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When my mom had my sister she went to the doctor for her estimated due date appointment.  At the age of 40 my mom was miserable and more than a little bit ready for her pregnancy to be done.  The doctor examined her and said while my mom might go a few more days, he could sweep my mom’s membranes to speed things up.  She immediately said yes so the doctor took care of business and sent her on her way to the hospital to deliver.

My mom was naughty and grabbed a burger on the way because she knew she wouldn’t be allowed to eat anything for a while.  The doctor swept her membranes around 9 or 10am, they pushed pitocin around 3 or 4pm because her labor wouldn’t speed up fast enough for the doctor.  By 5 she got her epidural and by 7:30pm my sister was born.

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eecuadrado:  I started labor at home and after 8 hours at home I left for the hospital. In the car I heard a really loud pop and I started yelling about how that was probably his head coming out lol. I was a mess. Obviously it wasn’t his head coming out. Turns out it was my water breaking that made that noise. When I got out of the car and stood up it was a very dramatic splash of fluid that went all down my pants. I immediately started crying lol half because I as embarrassed, half because I knew there was no going back at that point 🙂

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I was having early labor contractions throughout the afternoon at work, but didn’t pay them much attention until Darling Husband and I were lying in bed around 8:30 at night. Then I noticed that they were very regular. It was while I was timing them that my water broke, around 9:15PM. It trickled out pretty slowly, and I was glad that I had one of my adult diapers on over my underwear just in case of this exact thing! I didn’t want to ruin my mattress.

We went to the hospital shortly afterwards, and after laboring naturally all night with coupling contractions and premature urge to push from 6cm onwards, Dirty Delete was finally born with a little help from episiotomy, vacuum, and 4th degree tear at 7:27AM. She had been sunny side up, which is why I had the coupling contractions, premature urge to push, and why she needed so much help to get out. Baby girl is 6 months old today 🙂

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eecuadrado:  yeah, I wore them over my underwear (so I could wear the same one for a few nights since they weren’t getting dirty at all) every night for the final month or so. Nice not to have any cleanup, and it was nice to be able to have them around to keep changing as my water continued to leak out before we got to the hospital!

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In my prenatal classes we were told majority (80% I believe she said) of women’s water does not break until it’s broken for them at the hospital. If it happens at home usually it starts as a trickle.

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Mine isn’t too exciting. I had to be induced due to IUGR…so I was in the hospital.

Earlier that day (9am) I had cervical gel placed. Came back around 3, had more placed (wasn’t dialating still at that point). They admitted me, and I walked the hospital stairs for hours.

That night, around 10:00pm, they were monitoring me for contractions (I was having a few, mild ones). When the nurse came in and started to take off my monitors, I felt a pop, and pain. Darling Husband was laying in the bed with me and felt it too. I waited…and nothing came out, so I thought it was just the baby moving around weird. Then I stood up and there was  a gush.

Then labour started in a frenzy.

I had Dirty Delete about 6-7 hours later. I dialated so fast that by the time the anesthesiologist got there, I was 10cm and didn’t know it (no one had checked me for a couple of hours, and prior to that I was 3-4cm). It wasn’t until after the epidural was in, that I was checked, at 10cm, and the epi was turned off (I wanted to go drug free, and had no idea I was so close to getting there!).

About an hour of pushing and Dirty Delete was born. Healthy and wonderful. I had a small tear.. that was fixed up and I was good to go!

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eecuadrado:  My water broke before I went into labor, and I was 35.5 weeks.  I woke up around 5 AM and thought that I peed myself.  It wasn’t a huge amount, but I kept gushing small amounts throughout the day.  I had a doctor’s appointment at 1 PM, so I mentioned my situation when I went, she tested it, and it turned out to be my water so I was sent right over to L&D.  It was so bizarre because I couldn’t feel any contractions at all, and I felt totally normal.

As a side note, my mom’s water broke before starting labor with both me and my brother, and she had us at 36 and 35 weeks respectively, so I think there might be some genetic tie.

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I am still pregnant so no story to share, but I thought I should point out they changed full term to 39 weeks so you actually have another 6 weeks to go before you hit full term (if my calculations are correct.) Of course, your baby could still come at any time!

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I went into active labour at 4pm and was sent off to have a bath by my midwife in the hospitals bathroom. My waters broke in the bath approx an hour later, I just felt a pop.

Was hard to be sure it was my waters as i was in the bath so got the midwife to check me once i got out. 

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eecuadrado:  I think I already shared part of my birth story in another thread you started….but my water breaking?  

As it turns out, I had a small tear in the water sac (I don’t know if that’s the correct term…but where baby is).  I went to the birth center for two reasons:  I had mucous that was a little bloody (more rosy)….and I know your plug can regenerate, but I also having little gushes of fluid that would come out when I would laugh, sit up, squat, etc….

The first swab test came back negative.  I wasn’t actively dripping amniotic fluid constantly, so there was none there.  They tried to tell me it was just my weak bladder.  I insisted it wasn’t, and went back for another test.  The swab came back negative again– until the DR looked at it under the microscope.  Then she saw signs of amniotic fluid, so I was admitted.


My water broke the morning after I was admitted.  I remember hearing about it in birthing class- how it your water breaks in public, it’s about the amount of a standard water bottle, and it’s not going to be this huge, splashy mess all over the place.  


It was.


I stood up to go to the bathroom after my dad had left from a visit…..and my water broke everywhere.  On the bed, the floor.  It surprised me that there could actually be that much!!  Another reason it surprised me (and this is just me being silly)– is that my son had dropped super early.  It physically felt like he was blocking anywhere water could have come from LOL…..he was sitting on my bladder since week 28.


For me, water breaking didn’t start contractions (those never came)….it really didn’t do much in terms of getting labor going.  And at that point I wasn’t on the magnesium sulfate yet!


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