Ways to steer guests toward cheaper meal option?

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cmsgirl :  Longhorn used to do a balsamic rapsberry chicken that was amazing…it had feta or goat cheese and it just all worked together to me.

I agree with PPs about the fact the ravioli is buttery too…I would never go anywhere and order buttery or creamy pasta, so many calories and carbs! I think the chicken sounds good as a “healthier” option too. People are all different so I wouldn’t count on trying to manipulate the menu in a way more affordable to you. You never know what people are going to choose so just give them the option and be okay with it or don’t give them the option.

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After a long day of getting ready and traveling to a wedding, the last thing I would want to eat is a bunch of carbs! I would be falling asleep before the cake cutting! Seriously, find a better way to save money instead of trying to trick your guests. They most likely have invested a lot of time/money into your special day!

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I agree with everyone else – don’t do it.

Food is so important at weddings – that’s what people remember and not having enough food/poor selection of food is not how you want your guests to remember your wedding. (I don’t necessary remember when the food was mediocre but trust me I remember the weddings where the food was horrible and there was nothing to eat).

You can save on other things (like the shuttle bus) but food is the one thing I wouldn’t try to skimp on. The $5 difference doesn’t seem much especially as some people would pick the vegetarian option regardless. (Although perhpas not if they are vegan)

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just offer the vegetarian if the cost means that much. People on here can be awfully brutal. Its your wedding, who the fuck cares if they came and ate ravioli. It was free for the guest and if they complain to you or anyone else then you can tell them where to shove their ravioli.

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thekhaleesi :  “Its your wedding, who the fuck cares if they came and ate ravioli. It was free for the guest and if they complain to you or anyone else then you can tell them where to shove their ravioli.”

anyone who truly feels this much animosity towards their guests should probably elope.   


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I think this plan is actually going to waste more. People who want more than pasta and cheese will pick the other options – ANY other options even if they are just meh. And then if it’s gross eat just enough to take the edge off their hunger and leave a lot of food on the plate. At least that’s what I would do in hopes of having some edible veggies on the meat plates. 

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Busy bee

Food is something I really take note of and remember at weddings.  I don’t notice whether there is a DJ or a live band, I don’t remember the centerpieces at the tables unless they are particularly striking. But we sit, and we eat your food, and as guests while we are getting to know each other the topics of conversation seem to always go:

The bride looked so beautiful! 

Event X was soooo cute!

Whose side are you on, bride or groom? How do you know each other?

How is your meal?  Mine is (good, horrible, amazing, weird, etc.)

There was a show called I think “Four Weddings” where 4 brides attended each other’s weddings as strangers and ranked them by points in order to win a honeymoon and food was a major category.

Picking cheap food or directing your guests to cheaper items is a bad idea, and IS cheap even if on the menu it makes you appear that you are not.  Try to cut costs elsewhere because in the end, you really CAN’T stear people away from picking specific menu items. They will pick what they pick, and that can be totally unpredictable.  Is there somewhere else you can cut costs and recoup some funds for the shuttle?

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rao4400 :  I really don’t think your strategy is going to work.  Reason why?  Both items that you listed, that you think would sound less appealing than their more expensive counterparts, I would choose in a heartbeat. lol  I would choose shrimp stuff with feta & wrapped in bacon over anything with a  maple bourbon glaze…anyday!  There is no way to predict your guests taste.  I would just stick with serving food at a price point you are comfortable with.  That’s really all you can do.

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I have nothing of value to add that hasn’t already been mentioned, just that I think buttery, cheesy ravioli sounds D E L I C I O U S and I don’t get how I’m the only one! When I go to weddings, any kind of diet is the last thing on my mind lol.

To be fair, all of the menu options that have been brought up in this thread have sounded really good to me. I just love food though.

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Horseradish :  

Damn gurl, how did you know I plan on eloping? If someone served me ravioli (choice or no choice) I would eat it, why? because its food someone decided to spend on me for attending their wedding. People are too entitled about what they should/shouldnt be served at someone else’s wedding. and hell yeah, let a mother fucker tell me that they were disappointed at the food that was served at MY wedding. Le enseno la puerta right quick. I dont actually remember the food that was served at the weddings Ive attended, why? because I didnt go there for the food LOL. Shocker. The open bar…well thats another thing lol. If the people who are attending your wedding really care about the food theyre getting for free, lo siento que te toca estar con esa gente.

As for the person who said its ONLY $500 that youre saving. $500 is a lot of money. I’ll take an extra $500 in my savings account than being depleted of $500.

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thekhaleesi :  Providing only one meal option is pretty inconsiderate of guests and their needs.  Not everyone can eat pasta or dairy.  Perhaps you would feel differently if the open bar only served one item or gasp no alcohol at all because it wasn’t in the budget.

If OP is so concerned about money (she said she can afford if everyone opted for the most expensive item) then she should look to cut costs that are not at the expense of her guests.

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thekhaleesi :  

Right, so, you look forward to an open bar and you remember the open bars. I’m assuming you would be disappointed if one wasn’t offered at a wedding you went to.

How is that any different than looking forward to the food and remembering the food whether it be good or disappointing?

Why are you so hostile? Don’t you like your guests?

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Plated meals are a NIGHTMARE. I would do buffet style, it’s cheaper and you can provide options that will make everyone happy 🙂 

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I’m a former vegetarian but would probably take the shrimp out of those options. I don’t think you can guess what people will find appealing! 

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