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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: November 2010

(not a bride to be but i have suggestions)…. remember to take a beauty kit with you for your engagement shots that includes lotion, a make up touch up kit, nail polish that matches the shade that you’re wearing, gloves, crackers, and bottle water.  if it’s gold you may also want to throw in the hand warmer kits..

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: November 2009

I would have done a lot more research on photographers, and not chosen the one I did (a friend of a friend, and she was HORRIBLE). I would have been more “in the day”. I was so panicked and stressed and then the actual wedding went by so fast, I barely remember any of it. I would have bought comfy shoes to change into halfway through the reception. I would have EATEN something that day!! I kept forgetting to eat and was totally drained from it. If I had my exact same wedding, I would have changed the food. I had a dessert buffet to cut costs. I would have saved up more for an actual caterer. If I didn’t have my exact same wedding, I would have gone with my original barn wedding plan (couldn’t find a dang barn!).

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: November 2009

Oh, heh, and I would have… gotten it on with my husband that night. We made the mistake of coming home (no hotel for us) and changing, eating, and going through cards and gifts. Big mistake! We were both so tired that once we sat still, we passed out. I wish we had made that the FIRST thing we did.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2009

I would have taken more time to see if someone could reconstruct my bustle.  Actually, I wish I’d gone upstairs, taken off my dress, done it myself, and then come back down to party.  When my bustle ripped out my sister (MOH) got worried that she didn’t know exactly the right points to reattach it.  I didn’t care, I just wanted it up and fixed quickly.  Looking at the few pictures where the bustle was still in, I’m sad that it didn’t hold up the rest of the night.  And on that note: bring velcro dots!

Oh, and we ate rather than visiting each table.  I am so glad we ate, but at the same time, there are a ton of people I didn’t even see!  I’d try to find a happy medium.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2009

we didn’t hire a videographer but had budget allowed I wish we would have. HOWEVER, even if budget doesn’t allow for a professional, get Uncle Joe with his handheld camera to record the vows and speeches. We have a picture of me busting a gut laughing during our ceremony and no one can remember what was said to make me laugh like that! Similarly, I remember how I felt during the speeches and some snippets of them but not the whole thing. 🙂

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2009

Wow… loaded question

  1. like they said above me… i would have enjoyed the day more. not been so stressed out. cause i was EXTREMELY stressed out that day
  2. i would have left my veil on for the reception!! but my pictures still are beautiful
  3. i am glad we got it on when we got home Smile we saved the gifts for after the honeymoon
  4. i would have rememebered to get champagned for the limo ride home… our limo was a gift and it didnt come with any extras at all

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: December 2009

Honestly, I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. Our day was perfect!

I would highly, highly suggest having a day-of coordinator. We had one, and she made all the difference in the world. I was not stressed at all!

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

Things I would have done differently:

1. Interviewed more florists. I hired the first one we looked at, and I didn’t hate them in the end, but I wasn’t happy with the results. I felt like I could have gone to someone else with our money and gotten a lot more.

2. Gotten that bang trim a week before the wedding. I flip-flopped before we left for the wedding and in the end, out of laziness, decided my bangs were fine. Nope! It had been a while since my last trim, and it showed in the pictures. I wasn’t happy about that, but I’m dealing, haha.

3. I wish I hadn’t gotten myself so sick the day of our wedding. I’m the kind of person that will get stomach aches when I’m overly emotional, be it good or bad. I had every reason to be super relaxed the morning of the wedding, and I wasn’t, and I should have asked my doctor about some sort of “calming” med or something for anxiety. I didn’t enjoy the morning of our wedding at all, and I’m kicking myself for it because it was one of the parts I was most looking forward to. I felt so excited and nervous all day that I didn’t eat, even at our reception. I’m still kicking myself for it.

Things I’m glad we did that we were so sure about before:

1. Our DOC. Hands down, best decision we made.

2. Splurged on our dream photographer. Worth every penny.

3. Rented Chivari chairs for our reception room. It totally transformed the joint … worth the cost!

4. My short knee-length dress. I’m not a gown girl. They looked goofy on me. Before the wedding, I wondered if I would regret not going with a gown because I would never have the chance to wear one again. Nope! My dress was perfect, and most importantly, comfortable. It was totally me, and I felt like me all day.

5. Having a small wedding. We invited 100 people, and 75 came. It was perfect. We saw everyone and it wasn’t an overwhelming crowd.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: December 2009

i really was very satisfied.. but minor things i’d change would be to look at my hairdo from 2 directions (one side looked naked without a flower or something, while the other side ROCKED), and try to be aware of the camera a little more for pre-wedding shots.  Some make me look crazy, but that’s not our photographer’s fault!  Oh, and not gotten massage oil in my hair, looked greasy but the massage was worth it, ha.

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Bee Keeper

I would have not let my mother stress me out as much as she did. Don’t let anyone stress you out on your day. Enjoy it. Everyone is there to celebrate you, and you should be happy!!

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  • Wedding: August 2009

I would have interviewed more vendors until I was throwing up vendors. I looked online at a million but I booked the first photographer, caterer, officiant and DJ I met with. I was not satisfied with the photographer and caterer AT ALL.

Don’t have a very small wedding. I thought I wanted a small wedding and I ended up with 40 people – it was horrible because it was so small. Have at least 60 people, I think.

Make sure you eat dinner and cake! Have a receiving line so you can greet everyone but yet still eat dinner.

Tell the DJ to tell your guests that they don’t have to stand for the dances. My guests looked pained and I don’t see any reason why they need to stand for the father/daughter and mother/son dances.

Do not get your dress hemmed with your slip on and then decide you don’t need to wear a slip. Bad idea. I was tripping over my skirt all the time.

Be sure to get artistic photos of just you and of you and your husband. I have formal pics and the wedding/reception shots but very few unique, artistic ones. Go on theknot.com and look at people’s bios for some inspiration or ask your photographers.

I would have asked someone to videotape the ceremony since it wasn’t in our budget to have a videographer.

Be cognizant of where your photographer is and smile, smile, smile. I ruined some great shots by looking in the wrong direction.

But, on the other hand, it is your day and you should enjoy it. It goes by super, super, super fast and I barely remembered anything from the day till I saw my photographer’s pictures.

Get lost in what you’re doing. Focus on your husband, focus on your father (during the dances). The pictures will reflect a dreamy bride. 🙂

Make sure your husband is comfortable dancing. Literally practice – put your chosen song on and practice.

Make sure your DJ has all your music and double, no, triple check any music you have given him is working. He didn’t have my husband’s song with his mother so we had to pick a stereotypical one at the last moment. No one cared but me. I was devasted though because I had actually picked the song.

Make sure all the bouts are on straight. Your Future Mother-In-Law will probably want to put on her son’s bout so don’t have a Groomsmen or a Bridesmaid or Best Man do it.

Designate someone to help you pee.

Designate someone to keep people away from you that stress you out. FMIL? Uncle Steve?

Make sure to take pics with your Bridal Party. You and the girls alone, he and the girls alone, you with the guys, him with the guys, you and him with the girls, you and him with the guys, and all of you. Do the kissing shot with you and the girls, them pretending to air kiss you. Gorgeous pic. You and Maid/Matron of Honor alone, him and Bridesmaid or Best Man alone. These two can be great artistic shots.

Good luck and enjoy!


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Bee Keeper

<p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>For my daughter’s wedding last June~

I would have hired a DOC to take over instead of depending on the wedding planner provided by the venue. She was a condescending ‘know it all’ throughout the planning,and it turns out was someone who didn’t know much at all. I wouldn’t have had to spend the entire day before and morning of,going through everything and making sure it was all set up,chair sashes straight,etc…..I was exhausted by the time it was wedding time!

I would have set up a morning after breakfast/brunch,but instead let everyone talk me out of it. We had about 35 people staying at the hotel and I felt awful when they came downstairs that we didn’t have anything for them. I won’t make that mistake twice! Its already set up for my other daughter’s wedding in May.

Out of Town bags were really a hit and everyone mentioned them!

Candy buffet was also a hit,as no one had ever seen one at a wedding before. My SIL was dead set against it as he thought it was stupid,but my daughter wanted it so she & I got everything and surprised him. When he saw how much people loved it and told him about it,he was really excited. Couldn’t thank me enough for doing it!

Would have planned dinner service better. I had to go to the kitchen and request they bring the entrees. Too much time between courses.

These are just things that are MY opinion. My daughter & SIL said everything was perfect!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

I would have sticked to my guns and been more vocal about my wants. I tried really hard not to stress, and to be laid back. But there were a few battles I decided to cave on which I very much regret. Plus our venue mucked up agood number of the smaller details that were importnat to me – I would have been more on top of them for that.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

I have to say that I loved my wedding and that really the only thing that I would have changed was to elope instead of having a full out wedding. It wasn’t because of the bridal stress, or anything about the wedding in general. I would elope so that I can use the money that my hubs and I saved up to go towards a house instead. It doesn’t mean that we can’t buy a house now, which we will with the generous monetary gifts that we received at the wedding but it would be nice to have a place of our own by now before the baby arrived. It’s what I have always wanted. No biggie though, plans change. Our goal is sometime next year though.

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