(Closed) We all have that ONE family member….*rant*

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Blushing bee
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Yeah I do… unfortunately it’s my mil so there won’t be any avoiding her lol. She had the gall to complain about how much was spent on her grandson for his birthday.  We gave him $40. His other grandma gave him about $80 worth of stuff and his parents gave him about $80 worth of stuff plus an iPhone but it was replacing his broken one so it was pretty much covered by insurance. She had to male a huge deal about it because she could only give him $20. I’ll tell you right now at 13 he was just as stoked about the $20 as he was about all the other stuff he got but she has to throw her pitty party and act like we all gave excessively just because she sucks with money and is broke.

Sorry about your aunt. With them it’s just letting them complain and changing the subject. Or getting tired of it and telling them to shove it. I’m waiting to see if it’s me or my sister in law who cracks first, but DH thinks it’ll be her kids who crack before us lol

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Buzzing bee

I’m so sorry – I have someone in my life like that (my stepmother) and you just can’t win. 

The latest saga in our life is SO and I are moving about 2 1/2 hours away in the next 12 months. He has two children whose visitation schedule will change from every other weekend to school holidays and sporadic weekends when we come back up to their area and book a hotel. 

It is SO that wants to move. He is from that area and it’s where all his family is. Well, my stepmother told me dad that the reason we are moving is because “pinkflamingo is pushing SO to move so she can have him all to herself”. 

ACTUALLY, no. SO’s Ex already said her and her Fiance are looking at moving interstate. I’ve made a 110% effort with being involved with SO’s children and we have gotten so close lately. It kills me that I’m going to not see them every other weekend, to plan fun days and have our family nights… But stepmother will never see it that way.. Because no matter what I do is wrong. 

Keep your head up, and ignore your aunt. Some people are only happy when they are pushing others down. Maybe talk to your cousin and confirm she had a good time and say “oh, good. Your mom said you didn’t so just wanted to check”.

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Bumble bee
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Mine is my grandmother. She does my head in. At my wedding we had canapes for an hour between the ceremony and reception. There was about 6 pieces for each guest. She complained loudly to anyone that would listen that she didn’t have enough food and then literally grabbed a waiter, dragged him to her and forced him to place an entire plate of food in front of her. She ate the plate but still bitched on Facebook about how “elusive” the waiters were. Mind you, she was given entree, main and dessert in The next 2 hours.

she also rubbed my belly the other month and asked me if I was pregnant. I wasn’t At that stage and we were having trouble conceiving which she knew. I am now 6 weeks Along and decided to just tell immediate family as its my 4th and is harder to hide. The first thing she said “so I was right when I said you were pregnant, I just knew”. Always about her. 

Sorry about your aunt. She sounds like a pleasure!

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Mine is my Future Father-In-Law. He was previusly married (before FMIL) and it was a really big traditional wedding with hundreds of guests. Everything we pick is wrong. Wrong church, wrong reception, it’s too big or too expensive (note he doesn’t know how much it is at all). We care far too much about the wedding and honeymoon, are too excited for them. As its a big wedding (like his previous one) it’s going to end in divorce (again like his previous one). It’s beyond frustrating. My partner says it’s just how his dad is but I’m not sure thats quite true because if Future Mother-In-Law is around then he doesn’t say anything like that and I think he knows he’d get shit from his wife for it. As you say, there are no pleasing these people and trust me, we tried to please Future Father-In-Law. The reception venue is based around making him have a good time (we had a few other guests who would appreciate the layout of a quiet area too but it wasn’t necessary for them) and despite not seeing it yet he doesn’t like it. My advice, she’ll find something to dislike so just do what you and your partner like. If the aunt doesn’t like it, it’s tough but from what you’ve said she will find something else to moan about before long.

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For me it’s actually mu mum! She drives me mad! She’s paying, so we have to run everything by her and she’s just being SO AWKWARD.

She told us that the wedding should reflect us, so we chose to incorporate our love of comic books. Great, fine, she was happy with that. Anytime we ACTUALLY try to incorporate it though, it’s like talking to a brick wall. We’ve been trying to sort the invites out for months but she keeps declaring them “not weddingy enough” ugh.

We took my parents to a Wedding Show yesterday though and they had invites very similar to ours so she’s had to concede that they are weddingy haha. 

Some people just don’t know how to let a day be about someone else. I wouldn’t take it personally – you just have to sort of let it wash over you.

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Bumble bee

Why do you invite your aunt to this stuff then?  

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my mom is very negative.  since becoming pregnant and since she is going to be our nanny, i told her i was going to start calling her out on it.

when i call my mom, it is not. “hi, how are you.”  she answers the phone, “What’s wrong?”


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For mine it’s my Mum. She doesn’t like anything that we’re planning (and paying for) at OUR wedding. A couple of weeks ago, she threatened not to come unless she got her way. So we caved. Now she thinks she has carte blanche for everything, and I’m dreading the few months to the wedding. 

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Unfortunately, yes 🙁 My Future Sister-In-Law is such a sour grape about everything… Like, sometimes the glass isn’t always half-empty! You’d think she’d grow out of it eventually.

I’m sorry you have to deal with all that… Just try to drown all that negativity and don’t let it take away from your own joy… you’re getting married!! 😀

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fromsmithtodavis:  He doesn’t think I’m taking his son, it’s just how he is. He has an opinion and it’s the only right opinion. 

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This would be my grandmother. First she was mad my cousins wedding was in the city (some how that made it dangerous?) my wedding is in the country (her: oh that’s so far away [it’s 20 minutes]). Then she suggested I have the wedding on her farm to “save money” but that wouldn’t have saved anything as we would have had to rent bathrooms and generators and tents and what about food? Plus no booze there. I told her we went with a venue because they cater and bartend. To which she tells me, no one going to a wedding wants to eat. They just want some cake and punch and to go home. And that I shouldn’t have alcohol there because “no one [she] knows drinks” Which is such BS. As all of her children and grandchildren (that are  of age) drink. Not to mention all of our friends and the other sides of the family. I was just like… what the hell are you talking about? Everyone loves an open bar… Oh and that we aren’t getting married in a church (she’s divorced mind you). Just ughhhhh 

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Sugar bee

Yup. My Future Sister-In-Law is Mrs. Negatron. Always has to criticize anything Fiance and I do, criticizes anything I mention about our wedding. Which is why I just don’t tell her much at all, if anything. We actually avoid spending time with her and Future Brother-In-Law (FI’s brother).

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