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Helper bee
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I do not have much of an eyebrow to wax, but I do get them waxed in the center, and to get them cleaned up. I get them done once every month and a half.  They do not grow back thicker or darker. I would suggest going to a nice spa and not a cheap nail salon, because they will spend more time sculpting your brows for your face. I do not know when you are getting married, but you should try it a few months before just in case you dont like it. Also I would suggest doing it no less then a week before your wedding, just in case your skin gets irritated.

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Helper bee
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i’ve had my eyebrows plucked, waxed and threaded. i stick with threading. i have a low threshhold for pain and threading is the quickest and most painless route for me. takes about 5 minutes (if that). i go every 3 weeks. lots of eastern indian and middle eastern places do it, so if you have any ethnic neighborhoods like that, they’ll usually charge 5.00. yes, that’s right, only 5.00:-) higher end places charge 10.00-25.00. i’ve noticed that vietnamese places are doing them too. i hope no one takes offense to me calling these salons indian, middle eastern and vietnamese places. when i say that, i’m referring to the owners and employees there. i know i should probably be more politically correct.

back to your question. if you’re unsure, look at other people’s eyebrows and ask them if they get them done and where. a referral always works best. also, when you’re getting it done, just ask to see it before they complete it. most cheap places won’t bother to show you a mirror until they’re through. if you ask, they’ll show it to you. i’ve been getting mine threaded for such a long time and trust my girls that i just let them do their job.

whether you choose to wax or thread, you can go back to any method you choose (including plucking) if you don’t like one or the other. since it’s only 8 weeks to your wedding, please get a good referral. once you get your eyebrows done, it really is an eye-opener. you will love it (i hope). good luck! and, there are no dumb questions. ignorance is not bliss….don’t believe the hype:-)

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I COMPLETELY agree with <span style=”font-size: x-small; color: #81a026;”>ladybuglove threading is by far the best option. Its incredibly precise and far less painful. I also like the fact that no chemical substances/waxes are being applied to my face (and later ending up in the trash) which to this eco-friendly chic is a big selling factor. I never used to do my eyebrows, but its now turned into the one thing that I spoil myself with. Plus, having your eyebrows done gives the effect of a complete facial makeover….You’ll get lots of compliments!!!

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Honey bee
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Waxing doesn’t bother me at all pain wise. If you’re worried about it, and this goes for any new product/treatment you do pre-wedding, you should test it out NOW. That way, if you have a reaction to anything, or you don’t like it, there will be time for your brows to recover before your wedding.

I think waxed brows, with a little plucking and trimming look the best and most well groomed.

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Busy bee
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I’ve been having my eyebrows waxed since high school, so around 10 years. Not constantly though, I pluck between waxings to keep the brows in check, lol. At the current time, the last time I had them waxed was almost a year ago. The first few times I waxed it hurt a lot, but after the third time or so it didn’t hurt anymore. My skin gets red with the waxing and stays red for a few hours afterwards and it feels tender to the touch, but it doesn’t hurt. If you’re worried about pain, you can always take an Advil or equivalent a half hour before the wax (I’ve seen that recommended for brazilians, so I imagine it works for eyebrows too!).

You don’t have to keep waxing forever if you do it once, you can always go back to plucking. I don’t think the hair grows back any thicker or faster with waxing than with other methods.

Since your wedding is only eight weeks away, if you’re going to try waxing now you should try to find a reputable salon or aesthetician, someone with lots of good reviews or references. And make sure to let the person know that you don’t want the brows to end up too thin. The aesthetician should ask you how you want them to look before she starts. Bring an inspiration picture if necessary. Good luck! 🙂

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Helper bee
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I had them waxed once and my eyebrows were all red and puffy for like 2 days. Maybe you could do a trial run and see how you react?

I don’t think it hurt that bad, especially since it’s so quick!

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t suggest getting them done before your wedding.  You don’t want to risk being red or having marks on your eyebrows for the wedding.  I used to get my eyebrows waxed yers ago, but switched to getting them THREADED!  It looks so much cleaner and shaplier.  It last longer too!  If you can try getting it threaded if there’s a place in your area…you’ll love the look afterwards!

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Blushing bee
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I am quite dark and hairy and am another one that goes for threading. I have it done fortnightly to keep them neat and they look so much better. I look at pictures taken pre-threading days and its like my brows are attacking my face. I find any redness goes down in less than half a day.

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Honey bee
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I definitely definitely agree with threading!  I got my eyebrows waxed from when I was 13 up until this past year.  I started breaking out because of the wax and a friend suggested threading.  It’s great — there’s no wax or chemicals…it’s just kind of a funny form of plucking.

IMO, it hurts more than waxing, but definitely worth it.  And your eyebrows look much much more natural than with the wax.

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Worker bee
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I get mine waxed but it took me forever to find someone who didn’t mess them up! I like it because it lasts so much longer (for me at least). Whatever hair removal method you try, give yourself a couple trial times to make sure you like it before the wedding! If your wedding is in October I would go somewhere asap, then again in 5 weeks, and then just get it cleaned up before the wedding. And if you wax, do it about 3 days before the wedding to give the redness time to go away!

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Sugar bee

I get mine waxed every four weeks like clockwork. I’ve been going to my gal for almost three years now!   To get someone good go to a place that specializes in waxing.  I’ve had mine waxed at those super cheap nail salon with disastourous results (i.e. – I had first degree burns around my brows).  GL!

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Bumble bee
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I prefer waxing or plucking…threading really irritates my skin (the thread moves across your skin and kind of pulls your hair out by getting it caught between twisted threads).   I find that theading often breaks the hair instead of pulling it out, so it can grow back faster.  I have sensitive skin, but in the beginning after waxing it would be fine within a day.  Now my skin recovers in like 20 minutes.

Generally waxing makes your hair grow in finer, but I haven’t noticed that with my eyebrows (been waxing them for like 9 years now).  I think it’s a different kind of hair than your legs.

Definitely read reviews.  In my experience the big, multi-use, fancy salons are not as good b/c they have high turnover in aestheticians.  The best people I’ve found are people who’ve been doing it for a long time and have gone solo to open their own place.  They’re often cheaper which is also nice.  The person who does my waxing has people who drive 2 hours just to come to her, and she only charges $15 (compared to $25 at some salons).

Finally, def. start now.  If you’re going for the first time, it’ll take a few sessions to really get the shape right.  And generally you don’t want to wax sooner than three weeks apart.

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Busy bee
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I was a life long plucker until recently.  You definitely want to look around and have them waxed before the wedding, that way you won’t have any bad surprises.  Definitely agree with those who have suggested going into a reputable spa to have them done. 

As for the pain, I’ve always thought of myself as one having a high pain threshold.  Unfortunately, despite how many times I’ve gotten my eyebrows waxed, it still drawn some involuntary teardrops.

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Busy bee
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Just make sure you get them done at least a week ahead of time just in case your skin gets particularly red etc.

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