(Closed) Wearing rings on *THAT* finger when you’re not engaged/married?

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  • poll: "I think wearing rings on *THAT* finger when you're not engaged/married..."

    "...should be legally punishable"

    "...is disrespectful to the institute of marriage"

    "...will confuse society"

    "...is quite sneaky"

    "...is a redundant issue because it doesn't really matter, HELLO"

    "...reflects a brave and admirable rejection of societal pressures"

    "...is the choice of whoever owns the finger"

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    I wore my 16th birthday ring on “that finger” and replaced it with my 21st birthday ring.  I don’t think anyone assumed I was engaged (they were not diamond rings).

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    it’s a ring on a finger. big deal. I couldn’t care less about what jewlery someone wore on which finger.I would not wear a ring on that finger, but thats my personal choice and everyone is entitled to theirs.


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    i wear an abalone band on my left ring finger. my best girl friends and i each bought one for half a dollar from one of those beach vendors while we were vacationing in the philippines in 2005. i guess it’s like a friendship ring. i’ve been wearing it every single day since then. it’s that one thing i feel naked if i don’t wear it. i also think of it as a lucky ring. it has gotten into so many accidents and yet it’s still in one piece, without a single scratch.

    don’t really care what people think. my fiance doesn’t mind. (we’ve been together waaay before 2005 and we don’t even have a promise ring!) he sometimes plays around with it when we hold hands. kinda like rubbing it so that it turns around on my finger. i’ve been asked a few times about it (if i’m engaged or married) but i just say “no” and not make a big deal about it.

    now that i’m engaged, i wear it over my e-ring. just because i’m so used to having it there. plus i kinda use it as a stopper just to make sure the e-ring stays put. i just get paranoid sometimes even if the e-ring fits perfectly. you never know. i’ll probably still wear it even if i have my wedding band already. :p

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    Who cares if it confuses society – wear whatever ring you want on whatever finger you want.  I used to wear rings on my e-ring finger all the time – and yes, sometimes people asked me if I was engaged but it wasn’t a big deal.  When my now FH and I started getting really serious and marriage/proposal was on my mind, I stopped wearing a ring on that finger, only b/c I wanted it to feel special and different when I finally got an e-ring. 🙂

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    I have always worn rings on my left ring finger from the time I was younger.  I never really thought anything of it since it wasn’t an engagement ring.  I didn’t stop wearing them on that finger until I was with my FI and things got serious.  I had a few serious boyfriends before that and neither of us thought anything of it.  No one ever asked about it.  Maybe it’s just if you are in the marriage mindset.  Once I started to think “wow, I might actually marry this guy”, I stopped wearing rings on that finger (until I got my E ring of course!).   To each their own I guess! 

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    I wore my grandma’s ring on ‘that finger’ until the day I got engaged.  I think it helped that it didn’t look like a traditiona e-ring, and I wore a pinky ring next to it so it looked more like just fashion jewelry.  I think it just depends.

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    I know lots of people who do it when they go out at night so they don’t get hit on. I don’t really mind it then, but just for everyday use I think is a bit odd. Especially if someone is single and looking to get involved in a relationship. Not exactly the brightest idea then.

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    I will occasionally slip a ring on that finger while I’m driving or home alone to get used to the feel of one there…I’m playing the waiting game right now haha. Generally I don’t wear one there because to me, that’s reserved for THE rings. I don’t mind if people choose to wear fashion rings there, after all it is THEIR choice, not mine. What good does it do me to care about someone else’s choices for their own look?

    I did pull the “fake ring to keep creepers at bay” strategy in college every now and then. Luckily, my roommate was usually the one to pull in all the unwanted attention anyway so I didn’t need it much.  

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    Hey Jezika!

    I’ve been wearing rings on both my ring fingers for as long as I can remember. For my Quinceanera (Sweet 15), my parents gave me my mother’s e-ring: a beatuful heirloom opal ring with a diamond halo that I had been coveting for years. I wore this on my left hand as a promise ring and a tribute to my parents. A year ago my BF gave me his grandmother’s claddagh ring and I now wear that on my left had and the opal on my right. We aren’t yet engaged, but I don’t consider it insulting or anything because it still symbolizes our love and comitment to each other and it is, in a sense, a promise to each other. Before these two rings, I used to wear other rings on my left hand, but none of them were significant and I was too young for it to mean anything anyway.

    I think, in the end, it your personal choice. A ring is just a ring and a finger is just a finger unless you make it mean otherwise.

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    I think it’s just confusing in general. I sort of felt very traditional about it and wanted only to wear my wedding band and engagement ring on this finger.

    I was saving it for marriage! haha.


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    And btw, creepers don’t care whether you’re married, engaged or single. I get hit on just as much now that I wear a ring as I did before. It sickens me now though that guys would hit on a married woman…

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    I couldn’t care less who wears what on their finger. 

    I received a ring about 8 months into my relationship with Fiance. It was one I saw in a store and loved, white gold with a tanzanite center stone and 3 small diamonds on each side. I always wore it on my left hand, it sort of became a promise ring. Fiance proposed right after I got out of the shower while getting ready for a Christmas party, and since I don’t shower with jewelry on it was a non issue to take the old ring off and put a new one on.

    I don’t see why anyone should care what I wear on my hand. 

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    I JUST stopped wearing a ring on THAT finger. I see nothing wrong with it…but I would have people comment on it sometimes. It never bothered me, and I think its pretty obvious when a left hand ring is an e-ring/wedding ring or a just because ring. 

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    It’s a finger on someone else’s, for crying out loud. If you have time to be bothered by that, then you need to tell me your secret because I have too many other things to worry about.

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    I may have lost my V card long before I was engaged/married, but my ring finger held out (;

    I don’t give a rats behind on if others wear a ring on that finger, but I’m glad I didn’t. 

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