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Busy bee
  • Wedding: April 2010

Oh my goodness – what an awful woman! 

I am a size 10-12 in dresses and had great luck trying on dresses – way way way better than I expected.  I thought I’d be standing in the middle of these places with my back hanging out of dresses but I went to lots of different shops and tried on tons of dresses and lots of them fit me – some even had to be clipped on to make the fit snugly enough!

Put that woman and that shop out of your head and keep looking.  She should not be in this industry (or dealing with anyone in the public!) if she makes people feel that way.  I literally went to 8-10 shops and tried on dozens of dresses (i had lots of time on my hands) and had some very nice experiences so I’m sure you will find the same – just forget about that woman and that shop and don’t let anyone make you feel that way.  You will  be a beautiful bride with or without the 20 lbs you want to lose.

One tip though would be to try on dresses that you like now, not that you think you’ll like after you lose the weight.  Most dresses can be altered and if you don’t lose 20 pounds you still want to love the dress and love the way you look.  I am very happy with my dress but I definitely want to do something about toning my arms/shoulders.  Of course if I don’t (me? procrastinate?) I’ll still be comfortable and happy in my dress.

Good luck!!! 

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I think I would call that shop and complain to the owner. Sizes 8-10 are not big in anyway and even if you were a bigger woman..no one should be spoken to that way!

My advice to you- Don’t let one douche woman ruin your fun! This is about you and how you feel. Take your business elsewhere and have fun. It’s their loss-not yours!

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Bumble Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2009

I would call and complain, too! I’m an 8-10 in normal people clothes and it was really frustrating to not be able to fit into sample sizes!

Lots of other places will carry a variety of sizes. Call up, tell them what you normally wear in street clothes, and ask if they carry lots for you to try on! Then you can see what style looks best on you! And if you lose the weight, great! If not, rest assured that you can still try on dresses and look beautiful =]

I WOULD call and complain to the owner, though. It’s completely inappropriate behavior. At least you didn’t give them your money, and make sure you let them know this is a major reason why! 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: November 2009

Wow, what a jerk! Don’t let her ruin your experience, call, complain and take your business elsewhere. I’m sure there are more salons in your area that would love your business and realize that most women are in that size range!!! I just can’t believe how some people act!

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

Ugh I hate people like that, you need compassion if your going to work in a bridal shop!  I would go to David’s Bridal if you have one around, they carry all sizes and you can get a feel for what you like now by trying on dresses in your size and going down as you lose weight. 

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Helper bee
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Call and complain – there’s no way that woman had any right to talk to you like that!!  I’m also an 8-10 in dresses, and had great luck trying them on.  Not all of them fit me and we had to kind of strap me in, but sample gowns are just small.  There’s no way around it – they are just small sizes (especially if they were LABELED size 4-6, which means they were probably street size 2-4!!!!!).

Try another shop, try on everything that catches your eye, and buy the one you feel great in NOW.  And then whether you do or don’t lose the 20 you’re aiming for, you know you’ll look great either way. 

I also didn’t want to go dress shopping until I’d lost some weight (10-15lbs), but time was ticking so we went anyway.  The dress I ended up with made me feel beautiful that instant.  There were some that I liked "but only if I lose some weight"… those ones didn’t even stay on my body long enough to really register in my brain.  And the one that I did pick looked even better as I went back for my fittings having lost some weight.

Bottom line is find someplace you feel comfortable with the salespeople and try on everything they have!  And if anyone is rude, take your business elsewhere -0 no need to drop a ton of money where people can’t even treat you with respect!

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Helper bee

In the immortal words of Stephanie Judith Tanner: "HOW RUDE!"
Please don’t let that B!tch ruin dress shopping for you. She’s just jealous she’s not getting married! LOL (It’s mean but always makes me feel better!) You will find a dress that you LOVE and like AnamCara said if you lose the weight GREAT, if not you’ll still look beautiful in your dress.
I also agree with everyone that said to call and complain to the owner. And like ejs4y8 said – tell them her attitude is why you won’t be buying your dress there. I tend to hold a grudge so even if they gave me a great deal on a dress I’d still buy it somewhere else. I prefer to give my money to people that deserve it even if it means paying a bit more.

I’m sure you’ll find the PERFECT dress and that you will GLOW on your wedding day!

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Blushing bee
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That is absolutely horrible!  I am a bigger woman (size 18 regular clothes) and it is very difficult dress shopping becuase I can’t even pull many dresses over my hips!  So, no worries about them not zipping up!  But it can get a little devastating not fitting into things.  But for someone to point things out is terribly rude.  You should definitely complain to the owner/manager and never go back there!  There are tons of other bridal shops with great women eager to help, no matter what size! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee

I’m so sorry this person was so rude to you!!  There’s no reason to make you feel bad because you don’t fit into the sample dress–they’re not made to fit everyone!  I’m a 12 and dresses were hit or miss for me.  Honestly, I ruled out a mermaid style right away, simply because I was never able to actually try one on.

If I were you, I would call and explain your experience to a manager/store owner.  At the very least they should know that one of their employees is totally rude and making them miss out on sales!  And don’t let this get you down!  There are plenty of stores and consultants out there who will help you feel beautiful and happy no matter what size you’re wearing.  And FWIW, don’t think you’re stuck with just David’s Bridal.  I was afraid it would be the only place I could try things on because of the sizing, but I found lots of dresses at lots of stores.  It’s an option, but you can find many other dresses at other stores, too.   

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Helper bee
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Don’t even think like that. You are not too chubby. And this is coming from a size 14 bride with a belly that looks like I’m about 5 months along. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Don’t go back to that salon. If they want to pick and choose who pays their bills and paychecks then so be it. Take your hundreds of dollars elsewhere.
That’s why I’m very apprehensive about going to a salon like that. I’ve only gone to David’s and they don’t care what size you are there because they most likely have it on their racks. ๐Ÿ™‚

Like I said in another post, I would LOVE to be a size 10. Don’t worry about what that stupid lady said. She didn’t know how else to convey her jealousy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

Hmmm…it’s pretty odd that they only carry sizes 4-6 samples.  I think usually samples are 8-12.  So do not let this obviously unprofessional woman ruin your dress shopping experience.  I would call ahead to find out what sample sizes stores carry, but my guess is that you’d be an ideal size for dress shopping. 

And I agree with PP about finding a dress that you love on you *now*.  Your Fiance wants to marry you the way you look today.  If you want to lose weight, that’s fine, but you don’t have to just to get married in some dress.  

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