Wear engagement ring to job interview?

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Personally, I would not wear it to a job interview. With equal pay for women recently being struck down in the Senate, I really don’t think it’d be a wise decision. I fear that future employers may see the ring on your finger and envision you getting married and having kids ASAP which might influence their decision in a negative way. This is obviously just my two cents and you should do whatever you feel comfortable doing. But I’d rather play it safe and not wear it than have it potentially work against me.

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I had never thought about it, but I actually agree with GirlyGirl24. In a job interview once, I was asked why I had moved to this state from across the country. I mentioned my (long term, serious, now-fiance) boyfriend’s career brought us here, and the interviewer asked, “well, what if you break up?  Will you move back?” in a way that implied that was a concern for her.  I did end up getting hired, but it just goes to show that they do think about things like that.

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I personally wouldn’t wear it either.

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I personally would wear it.  If they do have a negative reaction to your being engaged, is that really a place you want to work?  What are you going to do when you actually go to get married? Have children? Hide it all until you can’t anymore?

I can understand where you’re coming from as I’m still in the interview part of finding employment here but I’ve worn my engagement ring to every one and I’ve only been turned down because of my immigration status. If anything, being engaged has probably helped get people to sit down with me as they know my fiance or someone in his family.  Granted this is small town New Zealand and not the States but unless you’re going to be doing something where the appearance of being single would get you a lot more money, be who you are and wear what you want to wear.

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PennyLove5:  It makes me sad that as women, we actually have to take these things in to consideration!

I’d never thought about it before, but I can totally see where PP’s are coming from and I do agree that it may be something they take in to consideration (by law they’re not supposed to, but I’m sure some still do), but i’ll tell you this little real-life scenario as it may be something for you to think about! This isn’t necessarily reflective of my personal opinion on the issue, it’s just something I experienced!

A woman I worked with was employed in the early stages of pregnancy and didn’t mention it during the interview process (which is fine), she was hired and announced a few days later that she’d be leaving to go on maternity leave in 6 months. She would have been hired either way as it’s a non-issue in our company and we have really great policies in that regard (jobs are held pretty much indefinitely for employees who take maternity/paternity leave, no one bats an eyelid, we’re very family oriented) but I remember my colleagues saying they would have preferred her to just be honest.  I can definitely see why she did it, but I guess in this instance, right or wrong, some people were a bit put off by it.

Personally, I think I would probably wear my ring and have confidence in my ability to prove that no matter my personal circumstances, I’m the right person for the job 🙂

Good luck with the interview!!


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I wouldnt wear it, just in case!


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PennyLove5: I wore my travel ring — it’s a .17ct bezel solitare so not flashy and it’s barely noticeable. When I wear the ring my FI gave me, I see people’s eyes flick towards it and then away. None of my interviewers looked to the smaller ring. 

Also, I kept my hands below the table. That probably helped. 

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NO! employers aren’t allowed to ask questions like religion or marital status so they pay attention to jewelry– and employers get scared with engagement rings. They’re afraid you’re going to take a lot of time off for the wedding, honeymoon, and babies! soon you’ll be having lots and lots of babies! then you’ll want maternity leave or you’ll quit. That’s a high risk for them, they don’t want to waste time&money training you and then you leaving. It’s safer to just not wear the engagement ring- and don’t discuss getting married either, keep your personal life private.

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I did think about not wearing mine to a recent interview with a government agency in Darwin Australia, however I DID wear mine. Not even a week later I recieved a call to say I got the job. I am young (22), studying and engaged and they still chose me over other applicants. 

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Busy bee

PennyLove5:  I wouldn’t wear it. You don’t know what the opinions are going to be of the person you’re going to be interviewing with, and while it’s absolutely stupid that anyone should have to ask this question, I’d rather be safe than sorry. 

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Although the job market is still rebounding where I live, I would only take off an e-ring for a job interview if seemed too flashy for the job (think a 1.5 carat diamond solitaire if, say, I were interviewing for a social work position), or if I had no other choice. To me, not wearing it would seem a bit dishonest, and by bending to the fear of judgemental employers, a bit reinforcing of the status quo. However, I echo the PPs who say that employers will likely notice, so do what you feel comfortable with.

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I agree with Zephi and think you should would wear it. I think it shows maturity, confidence and commitment (especially in younger women). Personally if an employer didn’t want to hire me based on the fact i’m not single, I wouldn’t respect or want to work for them. I also wouldn’t want to start work feeling like I was hiding something from my employer.

People get engaged, married and have children. Employers need to face up to the facts. The more that women hide these things for work and announce them later, the less employers trust us in general and we are just encouraging the cycle for girls and younger women when they eventually look for work. It’s a shame that this is still an issue in today’s society. We should be able to wear our rings with pride 🙂

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Maybe it’s where I’m from, but I feel like the only people that really notice that sort of thing are people with marriage on the brain, ie waiting or recently engaged/married/separated. 

I did a heap of job interviews recently, and honestly, the only person I noticed with a ring was a guy that brought it up himself. At meetings I might have a look out of interest, but I am too distracted in interviews trying to find the right person!

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KateA17:  I obviously agree that women should be able to wear their engagement rings with pride. But sadly that is not the case in today’s society and to think otherwise is idealistic and naive.

I’m willing to bet more often than not that when interviewers see your ring they’re not thinking, “Oh wow, this must mean she is committed and mature.” No, the’yre thinking, “Gosh I wonder how long until she’s going on maternity leave.”

Being a woman in the workplace is already a penalty. Why would you penalize yourself further by inadvertently putting marriage/babies on their brain?

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