(Closed) Was breastfeeding “easy” for anyone?

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I’m in the same boat, due in a few days and everyone loves to tell a horror story. I talked to my friend who is a lactation consultant and she said not to expect a bad experience but to get help ASAP if you’re having trouble and many of the horror stories can be circumvented. Good luck!

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I wouldn’t say my experience was easy but it has definitely been positive!!  I bled from one nipple for awhile and it took about 6 weeks to feel normal, but Kayla and I have it down pat now and it’s such a great experience we get to share!

I guess I can’t say for sure, but I’d be willing to bet that almost everyone that breastfeeds has some difficulty, whether it’s something as simple as a little bit of pain or something much more serious.  All I can say is that’s it is definitely worth it in the end!!  Keep the faith!!

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OK this caught my eye even though I have a 16 year old and a soon to be 14 year old.

I nursed both my children my oldest for 15 months and my daughter for 23 months.

I had no issued.  I also worked full time and pumped.  Neither of my kids ever had formula.  My daughter refused any kind of bottle or baby food.

PM me if you want to chat – it was actually really easy and fun and I have friends that also have done it with no issues what so ever!!

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My experience with nursing was easy! I attribute it to my awesome lactation consultant who came on day 3 to get us started on the right foot, and also a wonderful breastfeeding book, Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers by Nancy Mohrbacher. My lactation consultant required that I read it and it helped so much! She uses an alternate breastfeeding position for the baby that helps with tummy gas and neck strength. My son has such good head control from that that even strangers comment on how strong he is. I’ve never had any infections or bleeding. It was painful for a few days while my skin got used to the sucking, but nothing so bad that it deterred me from nursing.


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I had some pain, but overall I’d say it was easy & VERY rewarding.  Just buy the gel pads (forget the name) that can go in the fridge.  My son is almost 9 months and I am still able to pump/nurse enough for him (with his solids, now, too).  I’ve never had bleeding or infections.

Our teacher told us to just try to make it to 30 days.  If you are having a hard time at first and think of the 1 year recommendation, it can seem overwhelming.  However, most people that have a good supply/routine @ 1 month can usually stick with it.  She also said to count to 10, and if it still hurts, make the baby adjust the latch.

I think that people just want to warn you that it can be harder than you think.  However, if you go into it educated, many of the issues can be avoided.  Plus, if there is a rare physical issue, the LCs can help you work through it.  Good luck!

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I had the help of lactation consultants at the hospital and 2 follow up appointments the week after giving birth. My baby had trouble latching at first and we had to use bottles of pumped milk in addition to nursing for the first week and a half. The LC’s gave great tips. i had no other hands-on help to figure it out but I did read through chapters on breastfeeding at that point. Yes, it still was painful but not enough to make me want to quit. My friend had prepared me by telling me just stick it out for 3 weeks and it will get better. The My Brest-friend pillow helped a lot. 

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My baby won’t be here for a couple of months, but I’ve heard good and bad stories about breastfeeding. My mom swears that it’s the easiest thing ever, she nursed 3 babies. Most of the bad stories that I’ve heard do end up with the person breastfeeding though, it just took them a little longer to get it all figured out. I think it’s something that you just have to be determined to do and stick with.

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I’ve had a relatively easy time of it overall.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t hard work, just that it can be a positive experience.  Just remember, both you and baby are learning and it isn’t as instinctive as we like to think.  Yes, our bodies make milk but that’s about as “instinctive” as it got for me. 

I’m really glad I took a specialized breastfeeding class so I had some idea of what to do and where to start and had a great lactation consultant just a phone call away.  Getting latch down can be tough but I was able to successfully latch my son from day one.  Granted I still have to re-latch him occaissionally (we’re 12 weeks into this), but after week 7 there wasn’t even the twinge of pain that I used to get in the very beginning.  I never had bleeding though I did get a small scab on each nipple at one point (about week 2 I believe) but it wasn’t that bad. 

I haven’t had to supplement and am proud of that.  I do worry about having/making enough milk since I’m back at work but I know I can make it 6 months and plan to try for one year to the best of my ability.  Make sure your husband knows you’ll need an incredible amount of support (feeding you, keeping a full water glass for you all the time, changing diapers) for at least the first month so you can focus on feeding baby.  As my mother told me, my job was to make milk and feed my son – everything else could wait. 

Even though it makes my days at work a lot longer, I still manage to go to my son’s daycare most days and nurse him at lunch because I enjoy it so much.

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My experience was a great one, it actually made me wonder what could be hard about breastfeeding. The moment she was born I tried breastfeeding but she wasn’t interested but then within the next couple of hours I tried again and she latched on like a pro. We never had any problems. The only pain I ever had was when I didn’t get to feed or pump and the milk started to build up too much AND when she started getting teeth LOL. I breastfed my daughter until she turned one.

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please don’t listen to the horror stories. Breastfeeding is not a breeeze at first, but once you get over the hump it is a wonderfully rewarding experience. I had no issues nursing one child, but I did run into some issues with another. He had a high palette and had latch issues. I got a WONDERFUL LC from LLL who helped us work through those issues.

They key to a successful nursing relationship is SUPPORT. Please make sure you surround youself with people who are loving and supportive of your choice.

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It was easy for me! It hurt the 1st week but that was mainly because your uterus contracts in the beginning. After that it was fine. I hated pumping though but did it the 1st year. I had some supply issues with pumping so she did usually get 1 or 2 bottles of formula a day after she was 7 months. I continued to Boyfriend or Best Friend just at night from 12-20 months. Also she went through a brief period of being distracted, not wanting to Boyfriend or Best Friend for while probably around 5 or 6 months, so I had to pump a lot and give bottles. That sucked but overall I had a good experience and she was a good nurser

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I do not yet have children, but I too have heard horror stories about it and was way too scared to try it. However, two people close to me assured me their experiences were positive. I don’t think it was easy but it wasn’t bad. My coworker did tell me though that the first time, she just kind of winged it and had a little trouble. With her second, she took a breastfeeding class offered at the hospital and had a much easier time. I am planning on taking the same class.

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@Pelikila: and any others who pumped and breast fed– did you have any problems with nipple confusion. I’m not pregnant yet, so this is a ways off for me, but my BFF stopped feeding from the breast and only gave breastmilk that was pumped by bottle once she went back to work.

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I loved Boyfriend or Best Friend for the most part.  My oldest had some issues and was fed by tube for the first few days of his life, but took to breast feeding on day 4 no problem and BF’d for a year.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  My second son latched on no problem after about 2 hours and BF’d for 11 months.  My youngest struggled with her latch for about a day but figured it out and it was a breeze for the next 19 months.  I had some issues here and there (mastitis twice and thrush) but while painful they didn’t last long and it was so worth it.

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