Was I in the wrong?

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Sugar bee
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No, you did nothing wrong at all! I would just assume they thought it was handicapped and once they realized it wasnt a handicap spot, they feel like a total ass (and I’d enjoy thinking about them feeling real dumb lol)

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Busy bee

They must have thought you were in a handicapped spot. I honestly don’t know why else someone would feel the need to park behind someone and wait for them to get out of the store to yell at the person. Why do people still do this stuff? The world is so crazy, you never know what people are going to do! My SO has MS and technically he can get a handicapped plaque, but he chooses not to because he’s stubborn. Probably when he gets older he will consider it, if it progresses more, but he has a long time in between flares right now. I just worry that people are going to shit on him/us, when they don’t even understand his ailments.

I had some lady flip me off at a Starbucks one day. She literally knocked on my window to flip me off. No idea what I even did, but like seriously lady? Get a life – it’s just coffee.

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Busy bee

princessanon0125 :  she was one of those hard south side Chicago ladies who didn’t take crap. Ha. She was a firecracker! I miss her dearly – she passed about 2 years ago unexpectedly. She had that south side accent and would often say “yous guys”. LOL!

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Helper bee
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Oh!  That’s even worse!  People must have so much time on their hands to wait for someone to get to their car after shopping  by blocking it 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄.  princessanon0125 :  

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Blushing bee

No you didn’t do anything wrong.

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Helper bee
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I can’t even imagine how miserable ones life needs to be to a) bother and b) block and scold you.

You did nothing wrong and you need to see those persons as what they are: pitiful.

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Blushing bee
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Lmao she probably saw that space too and didn’t get there before you. Screw her. She doesn’t know what you’re going through and has no right to make those comments.

I once got yelled at because I parked next to a van that needed the adjoining space to load and unload a wheelchair. They weren’t even parked in handicapped parking. I got back to my car and there’s this angry guy yelling at me to move my car. He had a sign on his rear window that said to leave the space to the right of his van vacant for the wheelchair and was accusing me of stealing his “cone”. I told him that I don’t get out of my car and start looking into the windows of other vehicles. He was so pissed. I don’t know what happened to his cone. Maybe the person who parked in my spot before me took it.

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Busy bee

Ugggggh I hate that. I dated someone like that once- he lectured anyone and everyone on things they did. He’d even go up to people taking care of their own private Gardens, and tell them what they were doing “wrong.”

so. Mortifying! To be around him. 

This is controlling, disgusting behavior, and the wrong is on their side, not yours. 

That person needs to stay in their own damn lane. 

And I’m wishing you healing and wellness, bee. 

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Bee Keeper
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There is no rule that you have to park X amount of spaces next to a disabled or family bay, as long as you aren’t parking in them. 

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Busy bee
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princessanon0125 :  BEE DONT FEEL BAD ABOUT THIS.

I would have dropped a bomb on those fuckers and made them realize they’re shitty human beings.

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