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Thats great he is doing so much better!  I agree its probably much better he is with her and not at a kennel.  My friend had a dog that had major separation anxiety since she was a rescue dog.  Now that she has had the dog for about 6 months she is doing MUCH better! 

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Oh no! This is no fun at all. Sorry I’m a little late on this one. There is a lot to be thankful for. Peeing is not the worst problem people can have with dogs. He didn’t bite someone. Animal Control isn’t at your door. It’ll be okay!

The “walks, walks, walks” people are totally right. And treats! You want to motivate the little guy, not yell at him. 

If the doggy is small enough, you can also try the piddle pads. The dogs learn to pee on the disposable pads rather than the floor. This way you can leave him out of the crate, and he doesn’t have to hold it 10 hours. My sister does this with hers, and it’s a lifesaver for them.

When I first got my doggy, we invested a lot of money in a Petco training class to get him used to obedience and also had a dog trainer come to our house twice. They have really creative ideas for things for the dogs to do in those 10 hours. We put treats in an empty paper towel roll. He gets to rip it up and have a treat. Now that he’s so good at that, we put the roll in a paper bag! The trainer might also be able to tell you if the dog is nervous/marking/just has to pee. They know all these special doggy body language signals.


Good luck!!! Dogs can bring you so much happiness once they know the rules.

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I just read the last thing about the aggression with your dad, and now I really do think you should call a trainer. They can show you how to avoid that happening. Also, maybe watch the Animal Planet show “It’s me or the Dog.” This happens more often than people realize. Victoria likes to have the “scary stranger” give the dog awesome treats and stay on the other side of the room.

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Another idea:

My trainer recommended these interactive dog toys. They get the dog’s brain moving and keep them enteratined. Our dog only gets them when we’re out of the house, and he looks like he can’t wait for us to go as we set it up. Jeffers is also the cheapest place to find these. The last stuff she called “Puppy crack.” It’s a big log of healthy dog food that you can cut into tiny chunks for training of filling the toys.











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You probably just needs more time to adjust.  It may take him months before he is comfortable with you and learns the routine.

My parents adopted a 4ish year old standard poodle from a shelter and although he never had any accidents in the house let me tell you he was a menace!  We also have a lab and they would go out on the screened porch together and if he saw ANYTHING squirrel, rabbit, bird, person he would bust through the screen!  This happened at least 20 times!!  He also destroyed some things in the house a few time.  We have had him for about 3 years and he is now the most docile, sweet dog…

It just takes some time for them to adjust.  You never know where these dogs are coming from.  In our case someone left him in their overnight crate and he was VERY thin so he was obviously not very well cared for and had a bit of separation anxiety.

Stick it out for a while I’m sure the problem will get better

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I got a dalmatian from a rescue & they said she was housebroken. I got her home & she was good, but after about a week she started peeing in the house. I also adopted a cat in that time. Turns out the litterbox on the ground made her think it was ok to pee. The cat I adopted’s owners turned up about 2 weeks later & I gave them the cat back, so I got rid of the litterbox. She’s never gone inside since. I think she felt intimidated by the cat.

I realize this is a completely different situation, but there may be something else that “triggers” your new pup to pee or mark. Usually dogs pee to mark territory/claim ownership. Maybe since he’s new, he’s trying to establish his home. I think once he realizes you are his home, he will stop. I’m glad your taking him to class & he’s improving. How is it going? Has he been more ok with your dad around?

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So Do you still have you doggy? How thing go?

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