Ways to steer guests toward cheaper meal option?

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Helper bee

I don’t like pasta so I’d pick any meat over a ravioli. Find a way to cut costs elsewhere. I don’t remember a single weddig dress, centerpiece or bouquet from all the weddings I’ve attended but I most certainly remember the food, the drinks and the music – throw a good party and your guests will love you for it.

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Busy Beekeeper
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To be clear, I don’t think it’s rude to offer just a single meal choice, provided there is some way for guests with dietary restrictions to communicate their needs with the hostess.  What’s rude is the attitude that “I will do the bare minimum for these guests, and I’ll do it begrudgingly, and if they don’t like it, then I’ll tell them where to shove their ravioli.”

You don’t NEED guests to have a wedding.  You can get married just fine with just you, your partner, and a judge/justice.  You choose to invite people. If you think so little of them that you would purposefully try to find menu choices they would NOT like, just so you could steer them to the cheapest, least controversial choice, then you really should think twice about if you want to invite them. 

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Buzzing bee
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I love ravioli and would set pick that. I wouldn’t call it vegetarian though as when I see that I feel there’s prob a smaller amount that should be reserved for actual vegetarians (ie not me!)

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Helper bee

Just drop the seafood dish and call it a day. I think its super weird and needlessly complicated to try to choose a meal you think the guests would like least. Besides, I don’t think very many non-vegetarians would choose a non-meat option.Having only chicken and pasta is plenty, especially since it sounds like you’ll be having heavy appetizers and late night snack.

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Buzzing bee
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Honestly, the bacon wrapped shrimp doesn’t sound more unappealing than the salmon. They both sound pretty good. For the record, I would never order chicken at a wedding. Even the best caterers tend to mess it up. And I agree with the one poster who praised the ravioli. Hell yes, I love heavy, buttery, cheesy carbs! Lol. I usually don’t go to a wedding to fulfill my nutritional needs, but if I didn’t wish to deviate from my eating plan for the wedding (I sometimes do and sometimes don’t), I wouldn’t be ordering the carb-heavy meal. It would be fish for me.

I love the poster who is shoving the ravioli up her guests’ asses because it is HER wedding! Lol. Damn. Girl, you might want to have a wedding with just the two of you and the officiant then, or it might get violent.


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Bee Keeper
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mimivac :  

Wonder if that’s how I should have responded when my cousin asked about gluten free options.

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Bumble bee

rao4400 :  The other way to look at that is people might be more willing to be adventurous on someone else’s dime.  They’d never want to spend 22 to try chicken with raspberry coulis but will try it since you’re offering it.   

You know your guest list better than we do, but for every person you sway towards the ravioli there may be one who goes the other way.   I’m not sure there is a way to game the system other than just to not offer choices you don’t want to pay for.  

Maybe you could do a pasta bar?

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Bumble bee
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I agree that you should just take away the fish if you don’t want people to get it. As a guest, I would feel bad if I realize you really didn’t want to spend extra $5 on my meal, and I would wonder why you put it there for me to choose.

I would consider it rather ingenuine. So you want me to be less adventurous- more boring? I am not a mind game for you.

Why???  Just don’t offer it.

rao4400 :  

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Helper bee
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j9marie :  

Great comment. Here is my response:


Dont go to the reception. (I know a TON of people who have allergies or have special diets….theyre already used to turning down food or taking snacks in their purses…They know how to problem solve)

Give your food to someone else (someone likes raviolis)

Suck it up. Its a free meal.

As for your open bar comment:

GUUUUUURRRRLLLL whatever they offer I’ll take. Even if its just beer or wine. OR i’ll do what everyone else does and sneak in a flask. Boom. Solved.

I dont think it would be “inconsiderate” to think about guests as a whole instead of trying to cater to a select FEW. It costs money to have options. And even if she CAN afford it doesnt mean she has to. Saving money is important, and the opinions of guest shouldnt be the deciding factor. If she want to offer options, COOL. Not only is someone paying for your food, they paid for the chair you are sitting on, the table you are eating on, the utensils in your hand, and the damn roof. They can stuff their faces with raviollis for a damn night LOL. Its not the end of the world. 

@yaara can you believe this gurl. Please, I am not even THAAAAAAATTTT hostile LOL.

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Honey bee

Something about this is just wrong and off putting. I can’t exactly put my finger to it. Either offer only the the ravioli and nothing else or cut down your guest list if you don’t want to spend the extra $5. Sounds exhausting to be playing mind games and tricks on your guest when your intention is to manipulate their food choices. 

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Helper bee
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Sansa85 :  

Your name would be Sansa. No one likes her anyway (lol jk…im sure someone does, she has grown as a character). *the littlefinger ploy was all Arya’s idea and everyone knows it* LOLLLLLLLLLL

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