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Blushing bee

My water didn’t break until I was on the hospital bed during a really strong contraction. I have heard of women putting a special sheet on their bed at night or even wearing an adult diaper while they sleep. I never even thought about my water breaking during pregnancy, to be honest it wasn’t that big of a deal. When it comes down to it, it’s such a small event during such a special time. And remember, this must have happened to your Mother-In-Law at one point as well, unless your Darling Husband is adopted. I’m sure your IL’s will be so excited when the time comes they wouldn’t care if you peed on their floor 😉

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Busy bee
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I woke up with bloody discharge and called the doctor. Went to the hospital with the beginning of contractions and they eventually broke my water in the hospital. Don’t worry about it too much. It is  natural part of pregnancy!

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Busy bee
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My water broke in bed at home.  It actually just broke in little gushes all day, I thought that it was just baby’s head on my bladder making me pee myself! 

This time I’m going to start sleeping with a pad under me around 32 weeks.

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Sugar bee
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I’m 26 weeks and a bit with my first child, so I obviously don’t have any experience myself. However, I just heard the other day that if your water breaks you’ll hear sort of a popping sound. So even if you’re in the shower/bath you would know it had happened.

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Honey bee
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My water broke in bed after several hours of weak contractions. I was one of those people who wore an adult diaper at night — I just wore it over my underwear so I could wear the same one for several nights. Very glad I had it on, as that might have been very annoying! When it broke, it was really just a consistent trickle, but as soon as I stood up to go to the bathroom, the trickle got stronger and it continued for many hours afterwards. Those diapers were a godsend!! Much better than making a big mess all over my house and then having to sit on a towel gushing on my way to the hospital.

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Bee Keeper
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Yorkshirerose1991:  My water broke in the car on the way to the hospital. I was already in labor and I actually heard a loud “pop!” when we were in the car speeding down lake shore drive to get to my hospital in downtown chicago lol. I started screaming about how his head was probably coming out lol. I was convinced! but really it was my water breaking. I stood up out of the car to sit in the wheelchair when we got there and as soon as I stood up it was a very dramatic big gush of liquid all down my jeans and the sidewalk. It looked like I had just took a huge pee on myself. It was embarrassing but not enough that I remember being able to focus on it much. I just wanted my epidural at that point, the pain definitely got more intense after my water broke.

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Busy bee
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My water broke while the nurse was checking me at the hospital.  I’d already been in active labor for several hours.

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Busy bee
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I will add that I didn’t hear any pop, and I had no contractions at all, not even BH.  I actually didn’t have any contractions until I was admitted that evening, and they gave me cervadil.  I was only 35.5 weeks, so I think it’s best to prepare early.

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Sugar bee
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I was induced so my water started to leaking later that morning which was so gross cause you can’t shower or anything. So I was laying in bed having the worst contractions and felt like I might have to pee so when I got up it was like a waterfall!! All over the floor down my legs. Not a good time. I wish it would have happened at home so I could have showered

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Yorkshirerose1991:  The doctor had to break my water, but before that when I was in labor I had lots of bloody discharge. Honestly, right now you will think of it as the most embarrassing thing-like water breaking on the kitchen floor or pooping in the delivery room, but I guarantee you, when the time comes, you will be so in the moment that none of that stuff is going to matter to you or anyone around you. I remember being so worried about Darling Husband looking at the baby being born, and come the day of as I was delivering he watched the whole thing, and I didn’t think twice about it, and he treats me or looks at me no different (well, except with more respect and love) than he did before.


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My water didn’t break until after birth.

My son was delivered very quickly after being induced because I was 17 days overdue. After 6 hours of labor I got a sudden feeling that I needed to push. After 3 pushes he was delivered in the amniotic sack on the bed. The doctor wasn’t even in the room and came rushing in because the nurses can not break the sack open. He broke it and the water went everywhere. I never had any other children, so I guess I’ll never know the feeling of water breaking.

I think it’s called being born “in the caul”. 

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Helper bee

With my first, I woke up early in the morning with a terrible contraction that started at my back and shot around to the front of my belly…. then I didn’t have another one.  So I got up and decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  As I bent down to tie my shoe, I felt a small (VERY small) gush of fluid.  I changed my underwear and got cleaned up.  A couple hours later I decided that I wanted to call my doctor and tell him what happened.  He suggested that I come in so I did.  He tested some of the fluid on a strip, and determined that my water did break.  The reason there wasn’t any kind of huge gush was because my son’s head was blocking it all, and I only leaked the water that was between his head and my cervix.  I didn’t hear a “pop” sound at all when I bent down to tie my shoe.

With my second baby (my daughter) I was induced and the doctor broke my water.

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