(Closed) Wash and Fold laundry service…anyone use it?

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Busy bee
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I used this service only once in my life for about 2 weeks. I was staying in a home in mexico while studying slong with some of my fellow classmates in college. I don’t think I had ever heard of wash and fold before this since I’ve pretty much always had a washer/dryer at home growing up. I was fascinated at the concept. Just drop off your dirty clothes and pick them up later all clean and folded!!

I don’t remember anything about the cost, but I too felt weird about the whole underwear thing. Especially any underwear that aren’t in tip top shape. I wasn’t too embarassed sine I only used the service twice and I knew I would never see these people again, but IDK about doing all my laundry, all the time using this service. Maybe you should just drop off al laundry except intimates and just do those yourself along with sheets and blankets (since they’re on the heavier side.

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Bumble bee
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I just did this for the first time last week.  I will do it again.  In NYC it’s only like .75 cents a pound.  Which is practically the same as doing it yourself.  It does weird me out a little about the underwear, but not enough for me to lug my laundry 5 blocks and do it myself.  These people see underwear all day.  I doubt they’re that interested in mine.  You could always wash intimates in the tub and send the rest off though.

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Sugar bee
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I think it’s more around here, which is why I would never do it. Part of my requirements for renting an apartment are ease of access to laundry. Right now our apartment has in-unit laundry and I don’t think I can ever go back to using a common laundry room.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m curious about this.  I was most of my clothes in cold, and lay flat to dry.  I also have allergies to many detergents.

Are the clothes well-cared for?  Do they use dye and scent free detergents?  Are fabric softners used?  Obviously it depends on the place, but just curious to hear about the options that are available out there!

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I could honestly NEVER do this…

First off I am a total laundry control freak… I am very very particular about my clothes and how they get laundered / taken care of (example… virtually nothing of mine goes in the Dryer… most things are either hung to dry OR dry flat)

Sure, I know that this attention to detail isn’t for everyone… but I have to say that my clothes are the better for it.  They last longer, don’t wear out, and ALWAYS look amazing (cannot tell you how often people comment on how WHITE and BRIGHT something is… “Is that new ?”… makes me smile to say “No, I’ve had this for __ years”)

Mr TTR now he couldn’t care… he barely is someone who cares enough to seperate Whites, Colours & Darks… let alone Towels and Sheets.  If it was up to him, he’d do just one load a week… throwing everything in willly-nilly.

Sooo not my style.

I’ve made it very clear to him that he is NOT TO TOUCH my laundry whatsoever !!

Additionally, I’m sorry I could never give someone else my “unmentionables” to wash… just too personal IMO

Which brings up another point for me…

Assuming that the Wash & Fold Service actually seperates out laundry into various categories… and ends up with smaller loads, do they end up combining your stuff with other people’s stuff ?

The idea of my undies “getting personal” with someone else’s I don’t know… well that is to much for me to endure

*Faints away at the thought*

— — —

EDIT TO ADD – Since I began drafting my reply, I see that @AB Bride: has posted.  Great to see that someone else has similar Laundry Habits to my own.


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Bumble Beekeeper
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Around me, it’s way too expensive!  My husband did it once and wouldn’t do it again unless it was absolutely 100% necessary. 

I think I’d feel a little weird about the underwear thing too!

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Bumble bee
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Laundry is my least favorite chore! I only use wash and fold and dry cleaning – we don’t do any laundry ourselves. I absolutely love it, the place we use picks it up and drops it off for us. Its $1 per pound. They sort the clothing and wash properly and fold it soooo nicely! I could never fold so well! They even fold my underwear, its actually kinda funny. 

I personally don’t think its any more expensive than going to a laundomat and they do a much better job than I ever could!

ETA: No, they don’t mix your clothing with anyone else. 


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Sugar bee
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I used to do this when I lived in an apartment with a really sketchy laundry room. I can’t recall exactly, but I figured out that the price they charged ended up being about 50 cents a load more than doing it myself when factoring in the detergent, softener, and coin operated machines.  Also, I didn’t have to have change on me!  I LOVED IT!

Oh… Yes I did still wash my own underwear, but that was a single load, once every 2-3 weeks (I had a LOT of pairs at the time LOL)

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Busy bee

I’ve done it before.  I looooooove it, and it’s really not terribly expensive.  I would totally do it, except we have a washer/dryer and I can’t justify the expense!

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Bee Keeper
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Only if you have disposable income (that you wouldn’t rather spend elsewhere). My single friend who lives in a one-bedroom apartment by herself, but makes a lot of money, uses a service like this and loves it. It works perfectly for her lifestyle. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it. While I dislike folding too, it takes me, what, 30 minutes a week to fold everything on average? I can handle that. The laundry machine does 90% of the work.

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Buzzing bee
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we live in the city and dont have a washer /dryer so we do this. it only comes out to about $2-5 more than doing it yourself. i too was freaked out about the underwear thing but honestly i dont care anymore…..and it helps me toss the.clothes w holes etc bc i would be too embarassed to bring them

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Busy bee
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My ex and I did it for awhile when we had no washer/dryer. I LOVED IT!

The ladies did such a good job, nothing was ever wrinkled, it was like they ironed it, too.

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