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Advantage or Frontline can be bought at Petsmart. If you are really concerned you can get a flea bomb. Fleas are awful! I am so sorry for you! 

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Petsmart does sell Advantage, but I know they sell out of it for my dog’s size very quickly due to the number of small dogs in my area.  Not sure if you want to give your cat Advantage if you’ve already given something else though?  I don’t think you’d want to overdose him.  Maybe someone else can give suggestions about that, but yes, Petsmart does sell it so you could go buy it there.

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In the past, my method was/is:

Make flea-traps with dish soap, water, nightlights, and roast-pans.  Set them up where you aren’t, so it attracts them away from you.

Raid flea spray.  Comes in the purple can with the flat pledge-like nozzle.  You can hear the tiny flea cries of despair.  If you need to hear more lamentations of the women-fleas, use a fleabomb.  

Flea bath.  Can be with flea-death, or can be dawn.  Be careful not to over flea-death bath, or your little buddy will get the runs. 🙁  (I still feel guilty, poor kitten)

Flea comb.  When combined with flea-death bath and all fleas get dipped into bleach-water, it works wonders.

For our new beasts, we had them dosed with Frontline before they came home.  The fleas fell right off.  We doused any area they frequented with flea spray, and still gave them a combing/bath.  We haven’t had any problems with fleas yet.

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Our strictly inside cat managed to get them too a year ago and you would not believe the ridiculousness we went through. Let me just say bandaids will not keep him from scratching you. I was told that there are several ways for the fleas to get to them. Like for us, we had a stray dog hanging around and were told that one probably hopped on us and we passed it to our cat (which really grossed me out!).

Our Petsmart sells Advantage and Frontline, but you have to ask them for it because ours keeps it locked up. You can also buy it online. Make sure you take care of it soon though because I read that they can spread like crazy. We also found a line of herbal/natural flea killing stuff (at Petsmart) that smells like spices to put on our carpet to keep them from having their eggs and such in it.

Edit: And on the after a bath topic, if you think you rinsed him well enough I think you should be ok, but I’m not a vet. I know you shouldn’t give them a bath right after putting advantage or frontline on because it will rinse it off and then you don’t know how much was actually absorbed.

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By The Way, you or your SO could have carried the fleas into the house

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Flea Bomb. It may have to come to that. UGH. For the five minutes I try to massage them the whole time. Running water can get crazy. Fill the bath a little and use a cup. Also, I think it’s Adams that’s really great. I mean REALLY great. Kills everything. I’ll check when I get home to see if that’s what it’s called…

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Flea bomb your house. BF and I had this problem earlier. Flea bomb the house before those little f*ckers bite your legs all up. Cover all the furniture, take a nice day trip (or do it while you are at work. Have someone watch the cat. It worked. All fleas were dead. Mwahahahaha.

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I give this speech almost every day! 🙂 First, if you applied the otc Sargeant’s you got, wait at least 1-2 wks or give another bath (with a small amt of the blue Dawn dishsoap) before applying Advantage. (There is definitely such thing as overdosing but ~2wks apart is pretty safe. OTC products do NOT work and use harsher chemicals so we never, ever recommend them- by otc i don’t mean frontline/advantage/advantix btw, even though they technically are now). Wash linens/bedding in hot water. Vacuum regularly (including your sofa) – take that flea collar you bought, cut it into a couple equal pieces and use one each time you vacuum (in the part the dirt collects in) and empty the vacuum each time. Last, look into flea bombs/other products for the house. If you JUST noticed them you may not even have to do that.  

Treat your kitty for a minimum of 3 months to ensure they are gone. They have a nasty life cycle which is why they are so difficult to get rid of! 

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Our cats — and our carpets — got fleas a few months ago. It was a total nightmare! We tried the off-brand meds and flea baths, but Frontline and an exterminator were the only real solutions. Believe me, they are worth the cost! The problem with most things that claim they get rid of fleas is that they can only kill adult fleas and larvae, not eggs. Name brand pet meds and exterminators have a type of ingredient the others don’t called an IGR — Insect Growth Regulator. It’s synthetic insect hormone that keeps the larvae (once hatched) from developing into adults that can breed. The initial application kills the live fleas, but the IGR protects you from recurrance by keeping newly-hatched fleas from reproducing. If you decide on an exterminator, make sure you confirm that they use an IGR in their spray. Anyone who claims they can get rid of fleas but doesn’t know what an IGR is IS NOT worth it.

ETA: Some flea bombs and other non-pro flea products have ingredients that are harmful to pets, especially cats, which have different sensitivities than other animals. Beware!

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Revolution works great. Put some gloves on–cats get used to baths if you do it frequently enough when they are young. Scruff him and trim his nails. And if he’s real nasty, put him in a plastic carrier while the medicine soaks in.

You should probably bomb your house though, just to be safe.

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