(Closed) Weather in Italy/Spain? Pickpockets?

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llevinso :  It is awful! Its good it wont affect your trip though. Id be super excited about going to Italy!

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Im currently in Italy (Tuscany) and its very hot right now. Its 35 degrees where we are (mid afternoon) and predicted to the be similar for the next week. In three weeks time it will probably drop a little but not below mid 20s so definitely shorts and tshirts weather. Bring plenty of sandals, blouses and sunscreen. 

As far as pickpocketing, you should be okay in Rome as long as you have sealed bags and dont keep anything in loose pockets, just use common sense like you would in any crowds or urban city. Barcelona though is notorious for pickpocketing. I would advise a money belt there and know many people who have been pickpocketed in Barcelona despite taking precautions. If you use a backpack dont put anything valuable in the outside zip pockets, try to use the inner pockets that are harder to get to. Dont let the worry put you off though, you will have an amazing time! 

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maybe I am just naive or more street smart but I have never had any issues anywhere in europe including rome or barcelona. I would never use a money belt and I had no issues wearing my ring (though to be fair I have a 1ct ring not something really large which would draw a lot of attention) and my normal crossbody bag (not really for safety but more just cause when you are going around all day its more convenient than a bag you need to carry)

I think its funny when people talk about all these “rules” of not wearing sneakers or jeans or you will be automatically pegged as a tourist… maybe that was true at one time but every city I have been in all the young people (<40 or so) are wearing jeans and sneakers and mainly vintage american music t shirts. Wear whatever you want (though the thing about knees/shoulders is true at most religious sites)

Be aware, don’t carry a bunch of crap (and have an extra copy of passport/cc info etc in at least one or two other locations like inside pocket of suitcase just in case you do lose something and need to call in about it), don’t leave your bag unattended, don’t get roped into tourist traps like palm readings/ flashy toys to distract you or have your headphones on so you can’t hear around you. When you are in a highly populated area (main streets, lines for entrance, train/airport) be even more aware and keep your hand on your purse and most of all don’t do stupid things (like if its 3 am in an area you don’t know just get a cab/uber and don’t try and figure out the subway for the first time in a language you don’t know)

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llevinso :  You can absolutely wear sneakers.  You’re going to look like a tourist with or without them and there is nothing wrong with looking like or being a tourist.  Wear whatever makes you comfortable & don’t worry a thing about it.

Your husband, and you, can absolutely comverse with others there.  That doesn’t have to be a no go.  Some of the best memories of trips involve chatting with locals or other tourists.  Not to mention locals are a great source of info, they will tell you what markets to go to or where to get the best carbonara, etc.  Don’t have a “no speaking to strangers” policy.  Just use common sense.  If a guy approaches you out of the blue at the train station or while walking down the street ignore him.  If the table next to you strikes up a conversation at a restaurant then by all means, engage!  It will enrich your trip.

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llevinso :  You will honestly be fine wearing your ring; seriously. I have travelled all over the world wearing jewellery, and have never had anything stolen. As I said: if you wear it back home, there is literally zero reason not to wear it in Rome or Barcelona.

My set is extremely ‘blingy’ (large diamond cluster which at first glance or a distance may well look like a huge solitaire), and I’ve not yet had anyone try to mug me for it… I worry more about my gold bangle (it has a press catch which I’ve knocked before and it’s sprung open), or my diamond pendant (whioch could, in theory, be ripped off). And I still wear those items. The chances of someone basically holding you up at knifepoint for your rings in either place is EXTREMELY tiny. The reason pick-pocketing is so prevalent is because it is extremely easy to carry out without detection; before you realise you’ve been robbed they’re long gone. Whereas mugging someone and forcibly removing jewellery from them is a whole different ballgame, and much riskier. Why take the risk when there are thousands of tourists whose pockets you can pick, bagging yourself nice epxensive phones and lots of cash, and get away scott free?

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Wear sneakers.  Wear your ring.  Just be aware as uaual and keep people at arms lenght and out of your personal bubble.  If they can’t get close, they can’t take anythig if that was their intent.  We never had anyone even approach us, do I dunno how common it is.  Or maybe we just don’t look liek we have anythign to steal. 

You WILL be pegged as a tourist no matter what you do.  The second you open your mouth, they will hear it.  Your’re standing in line at the sites.. you’re a tourist.  You look around at things, you’re pegged as a tourist.  Just don’t be a stupid tourist.  Would you have the same worries if you were going to NYC or LA or Boston…?

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llevinso :  Everyone’s been giving great advice so I don’t really have much to add except watch out for CHILDREN pickpockets! When Darling Husband and I were on vacation in Rome, I was flabbergasted to find that both pickpocket attempts (We’re New Yorkers so were more alert) were by children 10 and younger. A little boy attempted to pickpocket my Darling Husband while he was buying train tickets, but I chased him away and a little girl very BOLDLY stuck her hands in my jacket pocket TWICE in a crowded train before I pushed her away and yelled at her. Then she just calmly got off the train car as though she had not a care in the world. lol

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For real, no one is going to notice your ring. Have you ever left the country before?

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We didn’t have an issue in Barcelona regarding pick pocketing because I didn’t carry any purses or even crossbody type bags. But yes gypsies will be looking out for tourists…those who wear jewelry and bags and cellphones. 

A young gypsy boy creeped up on me and I jumped up not realizing he’d been there waiting to see if I’d had valuables on me. But my SO was watching him and told him to buzz off. Thank God. 

Even when you’re paying for something, be cautious about how you pull out wads of cash, do a couple dollars at a time.  Some pickpocketers or gypsys could be going by you on a bike when you least know it. There are police canvassing the area I was in but they’re on foot mostly.


Good luck. 

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llevinso :  Oh sorry, I didn’t mean ‘no sneakers’ like it is a rule. I just meant wear what you feel good in and don’t worry too much. It was just a point about how some people wear immensely practical clothes/shoes, put so much thought into it and all they achieve is sticking out like a sore thumb! Of course they can be comfy and practical!  And do wear your ring. I could ask- ‘should I wear my ring if I go to a big American city like Chicago- that sounds scary’ and I bet I know what you’d tell me…!!! 🙂 have fun. x

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llevinso :  Sportswear is stuff like Nike/ Addidas sweatpants/ vest tops, football shirts and the like. I think it’s less popular in the UK than it was a few years ago, but a lot of people (not most) wear this kind of thing with trainers (sneakers) for casual dress because it’s comfortable. In Spain teens seem to go for hoodies and sports tops quite a lot, but once they hit their twenties is not a really common look. 

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