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My SO is WAY more athletic than I am. He surfs, snowboards, and love to just be outside. I’ll go on the occasional bike ride with him, but I am not athletic.

I am a musician. I play 7 instruments, and he can not learn an instrument to save his life. We tried, but it just doesn’t click with him.

None of that matters though, because we still enjoy each others time together, and will do what the other enjoys… or at least try it. If nothing else, we’ll get a good laugh out of it.

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@SockJunkie:  Mr. 99 and I could not have been more opposite when we met, he’s a rough & tumble, honest to god “aw shucks” country boy, born and raised in the mountains who likes to camp, fish, hunt and shoot….while I was raised in a house that resembled a piano bar from the 1950’s, with people lounging around, drinking martinis, discussing ideas and art and books…reading was more important than eating and a lot of times, I was pulled out of school to travel so my education was something leveled off with tutors from various countries and the experiences I had with my family…

But the attraction was palpable and what we’ve always liked the most about the other, was the support and encouragement to try new things.

With the steady hand and firm insistence of my husband I have, learned to shoot a rifle, raced a car across a lake of ice, learned to brew beer, mead and wine, gone camping in a place with NO RUNNING WATER and had a great time doing it!

With my provocation Mr. 99 has eaten sushi, french cuisine…which he can also read off the menu without help, he can eat with a fish fork, has been to the opera, traveled to Fji, Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Belgium and while he sticks out, he has fun and meets new people and even makes a concerted effort to speak the language…

So yeah, it’s not about what you have in common, but what you bring to each other, and grow together doing.

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Fiance and I have absolutely nothing in common, except for food, but even that we aren’t on the same page (he likes new foods, I like the comfort foods) lol. I don’t think it is a big deal, give you chances to teach each other different things 🙂

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@SockJunkie:  Haha that totally sounds like me and my future-hubby.  I like going to the gym at least 3 times a week, I am super loud and outgoing, I am out with friends a few nights a week. 

He is content hanging out at home during the week, does not like physical activity at all, can sit in front of the tv all day.  He is obsessed with sports and music – seriously like rainman – can spout off all these random facts.

But we just have so much fun when we are together.  We are constantly laughing and it works out well because we balance each other out.

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@Nona99:  I feel like I comment on every one of your comments.  But seriously, that’s an awesome description of your marriage and relationship.  And it goes to show how it’s not about the things you have in common, it’s the love you share.

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Oh that’s me and my H for sure!!!  Sometimes I wonder why we even like each other LOL.  We don’t agree on movies, music, TV shows, politics – I can’t imagine what it must be like!

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I love this!!! I often think ‘I wish we did more together’ and that he got excited when I suggest a new project for our house rather than finding any excuse to sit at his computer… but the reality is, we’ve both tried getting involved with each others interests and hobbies and it seems to end up with one person getting bored and the other person getting annoyed. So we’ve stopped. We’re both fairly independent people and living in each others pockets just wouldn’t work, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that! It suits us and I don’t think I could have it any other way. Apart from when I could do with someone tall to paint high up and he is otherwise engaged with COD. OK actually, I wouldnt have it any other way APART from the xbox obsession…


I think that, so long as you’re on the same page with regard to the important stuff then why try and force things if they’re not there and at the same time don’t feel like the relationship is a failure because you don’t both like to spend your weekends drinking nasty yeasty beverages-cake is TOTALLY better.


Awesome post 🙂

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@SockJunkie:  At first my Boyfriend or Best Friend and I had NO common hobbies. We had to put serious effort into finding things we liked to do together. Thankfully we found a couple of things and have kind of turned them into mega-hobbies. There’s always things we just do on our own.

“We’re both hilarious.” –love that!

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I’m in the same boat. I am a hair product whoring, trashy romance novel reading, pop music listening, make up, cosmos, frills and glitter loving girly girl while he is an irish spring/head and shoulders using, gun loving, science fiction novel reading, beer drinking (and making), NPR listening, outdoorsy manly man. When it comes down to it though, what really matters? We love each other and complement each other well. We get along, get each other, and could not imagine a life without the other one. I think those are the things that matter.

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@SockJunkie:  Fiance and I JUST had this very same conversation last night when discussing what to do gor engagement pictures! Uncanny. 

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@Nona99:  Your household growing up sounds like my dream life. Martinis mmmm


@SockJunkie:  My fi loves loves beer, I hate it. However when ever he tries a new one, I take a sip in hopes that the taste will grow on me. It doesn’t but I still do it. I think all that matters is that you’re both open to try new things. Not necessarily things that either of you do already either. Things that neither of you have ever done and are trying for the first time together. Keep trying new things and maybe you’ll find something you both love, if not, the experience itself is good for bonding.

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Darling Husband and I really don’t have that much in common at all. In fact, people are amazed at us because he has a job that keeps him travelling internationally around 9 months out of the year so he’s gone a lot. 

I’m a mixed bag. While I’m a photographer (so some would call that “techie”) I’m also a runner, and I like to try lots of new things. I have & ride horses, boxing, sky diving, etc. I love to be at the beach and would spend all day just lounging and reading books.

Darling Husband can’t sit still to save his life. He hates going to the beach, although his life revolves around being on a boat and fishing. He doesn’t like to work out. He’s a super picky eater, like meat and potatos guy all the way…which is nuts for someone who spends a good portion of the year travelling to other countries. 

Somehow it works. I’ll go fishing with him, and our comprimise is that we’ll take our boat to a sand island where I can sit for the day. Aside from that, there isn’t really anything we DO together. 

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I love this post! My Fiance and I have very little in common. He loves animals and loves being outdoors. I’m happy indoors with a book. He dislikes reading. But I can’t imagine being with anyone else 🙂

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