Wearing Wedding ring on the Right hand (Russian Orthodox)

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t think it matters a bit! Someone might not know your married, but a ring on the left hand hardly indicates marriage anymore anyway.

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Bumble bee

@Arganique:  i have a coworker who weras her on the right hand cuz she likes it better her so is traditional. i dont think it matters

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Honey bee
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in the past, when i ‘check out’ a guy to see if he is married, i definitely look at the ring finger. if i didn’t see a ring on his left finger i might assume he is not married. but if i saw one on the right finger, it would make me wonder since most guys dont wear many rings. that is the only concern i would have with your Fiance wearing it on his right hand. that it doesn’t scream “married”.

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Bee Keeper
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I’m Russian as well although I’m Jewish. We’ve lived in America for 20 years. My dad still wears his wedding band on his right hand while my mon moved hers to her left. I’ve never thought anything of it. Sometimes I also wear mine on the right when I feel like separating it from my e-ring.  DH always wears his on his left.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Do what feels right to you. 

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Busy bee
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Do whatever feels right for you. The ring is only a symbol and while symbols are nice and special it is your decision to be together and commit that is the most important. Even without a ring at all you will still be married! 

It is my (unpopular) opinion that religion should help people not the other way around, but jewelry is jewelry and what finger you wear it on does not help or hinder anyone so I wouldn’t waste too many worries on it πŸ™‚ Having a good relationship where you inspire each other to be better people, help others around you and raise any children you have to be good people, those are things to invest in and i’m sure you’ll both be awesome at those no matter which finger you wear your ring on x

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Bumble bee
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@Anardana what wonderful advice! Awwww πŸ™‚

OP, I am Serbian Orthodox, though also not religious, but the cultural traditions still matter to me. I like to wear a lot of rings anyway so I will probably just end up wearing at least bands on the ring finger of each hand, so I guess I will look married in either country I’m in πŸ™‚ On the other hand (no pun intended) my Fiance hates jewelry and rings and I don’t have much hope for him wearing one at all. So I could be bothered by the total lack of symmetry in that situation (both hands versus no hands!) but I’ve come to the conclusion that the symbolism probably isn’t something people other than me would worry about. I don’t worry about other people’s ring habits, so why should they care about mine? For example, I don’t assume others are either married or unmarried on the basis of rings. And I frequently see people wearing wedding sets on the right hand, and rather then read into it too much, I might conclude that it’s probably because they’re left-handed so that way is more comfortable.

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Helper bee
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@Arganique:  i’m a musician and know a lot of fellow musicians, including string players (violin, cello etc). they wear their rings on their right hands, because they wouldn’t be able to play with the rings on the left. i’m used to people wearing them on both hands and i never think anything! i don’t think there is anything wrong with doing what you feel most comfortable with.

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Busy bee
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I’m Greek Orthodox, and as a woman it would be easy for me to wear a plain, unbroken band on my right hand that was blessed in the church, and the diamond/engagement ring on my left because I live here and that’s where we see rings…however my dad never wears his wedding band on either hand.  he was a chemist and couldn’t take it off after wearing gloves all day so its more of a special occassion thing.


I think if you are concerned about him looking married, get him a left-hand-ring and have him wear his traditional wedding band on his right as the church put it there.  

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Sugar bee
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@Arganique:  It’s not something I’m familiar with so I wouldn’t recognize it as a wedding ring.

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Helper bee

I wear mine on the right. My engagement ring was too big and had to be sized down, then after the wedding I lost weight and both rings were too big again. My right finger is a little bigger then my left so they fit better on that hand now.  So sometime when we do something awesome we fist bump and our rings line up and we find it amusing. Like something out of a comic book. (wonder twins activate?) Rarely does anyone notice or care. I’m not super traditional about the rings though. I sometimes don’t wear them, like if they might get dirty or I’m going to do manual labor in some fashion or even to do dishes. I know i’m married and I’ve not had a ton of random men hit on me that i’ve noticed. (I didn’t before I was married either come to think of it) If I am talking to a man I usually mention my husband in a story or something, just to put it out there. Anyway it’s not at all a big deal either way, just see which one feels better. 

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@puppiekisses:  +1

I’m American and not religious, but if I were you I would wear one on your left and one on your right (probably ering on the left and wring on the right, in your case). That way you can follow the tradition of your culture as well as ward off unwanted attention from men. According to my Fiance, men see a diamond ring on the left hand and interpret it as “off the market” and don’t really differentiate between engaged/married.

If I saw a man with a ring on his right hand and nothing on his left, I would assume the ring on his right hand was a class ring/something sentimental like his dad’s ring, and that he was single. If you’re concerned about him appearing single, you could buy him two rings as well. 

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my parents were married really young (like 20/21) and grew out of their original wedding bands shortly after. neither of them wore wedding rings for most of my life (they just inherited and began wearing a different set about 8 years ago), and they have been happily married for 42 years! so I think it’s really up to you–if you prefer to wear yours on your left and he on his right, more power to you πŸ™‚

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