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your best bet is to tryout different looks – maybe after the clinique trial – go to sephora another day then mac( or anther line you want to try)  and get dolled up and take pics of each "look"  but most of all have fun in the process – i dont think you should have only one trial

good luck and happy "primping"!!

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I think it’s really important to tell the artist up-front what your everyday makeup routine is like. How different you want to go is up to you – I personally want to look back at my pics in 10 years and not feel that they are dated at all. Also, flip through magazines (wedding and non-wedding) for looks you love…it helps to also look at celebs who have a similar skin tone and hair color to you. Definitely take pics at the trial so you can take a look later and compare. And like Anti-zilla said (great name, by the way!), do a few trials and have fun with it!

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Helper bee

the best advice I got was to have your make up make you a better version of you. 

I had two trials and the second one was your ‘typcial’ bridal makeup.  Afterwards, I had to run a few errands and I was mortified to walk into the different places I had to walk int (mall, restaurant, etc.).  When I got home, Mr Corn commented that it was pretty, but it didn’t look like me.

I was torn, because I always thought I wanted the ‘typcial’ bridal makeup.  But in the end, I went with someone else and now, looking back 6 months, I am so glad I did.

Hope that helped.

-Mrs Corn

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Just as Mrs Corn said, your makeup should reflect an enhanced version of you.

If you are going to do the makeup counter thing I would strongly suggest you do Laura Mercier. I understand that you’re getting a free deal with Clinique, but girl, this aint the prom, this is your wedding day! These pictures are going to be passed down through the generations and hanging on walls….. the last thing you are gonna want to do is regret that you turned out looking like a Mary Kay Consultant from 1989 or worse yet, looking like you forgot to put on makeup.

Laura Mercier makeup artists are trained to do a more natural and sophisticated everyday beauty, but they really know how to enhance the eyes and skintone which is important for your photos.

Of course it depends on who you get, but it’s crucial that the makeup artist know how to apply makeup that will register clean and beautifully for the whole day. Find some images that you like, be it a smoky eye, or dewy cheeks and lips and show that to the makeup artist as a reference. It always helps.

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Just an FYI, make-up consults are always free at the Clinique counter, so don’t feel obligated to stick with them and not try out the other lines, which if I remember correctly, have free make-up consults as well.  You are never under an obligation to buy either.  Just be weary of the experience level of your consultant, when I was hired by Clinique at 18, I had no prior experience, and they didn’t send me to any educational conferences until after I had worked at the counter for over six months.  I have noticed some of the other lines pay more attention to getting their staff trained.  Give Chanel a try, and MAC has a lot of fun colors, and they actually get trained on technique, unlike Clinique staff, who mostly get training on skin care.

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Hi there!

In terms of wedding day makeup, I think the makeup artist that you use is AS IMPORTANT if not more important then the beauty products that you use. So, rather then spending time going to cosmetics counters for consultations, I would suggest meeting with makeup artists and getting a pre-trial wedding makeup application done. 

 This way, you get to see if you like the way that the artist makes you look AND if the products work well for you. If you are in the Southern Cal area, I would be happy to meet with you. I’m a bridal makeup artist and beauty expert. My beauty blog is http://www.nicciknows.com and you can definitely contact me there if you have any questions about bridal makeup!

Good luck and congrats!

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MAC cosmetics charges $40 for a make-up trial via appointment, but the good news is that you get to pick $40 worth of product to take home, so in essence, the application part is free.

I am a regular MAC wearer, and work in a very conservative office.  The artists at the counter get to be a lot bolder, but don’t think that’s what they will do to every client!

MAC is used by a lot of artists who specialize in print ads and TV, as MAC is known for it’s lasting power.  Since you’ll want to look flawless on your wedding day from start to finish, this might be something you’d like to try. 

Bring in some pictures from magzines of looks that you like, explain to the artist what you’re comfortable with.  After the trial run, take a picture of yoursel immediately after.  Then run around all day and take a picture 5 hours later to see how it held up.  If you like what you see, you’ll have a sense of what your pictures will turn out like on the big day.  Good luck!


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you’ve got some good suggestions here…..i will certainly take some of this advice in consideration for myself!

 Just wanted to pipe in that my friend got married in August of last year on an above 95 degree day. Outside at 1 pm (what was she thinking, lol).

 Anyway, she used M.A.C and was very pleased with its performance. she bought the makeup and did it herself the day of. she replied that she was surprised that she was still shine free, even after the outdoor ceremony and all the after shenigans.

I will certainly be looking into M.A.C bc of her experience with it. Good to know about the $40 deal too. Thats the max i would want to pay for makeup for my big day. no money, bride here.

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I hear you, it can be pretty intimidating when you go to the dept. store cosmetic counters and see how much makeup the salepeople are wearing.  MAC girls are supposed to do creative things with their own makeup which seems really bold, but they certainly won’t vamp you up if that’s not what you’re looking for.

After your trial, you can book another $40 application session for the actual day if you want to go into the store for it.  Or you can just buy what you need and apply yourself.

I wear MAC makeup everyday, but it doen’t show up in pictures all that well since I tend to be a minimalist, so I was more comfortable in hiring my MAC girl to come to my hotel and apply it for me.  I was so glad I did.  Many of them freelance on the side, so it was worth it to me to pay for pro application.

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Busy bee

i went trolling around the makeup counters at nordstrom until i found a makeup artist who was wearing a makeup style that i really liked.  not sure if this is just the policy at nordstrom or at any major mall, but i find that if it’s not too busy or crowded, they will be perfectly happy to give you a makeover without pressuring you into buying anything.  i ended up at the christian dior counter and i explained to the makeup artist that i was looking for colors and products that would hold up all well all day and in pictures for my wedding, and she was more than happy to try them out on me.  she didn’t pressure me to buy anything at all!  i told her i never wear makeup and she actually discouraged me from buying the products that i would only use once…she just told me to go back to the makeup counter and she would apply it for me for free whenever i needed it!  i even made a follow up appointment for a free makeover for my engagement portraits, and i loved the results just as much the second time around.

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