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First of all — that’s not infrequent!! Most people I know have sex that often.

Most couples  just go with the flow and get pregnant that way. Most doctors won’t test for infertility unless you’ve been “naturally” trying for a year without getting pregnant.

Just have sex as often as you want and if a certain amount of time has passed and you aren’t pregnant, maybe you can start charting and stuff.

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@KJDee92813:  During your “fertile days” you’re not supposed to have sex every day, but every other day according to my OB/GYN.  It takes time for the swimmers to regenerate, and if you do it too frequently, you ummmm, shoot more blanks.  When he goes for a sperm analysis, they instruct him to abstain from any sort of ejaculations for 3-5 days prior to giving the sample to ensure a true representation.  Good luck!

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I could never have sex that often LOL! I track my period on period tracker, it’s not a fertility app, but it does show fertile window and projected ovulation. I’ve been tracking for years because I had an IUD and had no idea when my pd was coming. But, with tracking I learned a lot about my body, because when it saidIi was in my fertile window, things definitely were different. I don’t think it’s neccessary to temp and track and count right out of the gate, but just knowing when youre in that “range” will be a good start to at least get you thinking ok, we shoud have some of that fun sex this week, maybe an extra time, just to see.

If after that you are unsuccessful for awhile and you start feeling like you need to get more serious, then you can do all that temping junk. You don’t have to hump like rabbits for 4 days straight to get pregnant, trust me πŸ˜‰

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@KJDee92813:  The general parameters I was given if you arne’t charting and you don’t know your fertile window is to BD every other day or every two days to make sure there are plenty of fresh “boys” waiting around for when you ovulate.  I have read that every day is not good because it’s overly depletes his stores (plus it’s exhausting for most people.)

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@KJDee92813:  Right, and remember, healthy sperm in the right environment can live for up to 72 hours, so it’s good to do it at the beginning of the fertile days.  Fertility Friend is a good website for tracking your cycles, which will in turn tell you your predicted ovulation days.  By keeping notes, that’s called “charting” and you can take that information to your OB/GYN to show what your schedule is.

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We were only TTC for one cycle, and I ATTACKED him twice a day for sex!

And once we were having sex for procreation, he was TOTALLY into it! Darling Husband is a once-a-week-and-I’m-good kind of guy, but once sex had a purpose, and that purpose was planting his seed?

SO into it. (Clearly… I got knocked up first cycle!)

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Just wanted to say that I got pregnant on our first month “trying” and we literally only had sex ONCE during my fertile time.  Obviously I know that is not the norm, BUT it does happen and you shouldn’t feel like you “have” to have sex all the time b/c then that takes all the fun out of it!!!  My advice is to relax and enjoy πŸ™‚  Good luck!

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@KJDee92813: It only takes 1 time! Darling Husband and I got pregnant (without charting, temping, using OPKs, etc.) on the 1st time we had sex that month.


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@KJDee92813:  Like @MrsLongcoatPeacoat:  said, it’s okay if you do it every other day. But if Darling Husband doesnt have sperm problems, every day is just fine. Only men with sperm issues have to limit their activity. But too long is just as bad. Most of the stuff I’ve read says 2-3 days or more produces more dead/bad sperm.

Also, if you are temping/charting/using a Ovulation pee on a stick of some sort, you can just do it the day before and the day of O. You should be fine.

That being said–as someone who has been TTC for 3 years–there are days that you just dont want to do it. And one or both of you can be cranky about “having to do it”. (Luckily you dont have to O (the other O) for it to be successful, but it does help if you do it after he O’s. So you dont have to be “in the mood”) But he has to be able to get in the mood (you might have to help him or have him read porn before you start). The TTC sex when not in the mood isn’t the best. But, you both know that it’s for a greater good. So in the end it’s worth it. And for us it doesnt seem to have had a negative effect on the rest of our sex life. In fact, it’s almost made it better because we appreciate the good sex more.

But you are a long way off from forced TTC sex. Just enjoy the first 3-6 months.

Good Luck and Baby Dust!


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