(Closed) Wedding Disasters! Need Help to Get Over It!

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Your family is supposed to be your family, not your slaves! Half of your complaints are things that you porbably asked people to do without them offering. Thats rude. As the bride, either you and your groom plan everything or you pay people to. You dont demand for other people to do your crap for you. If a bride gave me a list of “jobs” I had to do I would be pissed. A wedding is for your family to enjoy, they shoudl not have jobs! And a job is something one gets paid for. The only other option is if people VOLUNTEER themselves which it doesnt seem like anyone did. And the rest of the stuff is you being nit picky. An awkward proposal? Youre married and you are still hung up on the proposal! Im sorry your wedding wasnt perfect, it sucks but the fact is no one has a perfect wedding! 

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How are the pictures? Do you have any to share? I bet you were beautiful!

One thing that was very upsetting on my wedding day that the lack of flowers. There had been  a storm and it was weeks before any florist at least in my area could provide flowers for weddings. I did manage to get about 30 roses for a bouquet which I was very thankful for. But it wasn’t the bouquet I had dreamed of, and it was a case of having to take what I could get. That’s never fun. So no on my anniversaires I pick out pretty flowers of my choice to have.

Sometimes what works at one wedding doesn’t work at another. I personally never heard of a garter auction. A cousin on mine passed around a canister bank thing at her wedding dinner while her MC got on his microphone ordering people to put it in front of a couple, make them kiss then put money in it. I guess her MC had seen it at another wedding and it went wonderfully. I don’t think many people at that wedding liked the idea. Don’t feel bad, these things happen, not everything goes well no matter what we do. I don’t think there’s a bride alive that doesn’t have some bad memories associated with her wedding that she doesn’t like to think about. It can take time to get past it.

Did you have a cake? in time the fun good memories will outshine the things that went wrong. if not, you can always pack up and have a celebration somewhere to celebrate a anniversary….and leave the difficult people at home 🙂

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I don’t know what to say.  I am sorry for all that happened but I am glad you got married to the man you love.  And you also found out you have amazing inlaws.  I am sorry to hear about your family.  It may take time but you will soon only remember looking into the grooms eyes.  It is great to have volunteers helping but  this is why you pay peoplegoodmoney to set up and do your wedding day work.  Unless you have incredibily committed and talented people it is hard to get them to doeverything you h ad in your vision.  There is a reason why you pay through the nose for goodhelp including setting up, makingyour wedding cake, flowers, decorating etc.  Its nice to save money or try too but it has costs too.

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