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Oh man, that does suck.  I feel your pain-literally!  The only thing that has ever worked for me was Imitrex.  It only takes a few hours to make the headache go away completely, so you don’t lose an entire day.  As PP have said, dark room, quiet, no lights/computer and sleep also help. 

But I’ve found Execderin migraine and caffeine do not work at all (makes me edgy and causes auras).  I wish it did ’cause that Imitrex costs an arm and a leg, but it’s better than the emergency room (been there too!) Feel better and take care*

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Ugh I’m sorry. I feel your pain, I’ve gotten bad migraines all my life, as has my mother. And almost always end up throwing up before I remember the bottle of exedrin migraine in my bathroom. And then sleep. 

One of my former coworkers swore by a wire coat hanger (if anyone still owns them??). Her son used to get really bad, really frequent migraines, like 3-4 times a week, and nothing any doctor gave him would help. Finally someone suggested he put a wire coat hanger on his head, so that the bottom was resting flush against his forehead and the hook part coming out of the back of his head. My coworker tried it for her own (less frequent) migraines, and claims it worked miracles, if even they did look funny doing it. I’ve never tried it, because I don’t have any wire coat hangers, but if you do it might be worth a try.

I hope you feel better soon! 

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Ugh, I’m so sorry. I’ve been getting migraines for as long as I can remember, so I can definitely empathize. I find Excedrin Migraine and a Dr. Pepper to be my go-to cure for when they get out of control, especially the mornings when I wake up with a full blown migraine. The caffeine really helps.

I spent about a week in an inpatient migraine treatment center a few years ago and learned a lot about how to handle them. The number one thing they taught was to pay attention to your body’s signals when you think you have a migraine coming on so that you can take medication immediately, as sort of a preemptive strike. I was always jealous of the people who have visual signals that let them know they’re going to get a migraine. I’d like a little advance warning, too. I eventually figured out that I get a strange shivery feeling up the back of my neck when I have a particularly bad migraine coming on. As soon as I feel that, I pop some Excedrin, and if I do still get a migraine, it’s usually manageable.

I also started getting monthly massages, and they seem to be really helping.

Feel better soon!


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BOTOX shots, if you can believe it!  I started doing this over 2 years ago and have been( knock on wood) migraine free ever since.  ……   plus it gets rid of your wrinkly forehead as a side bonus.

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I get bad migraines too.I get them bad enough I throw up, can’t drive or read, and even can’t think straight (even when I was on the tail-end of one a couple weeks ago, my fiance and I went to Chipotle and I could barely order because I couldn’t think of common words like “chicken”, “cheese”, “sour cream”. The person probably thought I was mentally challeneged when I was trying to order!)


I take 2 or 3 Excedrin Migraine (take 2 immediately, 1 in an hour or so) + 1 or 2 Aleve + several cups of coffee.

That usually staves it off for me if I do this right when I am first getting symptoms (blurry vision, light sensetivity, etc). After I get the actual migraine full-blown, it’s much harder to recover.


If you get migraines on a regular basis, try eating more ginger, it can help. And laying off the sugar, which can be a migraine trigger.


You also may want to see your doctor about a prescription for them. My dad has a migraine prescription. It’s like $20 a pill, but it’s worth it if you get them frequently you’re missing work a lot or being out of commission for a day at a time.

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I get migraines more often than anyone ever should.  I usually take excedrin, but last weekend, it didn’t do me any justice.  I tried drinking coffee too.  No go.  So, I usually just hide in the dark and rest.  It’ll go away somewhat, but not fully.  

I always know when I’m getting one.  My eyes get all tricky and very sensitive.  Ugh, I can’t stand brightness much anymore.

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I am actually taking Imatrex now. My migraines can no longer be tamed by OTC medication. I take one as soon as I feel the symptoms…take a 20 to 30 minute nap and when I wake up, the pain is completely gone. It has been like a miracle drug for me. I get what is called “menstrual migraines” and they are not fun. 

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If you wake up with migraines please read this!!!


I suffer from migraines, but never, ever woke up with them until this year (mine coincide with my cycle and I’m a diet soda + 2 ibuprofen + dark bedroom girl).  Turns out, it’s a different kind of migraine.


It’s from chomping or grinding teeth.  My Fiance had told me that I sometimes open and close my mouth really hard at night, but because he never said that I “ground” my teeth, it didn’t really register that there was a connection.  Only when I chipped a tooth (just a teeny bit) did my dentist ask me if I ever woke up with my migraines and told me that my chomping was related to the headaches.


Your dentist can make a little plastic thing to wear that you chomp on that fixes things, but I opted for the cheaper, drug store version.  I think it was $15-20.  Amazingly, the only time I’ve woken up with a migraine since buying the little plastic thing was when I forgot to wear it.


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@JamaicaBride: I get menstrual migraines as well.  I had a really bad reaction to imitrex so I had to stop taking it and feared starting another migraine medicine.

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I get a migraine usually once a month. Caffeine and laying in a dark room helps me. I’ve also started taking excedrin migraine to help too.

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The best long term solution is to try to figure out what is triggering your migraines. Lots of foods can be migraine triggers, although it varies person to person. Also stress is a big one (and my main cause). And hormones can do it too. And sometimes it’s something else weird and you can’t put a finger on it. But if you can isolate a cause, you can figure out how to treat it better.

For instance, mine are stress. They pop up when things get crazy and I usually wake up with them. (That’s another cause of migraines you wake up with, by the way. Stress!) So since I know mine are stress triggered, I can take preventative medicine. I’m on a nightly very low dosage of Amitriptyline to act as a preventative. It has done wonders for me.

When one does get through, I take prescription meds ASAP. Maxalt is the best one for me and I’ve found I have to take it on an empty stomach for best results. I also take Aleve (naproxen) at the same time and caffeine. If it’s really a doozy, I’ll grab a cold compress and lay down too. Sometimes massaging the area where the migraine is + my temples also helps a bit.

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Excedrin Migraine is my go-to medicine for a migraine.  My Dad used to recommend it and I thought he was full of it (not sure why since he’s a neurologist and knows his shit, haha) and the last time I had a migraine I bought some and it really worked.  Apparently it’s the caffeine in the pills – it constricts the blood vessels in the brain or something

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