(Closed) Was I raped?

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Worker bee
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If you have to ask, “Was I raped?” then it’s probably rape. 

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Blushing bee

Well i gave talks on sexual exploitation and i can tell you that when alcohol is involved, consent is not valid. A person can not consent to sex when intoxicated because they are..well..intoxicated. If a guy gives you drugs to follow up and encourage sex, its rape. 

Theres this misconception that rape is only when the person is screaming and crying and being pinned down. Not true. Rape is when the person wasnt 100% sure and the other person persuaded them. Rape can even happen in a relationship if consent is not given. 

Unless you say “yes i want to have sex with you” without intoxication and manipulation, or you are clearly 100% into it…its rape. This is also how the courts make their decisions- i used to work in the field that dealt with this matter.

Feeling pressured to have had sex is rape because you yourself did not give real consent. Emotional manipulation also counts as rape- you dont need to be forcefully pinned down.

If you have to ask “was i raped”, i think you have your answer there.

Counselling is a great way to move forward with the past and heal, i really recommend it !

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Please see a therapist. Yes, while it is not the violent force that people usually think of as rape but you didn’t say yes to either case. Rape isn’t always about yelling NO but it is also about the inability of saying yes. Best to go to a professional who can help

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Helper bee
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If you don’t consent then it’s rape, if you’re too drunk to consent then it’s rape, if you’re too scared to say no then it’s rape.

It is not your fault that some guys have done this. The only appropriate way to behave is to get enthusiast consent from your partner. Agreeing to watch Netflix or eat pasta is not agreeing to sex. Spiking you (with drugs or alcohol) is not how you seduce someone.

Most rapist are not lurking down dark alleyways waiting to pounce on strangers, they are exactly the type of situation you describe and that makes it harder to describe as rape.

If you are able to talk to someone and look into counselling I would recommend it, these men should not have you blaming yourself and interfering with your relationships, you are worth so much more than that. look after yourself x

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Helper bee
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You HAVE to know that no one on here would tell you these incidents were your fault. 100% not your fault. I hope you are able to open up to someone in your life about this. 


[content moderated], but still feel compelled to answer in case it isn’t. Maybe it’s easier to first talk about trauma online but… is there a way these won’t show up in /wedding related?

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Blushing bee
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If you say no, it’s rape.  If you don’t want it, it’s rape.  If you are mentally impared by drugs or alcohol and someone takes advantage of that situation, it’s rape.  

I am really sorry this has happened to you.  If you ever feel unsure about a situation, please make it known that you are saying no.  Stand up for yourself darling, and stay safe.  Don’t let anyone make you feel like it was your fault, because it isn’t

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Bumble bee
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Bee, I’m so sorry and pissed off for you for these experiences you had. No wonder you are angry. Yes they are all rape, not your fault but theirs. Even with the boy you liked, the alcohol and that he knew you were underage makes that rape. You are brave to post here and to want to improve your reactions to your current SO. There are a lot of valuable resources – counseling and not for profit agencies that can help you to heal. Even if you are not particularly a feminist you may additionally find reading feminist literature on our rape culture to be empowering. Like many many others (including on the Bee) you will go on to become empowered, to heal, to stop blaming yourself and to enjoy your current love. A big virtual hug!!!!

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Helper bee
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I’m sorry and hate to be the crude one. But if you really have to ask people in an online community if you were raped, then you either don’t understand what rape is or you have been raped. What boggles my mind is you decide now to bring it up in your life. Why not ask for help immediatly after this happened to you? 

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Buzzing Beekeeper

ohmylanta13:  I am actually glad you do not have to understand the issue. Rape is complicated, the trauma can take years to decompress. It can be extremely complicated and it is very difficult to deal with immediately after the fact. What do I know? I was a victim and took a decade to not feel the shame, guilt and face that I was a victim. I am a survivor strong.

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Honey bee
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No. Absolutely none of the scenarios you described were in any way your fault, and yes, I would classify all three as rape. I’m so sorry you have been through this, but very happy that you are feeling ready to start to understand what happened,  and to try and begin to process it. 

Do you have a women’s crisis Centre or hotline where you live? They can put you in touch with some resources to help you begin to heal…they might also be able to help your Fiance understand what you’re going through so he can support you. I’m so sorry, but know that getting help is a brave and powerful step and I wish you luck bee.

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Helper bee
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I’m so confused as to how you are even confused over whether this was rape or not. He picked you up and carried you somewhere, and, even though you said no, had sex with your body (not with you because he didn’t care about your person outside of what your body parts could do for him.)

Yes, you were raped. No it’s not your fault, just because you hang out with someone and drink around them does not mean you give up the right to body autonomy.

This is why we need more education about rape in schools. All of these guys have probably done this to a lot of girls. Your story is so gross and yet so common. I hope these guys’ d*cks rot off and someone puts their worthless @sses in prison and throws the key away, although thanks to timeframe laws that person can’t be you.

Please see a therapist! You need to talk to someone about what you went through.

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Busy Beekeeper
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The only one who is ever at fault for a rape is the rapist.

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Honey Beekeeper
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No consent is rape.  If you have to ask if you were raped, you probably were.  

Please stop blaming yourself for any and all of these situations.  Going to someone’s house is not an open invitation for someone to take advantage of you.  Having ingested alcohol, whether accidentially or by choice, is not giving consent for someone to take advantage of you.  

You. Are. Not. At. Fault.  

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Helper bee
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theatrejulia:  I’m sorry, but I don’t have that kind of compassion. And pulling the victim card doesn’t help your case. Everyone wants special treatment because they “survived” something. It is how our entitled world is.

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