. I know a good bit about jewelry on the secondhand market and the demand for an older greenish moissanite is nonexistant. 

I’m seriously not trying to be a wet blanket here, just a voice of reality. You can always tell me to shut up lol.

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