(Closed) waxing….. down there :-O

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It hurts.  Take a couple asprin BEFORE you go wax.  It helps soooo much.

 It’s pretty quick…mine usually takes about 15 minutes.  Trim your hair before you go to about 1/4 inch (otherwise it’s either more painful or they’ll trim it for you…which I find a little weird).

Prickly…but I just might have prickly hair…

 Here’s another thread about this:



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It hurts like the friggin diggins!I have done it twice- mainly before vacations to beach town locations!

The person I usually go to to get waxed (I usually don’t get waxed down there regularly, I couldn’t subject myself to THAT) She has asked me to either: a) put Ela-max (a numbing cream) on before I get waxed and it didn’t seem to help with the discomfort!, but I don’t know if that is prescription or not.  -I’m a nurse so I happen to have it laying around. b) I purchased this lotion to put on daily; it’s calledGlycolic skin peel to prevent ingrown hairs. I also was instructed to put on neopsporin for the first few days as well. c) Don’t go into the jacuzzi for the first 24-48 hrs is what my wax person told me too.

Some of the follicles- after they were removed I had a little bit of bleeding- but it stopped really fast.

Other than that, I think that is what you can expect. If this is your first time, I wouldn’t recommend getting a brazillian right off the bat. Just go with a bikini wax for now. 

I hope that sort of helps… ;o) 

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To be quiet honest with you, it was a walk in the park for me.  There were only certain "places" where it hurt a bit, but I was pleasantly surprised at how painfree in was.  I think it really depends on who you go to.  I did my research before going.  It’s something I don’t go regularly because it’s not my FI’s thing.  I’ve been to two different ladies. One was quick and easy and the hair grew back 3-4 weeks later.  The other took her time more  I noticed with her it took quiet a while for the hair to grow back (6-8 weeks) which I found odd.  I also suggest that you take an aspirin before you go.  Good luck!

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Its perfectly fine to get this done. It may hurt for some people but i guess if your skin can handle the sharp pain. Me its not that bad. I got it completly done, and felt comfortable doing it. It helped me as it grew back less of an amount. Strangly, but i like that. As for a heads up you better not make plans to go out after you get it done you will be very much of sticky all over your legs. What women go through to look pretty. No wonder we are loved.

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I got a brazilian for the first time recently.  It didn’t hurt that bad!  It took about 15-20 minutes.  Mainly it was just embarrassing at first, but I got over it quickly.  All those stories about having to sit on your hands and knees are not true! 

 Two tips to make it hurt less:  don’t go during or right before your period.  It hurts way more.  Also, don’t consume any caffeine for a few hours beforehand.  

It does grow back kinda prickly.

 I loved the results–it was totally worth it.

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I get this done pretty frequently and honestly, the worst part is getting up the nerve to go in the first place! It takes 15 minutes or so, but figure it’s 15 minutes of slight pain for a whole month of not worrying about grooming "down there." SO worth it.

It grows back in exactly as if you had shaved- so initially prickly, then eventually soft. 

Sidenote: make sure you go for SUGARING not WAXING if you choose to get a brazilian. Hot wax is harsh on the skin, especially so on delicate areas. Sugaring is much better!

Exfoliation is important afterwards to prevent ingrown hairs.

Oh, and hopefully you are comfortable showing your most private of areas to the technician- she will see EVERYTHING 😉 


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I think if it is extraordinarily painful, find someone else.  Technique really does make a difference.  Try to find some online reviews of specific people at salons that others have found to be good.  It’s unlikely to be a great experience, but some people are way, way, way gentler than others.  And I definitely second exfoliation.  Nothing worse than an ingrown hair "down there".

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I think the degree to which it hurts is based on both you individually, your hair type, how often you shave (how coarse your hair is), and the person doing it. I have had many bad experiences (i.e., it hurt BADLY!) but they were always with people that had bad technique coupled with the fact that I had been shaving prior to those times and that always ups the pain ante. Go to a place/person that gets good reviews, and it will definitely hurt your first time but take some advil and don’t do it in the week before your period. also make sure the hair is relatively short or it will hurt more. 

After you start, as long as you don’t shave in between, it will hurt less and less each time. It also shouldn’t take too long, only 10-15 minutes (as opposed to much longer for first times/dependent on the aestitician).  When it grows in, it will be a LOT softer and each time you do it, it will get softer and softer as well as thinner and thinner. 

ALSO- make sure you exfoiliate regularly, particularly as the hair is growing back in, but also a few days after it is done when it is more likely to be irritated or develop ingrowns. Exfoiliating makes a HUGE difference. 

 I definitely recommend it! Good luck! 

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I get waxed every four weeks like clockwork. I use No Scream Cream each time before I go and I feel NO pain. It numbs me right up and I don’t even flinch! I also happen to have an excellent waxer who’s been doing this for 10 plus years. I have also noticed that going regularly makes it much less painful because the hair doesn’t grow so long. I also have much less hair than I did before (less is growing back) which is A+++ in my book. The best advice I can give is to exfoliate regularly before and after, use the numbing cream, and go regularly. Hope this helps!

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