Was involved in a car accident. Feeling anxious

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lovingbee34 :  You were in a traumatic event, you’re probably still on an adrenaline rush, or coming off it.  You’re not going to feel better right away, you’re going to go over all of the what-ifs while you’re longing for sleep. It’s just one of those things you have to push past…  I have been run off the road twice, once by a pickup (who came back and profusely apologized) and once by a semi (never noticed).  It makes you paranoid, it makes you watch every car in the next lane like a lunatic until finally, one day, you stop imagining that they are drifting over.  All you can do is get back on that horse.  And be thankful you’re all right!

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Here is a small story to distract you;

One time I was wanted to make a right turn and didn’t notice the bus next to the lane wanted to make a right too. Well I snuck up into the proper lane and as soon and I got up to the line the bus was already turning right into me and slow motion crashed into me. Not drastically but did bang the front corner bumper on my car a bit.

the bus naturally pulled over and I panicked and drove home (I lived like 2 miles away lmao). I went straight to my house and went crying to my dad. 10 minutes later cops showed up and my father explained I was very young and dumb  and panicked and would never think of doing a hit and run and agreed to drive me back to the scene and spoke to the cops for me and I told them my side and the bus driver must have felt pity because he said the insurances would handle it it was a small incident. I was 18. Lol moral of that story keep the eff away from buses making right turns and stopping on rail road tracks.


I hope my story cheers you up. 

Usually when I get anxiety I take a quick trip outside and walk around stare at some nature of some sort. Pick a few things I’m thankful for. And I send good vibes out to the world and then think about the next foods I’m going to eat. It’s a process I went through it to. Me the bus driver and all the passengers 

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lovingbee34 :  it’s so good to read that you were uninjured. That’s the most important thing! That being said, I can definitely relate to how you’re feeling. I have only been in a few basically minor car accidents but I’ve always felt shaken after each one.most recently, my daughter and I were rear-ended at a stoplight and although we were both fine, I was extremely stressed out and anxious for a couple of days afterward. It was hard to stop thinking about what could have happened and really difficult to clear those thoughts from my mind.

I think after a few days, you’ll probably start feeling a lot better. Just know that your feelings are valid and to be expected. Hugs to you!

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lovingbee34 :  Oh bee, how stressful for you. Just try to remember no one was harmed, it’s just a lump of metal that got damaged. 

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I get how you’re feeling. I’ve been in several accidents (not my fault) and two hit and runs, as a matter of fact every car that I’ve had has been in an accident… again not my fault. I’m always feeling anxious afterwards and to my friends and family they feel that I should be use to it with my track record of car wrecks but I’m not. My first feeling is thankfulness because everyone involved is ok my second feeling is anger at the stupid mistakes the other driver made and everything you’ll have to deal with like insurance companies rental cars or repairs (one of the accidents totaled my car that was paid for so I had to get another one with a car payment that I didn’t want) but bottom line you have to get back in the car again for work, kids, life in general and when you do you might be paranoid and constantly check all mirrors ( I obsessively checked my rear view mirror with my latest hit and run from the back) but the more you drive your confidence will return and your feeling of anxiety will get better. Also, you said the accident wasn’t your fault so you shouldn’t feel guilt. You did nothing wrong to cause the accident, I’m glad you’re ok and trust me since I have a bullseye on my back with all of my accidents things do get better!

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Bee it could have been worse!!

Pour yourself a big ass glass of wine, bake some brownies, and put on a feel good romcom! Take some time to chill out. Take stock. Self care. Self love. And more wine xx 

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lovingbee34 :  I’m sorry that you’re going through this anxiety. Please know that it’s completely ok to feel shaken and anxious! My recommendation is to give yourself plenty of time when you next drive so that you don’t have to worry about being in a rush and have time to pull over and breathe if you need to as you get back to feeling comfortable on the road again. You WILL feel comfortable on the road again. I have been in one moderately serious accident where a drunk driver went up and exit ramp and hit me head on going the wrong way on the highway after side swiping two other cars. Thankfully, (somehow) no one was seriously injured but I think all four cars were totaled. I had to drive an hour and a half three days later alone to take my praxis test in order to graduate college and I’ll tell you: it was hard. I had to pull over and cry a few times, but I think it helped to have to work through it instead of avoiding driving and letting it build up into something bigger and harder. 

It took a while for the anxiety to ease, but it got easier when I realized a big part of what was freaking me out. It was the feeling of loss of control over what happens while driving. Someone else made a choice that resulted in the accident and there was nothing I or anyone else could have done to change that. All I can do is try to make the right choices to remain safe on the road: Wear a seatbelt, keep eyes on the road and looking ahead for potential hazards, never drive impaired, give enough time to avoid the temptation to speed unnecessarily, anticipate choices made by other cars in traffic if it looks like someone is trying to merge without checking, etc. If it feels like your anxiety isn’t easing after some time, get help and talk to someone. You’ll be ok, bee ❤️

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I was in aserious accident. Not my fault. It was two young drug affected drivers who were drag racing. They blowed into me and the car in front of me. I ended up with part of the door inbedded in my side and the poor driver of the car in front died at the scene despite me doing CPR for 20mins. I didn’t even feel the pain in my side until after I was in the ambulance. It was really horrible. I was terrified of driving afterwards.

My partner made me go on a defensive driving course. It really helped my confidence with getting back on the road. I think everyone should do one as it can save your life. It might be something to consider.

lovingbee34 :  

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