(Closed) Wearing a diaper under your gown–can it be done?

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incontanon:  Sorry about your new diagnosis. Especially because it is a new condiion for you, your concerns and fears are totally understandable. Some people do get auras or warnings of their seizures but it also takes time to be able to recognize if their is any pattern to those.

I have no experience with adult incontinence wear, but the ads on TV seem to suggest there are less bulky products available. Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars does a commercial for one.

Do you have a pharmacy that specializes in incontinence products where you live? Or, an incontinence program at a local hospital? You could phone them for advice.

Check out the websites of the manufacturers. Some of them will have free samples, or you could email asking for a free sample. THis might help you avoid having to buy a full package of several brands.

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<br />Aww. I don’t have any advise, I just wanted to say sorry you’re having to deal with this. Your wedding will be beautiful! Good luck

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incontanon:  the panties that pp put up look pretty thin and wearable. Sorry about your diagnosis. My younger cousin has absence seizures where you basically loose conscious perception for a few minutes and come to not realizing time has elapsed. They make her very worried about living alone in case she falls and nobody finds her, so I understand your dignity concerns with epilepsy. if you are currently being controlled on medication hopefully your wedding will go smoothly! Good luck

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i personally think(from seeing other people in my family and friends circle wear them) that they are kinda big and noticeable to wear under a mermaid dress. also if you do have an accident the depends don’t neccesarily always prevent the excess from leaking through to your clothes. i personally think getting a more pouffy skirt would be smarter and would probably make you feel less nervous about people seeing the depends line etc.

However, if you’ve already gotten the dress of your dreams I’m sure your doctor will have a solution to accomodate wearing the dress.


Everything will work out don’t stress <3 xoxo

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There are definitely slimmer fitting types of incontinence products.  The type that are the pull on style are typically slimmer then the tabbed style. 

I don’t think you will have to change your skirt.  Unless it is very thin, 1 layer, satin there will be enough fabric and detailing to mask any type of undergarment.  While they are bulkier then regular underpants they aren’t as thick as you are probably picturing.

A few friends of mine with disabilities use them, and I’ve never noticed no matter what they are wearing.

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Your hospital or treatment center possibly has a support group; that would be a fantastic resource for you, because you can spend time with others who are living full lives despite their illnesses, and learn their wisdom. I would be surprised if someone in a support group hadn’t gone through exactly the same thing! Ask your doctor, or the treatment center probably has a social worker in staff who can help point you to the right resources! It’s easy for Internet strangers to try to help but there’s nothing better than talking to someone who’s “been there, done that!”

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Check out dear kate panties. I wear them at that time of the month due to an excessively heavy flow. 

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Looks like you’ve gotten some good suggestions so far. I just wanted to say please don’t feel embarrased, you can’t control them. My mom has grand mal seizures as well, she’s had them since a very young age (way before I was even born) so I’ve witnessed them all my life.

She as well feels embarrased when she has an episode in public but she jokes it off eventually. She has come to terms that as embarrased as she may feel she also can’t control them so she won’t keep beating her self up over it. I hope some day you can feel this way as well but right now I know it’s hard & you have every right to feel how you’re feeling with this new diagnosis.

Good luck & I hope you’re put on the right meds & get your seizures under better control. If you ever have any question my PM doors are always open 🙂

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My brother has a seizure disorder. His seizures are now controlled very well through medication so hopefully you will have success in your treatment! He has other disabilities as well and therefore has to wear adult diapers (Depends) often. They are honestly much less bulky than you would think.

The Depends women’s underwear linked above looks like it would be a great product for you. Good luck!

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I think it will give you piece of mind! Not wedding related, but I was terrified my water was going to break somewhere embarrassing when I was pregnant. I was 100% all for wearing a diaper towards the end. I had a csection so I never got that far, but there is no reason for you to think about something like that when you should be enjoying your wedding. Find the less bulky ones the ladies were talking about and enjoy your wedding! 🙂

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So sorry about your diagnosis.

Maybe the thought is stupid, but perhaps wearing Spanx above the diaper might help against visability?


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