(Closed) We think my FI gave me Chicken Pox….a vent of sorts.

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if you have chicken pox dont go walking the dog – you may still be contagious

seriously, get to a doctor and have it checked out – forget online diagnosis. its unfair to infect others if you can pass it on. 

yikes, i hope its nothing 

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Oh no., Mine gave me a cold this weekend, but the pox are waaaay worse! What about a Walgreens clinic? Don’t they take care of stuff like that?

I can’t remember for sure, but I think the pox runs its course. You might have to take off, but I don’t necessarily remember taking prescriptiosn for it. Y0u might be ok if you just hole up in the house, use Aveeno oatmeal packets for your bath (in the bath aisle, it’s bath oatmeal) and calamine lotion. You could be like Phoebe in friends and put lobster oven mitts on to be super cool =]

Call a nurse’s hotline at the hospital. They often dole out information and I call occassioanlly when something hits me in the middle of the night

Feel better soon! the pox are no fun,. been there done that. i had mine with the full blown flu when i was on vacation in las vegas,. I got to sit in the shade with a bucket so I didn’t “ruin” the family vacation….=(

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Awe I am sorry you are feeling well!

I hope you get better soon!

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Definitely be careful if you think you are infectious. Since you work at Starbucks (right?) food and infectious diseases are a no-no. Can’t you just tell them you have something else?

Tell them you fell and twisted your ankle. NOT that you have the pox. Then just hide out in your home.

Either way, blisters in general NOT on your feet could weird me out. I once had ringworm and they got oozy like that. OMG it was a nightmare. I let it go so long b/c i thought it was hives like a silly girl.

Some waklgreens have the walk-in clinics. If you have to go to the Dr, you gotta go, there’s nothing you can do to avoid it. You really should consider some med insurance though. You coudl be screwed if you ever broke anything! or if you were in a car accident and the OTHER guy didn’t have enough liability for you.

Chicken pox is a virus..it’s a differnet kind of immunity than say, bacteria infections. regardless, i was always under the imrpession most adults get it and the older you are, the more intensely you get it. It can actually become more dangerous as an adult than a child. Do be careful though and I’d seriously consider calling up a nurse’s hotline and describing them to her.

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Not sure if you have a cvs around you, but they have a minute clinic that you could go to.

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These things aren’t just transmissible by contact.  When you have chickenpox you can aerosolize droplets and contaminate people that way.  The incubation period starts long before you know that you are infected… That’s why viruses have survived all these milenia.

As physicians– and this isn’t advice specific to you in any way– we don’t need to see kids with chicken pox.  We usually say, “Yup, it’s chicken pox.  Drink lots of fluids, don’t expose other people and don’t use ibuprofen”.  We don’t treat it with any medication, except with symptomatic relief of itching.

If you had the chicken pox vaccine, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a bad case… but if you didn’t it can sometimes be worse in older folks than younger.

This is *not* in any way medical advice that you should be following.  I have no idea what you have, and usually the best course of action is to see a physician who can look at or culture the lesions.  You cannot diagnose an illness with dermatologic manifestations over the phone or internet.

Doesn’t Starbucks provide benefits for most of their baristas?  I know that’s why one of my friends works there.

Best of luck!

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That stinks.  I had the shingles a few months ago due to work and wedding planning stress. It’s the worse pain I’ve ever experienced.

I hope you feel better.

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I love how DG has to preface everything by saying her comments by saying they’re not medical advice. Way to cover your butt, DG. I’d do the same =]

I wish i had some advice for you. They havne’t diagnosed me officially over the phone, but a lot of times they’ve said that X doesn’t sound like anything serious but if i am still concerned to come in. Once i had chest pain and they flipped bazerkies on me. Turns out it was some horrendous heartburn =P. But yeah, if you’re contageous, the “flu” is a good way to go at least until you  know what you have

Look up pictures of chicken pox–I did this when I had ringworm–and I was like “holy crap that’s exactly what I have” because pus-filled lesions can be a loooot of things. you might be able to just discern for yourself it i looks enough like chicken pox that you are more comforted by that or that it looks like something else that WOULD need medicine. Knowing me, I always late until i’m 100% desperate to go to the doctors anyways. They always tell me I should have come in earlier, too =]

My mom was so worried my brother and I wouldn’t get hte pox that she had a classmate who had it come over and sit real close to me and breath and sneeze on me so i wouod *definitely* get it Tongue out


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