(Closed) Waxing for your honeymoon?

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    Brazillian Wax




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    Brazilian waxing is awkward and kind of hurts.  That being said, it’s awesome.  Especially before you go on vacation – no need to worry about shaving before you head out to the beach!!  Before our honeymoon I got everything waxed… uncluding my armpits.  That was the first time I ever did that, and I can’t recommend it enough!!!  But if you’ve never had anything waxed before, I would start now – you don’t want to have red, puffy skin for days on end.

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    brazilian is great! If its your first time getting any kind of wax, wade in slowly. it helps deal with the pain and lets you get to know your waxer before you go all in.  Trim it if you need to – if its long, it hurts a lot more.  And take ibuprofen 30 minutes prior.  And breathe 🙂  you’ll get through it! the first time is by far the worst.

    LatteLove -the great thing about waxing, is that because it pulls hair out by the root, when it grows in it isn’t all stublly and uncomfortable – shaving actually cutes the hair follicle, when it grows in after waxing it is soft.  you only have to let it grow in a quarter of inch or so.  Believe me, he will like it!

    For my wedding I did a Brazilian and my legs so I didn’t have to worry about shaving my legs either.

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    I have a friend who swears by sugaring. It’s like waxing… but they use melted sugar. I don’t know what exactly the difference is, but she says it hurts less (and she’s tried both). Maybe you could look into this option?

    I personally shave because I can’t really afford to get myself waxed all the time. So far, I’ve only done it once (the waxing)… at home with a friend. And that hurt enough to make me scream (I have to say, I kind of like it … Too Much Information, right?).

    I’ve been shaving for 7 years or so, and I find it very uncomfortable to do it. It itches more and I get ingrown hairs where I really don’t want to be having ingrown hairs, and I also accidentally cut myself because I can’t see what I’m doing. I definitely think waxing is the way to go!

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    I’m so glad someone posted this. Thank you bees!!!! To the waxer I shall go….

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    Brazilian Waxing is the way to go…but make sure they are experienced! I have had it done several times and the pain level is always tied to the person doing it.

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    Eek, i’m totally convinced too. I have a $100 gift card for a spa (YAY work incentive!), and they’re SO pricey in my area! Like $70. Holy crap, right? But I’m thinking about how worth it it will be to not have razorburn when i splash into the ocean with my husband…and then run out screaming and trying NOT to rub on my bikini bottom, LoL. I feel better about biting the bullet!

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    Brazlian! Its the only way to go during the summer and any time you will wear a tiny bikini

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    So, for those of you who’ve done it, how long did/do you have complete smoothness for?  I want to do this before the wedding so I don’t have to shave on the honeymoon, but I’m wondering if it will last for the 2.5 weeks I need it to? 

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    ahhh this post totally convinced me to take the leap!

    i have an awesome asthetician who i already go to in the summer for bikini waxes, but don’t usually keep it up year round. i’ve been thinking about a brazilian and waxing my pits for the wedding/honeymoon and now i’m sold! im scared of possible itching discomfort during the growing back phase, but all the more reason to keep it up year round!

    how many days before the wedding should you go? like 5? i dont want to go too far in advance cause what if the hair starts to grow back already

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    The thought freaked me out until 2 1/2 years ago when I finally just had to go for it. I go religously now and I would never ever go back to shaving. Brazilian wax is the best. Sure it hurts, but only for a few seconds. Once you’re done you won’t even remember the pain, you will be so pleased with the result. I go to the same girl everytime so we chat about life and it just makes you block out the pain. haha. I say GO FOR IT! Your Fiance will second this ;P

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    You will love the Brazilian!

    You might start just by getting a regular bikini wax so that you get get comfortable with the process. The first time for the Brazilian hurts! and you might bleed. But the following appointments don’t really hurt at all. 

    It drives me nuts to pay $70+ and not get a great wax.

    Ask around for recommendations. And be careful, some places give discounts if you give them comments on citysearch, and that isn’t how you want to get great ratings. Ask people. 

    Also, check out spas that are connected to dermatology clinics. I just had the best brazilian ever from a woman at the Dermaspa, and it was 50% less than I normally pay. That is it was only $40!!!! However, the cost is worth it if you like the results.

    I’ve had bad waxes were the hair isn’t fully removed and just breaks off causing you to have full growth a week after the apt. Hair will grow back slowly, it will be much smoother as it didn’t grow from the deep rooted follicle. It will be soft. And because your follicle hasn’t had time to develop it doesn’t hurt so much the next time. Also, this might see strange, but if you have a stray hair or 5, you can remove them with tweezers.

    Don’t go a few days before your period as you don’t tolerate pain so well then. Do it right after or maybe a week before.

    Also, if you have fine blonde hair, typically the hard wax is a little too much for us. A good waxer will know how to handle you. And make sure to ask if they do the full brazilian, I’ve paid for brazilans before only to find out in the appointment that she "doesn’t get all in there, or don’t do the back"….basically false advertising.


    And more importantly, wax for you.

    You can also have shapes crafted if you leave hair behind. And you can die it, think PINK to match your wedding shoes! 

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