Was I wrong to call out a racially charged comment on social media?

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bee123456789 :  In the context you have mentioned I think it does have racial undertones and I don’t think there’s much doubt that your friend’s mum was being racist. It also has criminal connotations and there is NOTHING criminal about disagreeing with the President.

Even if you annoyed your friend and her mum, hopefully somebody saw your status and thought twice about their use of that term or whether or not that’s an acceptable thing to say about someone. 

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KittyYogi :  Uhm, majority of that is one person. 

Its a rapper named Young Thug.

Nicknamed Thugga Thugga. 

I hope everyone here can tell that those pictures are 80% of the SAME person and not saying that they all look the same. 

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“Thug” may not have racist connotations in other countries, but in the US it definitely does. I’m a military kid and have lived all over, but I grew up predominantly in Georgia and spent 2 years in rural Mississippi as an adult (2016-17) and that has 100% been my experience. Not to mention the news and general society at large. Also, there is a VERY clear difference between the north and south here in terms of racism. People who haven’t been/lived down here don’t know what it’s like, especially since the election. Just wanted to point this out to keep in mind for all the posters claiming “thug” isn’t racially charged just because it isn’t where they’re from, since the OP clearly stated she’s in the US.

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Yikes! I lived in the South briefly, and was amazed how much racism there still is down there.  I couldn’t believe it, espcially since I come from the North East.    I personally  never post anything politically charged on social media.  If you have an issue, send her a private message.  It is inappropriate to take these kinds of things to social media.   You should have not said anything.  Maybe you need to reevaluate your friend group, since it appears you choose to socialize with a pretty racist crowd.

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collegebee :  ok so you’re probably one of those people that believe that because some black people say the nword,  white people are justified in saying it too. “Thug is a popular identity in rap culture” ok so in this case.. was the OPs friends mother justified in calling the black player a thug? Because she definitely said it because of his race. I’m curious. And why should I automatically know that song..what are you implying???

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Thug is 100% a racially charged word. Anyone who says otherwise is delusional. 

Good for you for saying something. Even if there’s backlash, who cares. Speak up for what you believe in. 

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Good on you!!! 👍🏽  Speaking up against racist comments and racism in whatever way you can, is always the right thing to do! I have never been able to fathom how people can think they are better than others based on skin colour, culture or religion – it’s completely arrogant and narcissistic not to mention ignorant. We all have the responsibility to correct people who discriminate and educate those who are ignorant. 

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bee123456789 :  

It’s not wrong if it were because he black but are you sure that why or she would say to any body that say that if they say what she don’t like? Thug don’t mean black look at urban diction it say some body that do crime! Not gonna lie I would not say nothing to my freinds mom!

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bee123456789 :  only thing you should feel sorry about is deleting the status. I’d unfollow those people & know where they stand. Seems racism is alive & well these days & it’s sad that we’re taking steps back & not forward. 

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rosydelight : “ First for everyone, remember words have a general societal meaning, not just a meaning for yourself. So while you personally wouldn’t use a word in such a way, or associate with things, other people definitely have different views….maybe even most people, outside of your tiny social stratosphere (that is not a dig, all of our spheres are “tiny”).“

This so much. It was like the first time I saw American’s using the word coon so casually on internet forums. Here coon is a racial slur towards Indigenous people so you can imagine my shock when people where talking about coon dogs etc. So just because the word means one thing where you are does not mean it is not used in an offensive way somewhere else.


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Language is so context dependant, and that word wouldn’t be considered racially charged where I’m from, but it sounds like it is where you’re from. Fair enough calling her out on it I think.

I called out a guy on fb once for making derogatory comments about women of larger weight. No regrets. 


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I just don’t even understand the thought process of hearing someone say something you don’t like and immediately jumping to “he’s a thug!”. Why?! 

I feel like my first response would be “he’s an ass!” Or “he’s a jerk!” 

So it’s hard for me to give the benefit of the doubt that people aren’t using it in a racially charged manner. Even if I try to take race out of the picture just the use of that word for the situations it’s used in doesn’t make sense to me.

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You most definitely are not wrong for calling out racist comments!! 

I would’ve kept up the status 

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