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I luckily don’t have too many true horror stories from our wedding. However, we did all of our photos before the ceremony, and had a limo take the guys out to the park and then come back and get the girls. So while the entire wedding party (14 people total) was about a half hour from the church getting photos done…our limo broke down on-site. Our limo driver was amazing, calling the company to get another one right away. But then the limo ended up going to a totally different park to pick us up, and our parents, who were waiting at the church to do formal photos with us before the ceremony, were calling and wondering where we were.

To make matters worse…rain clouds started rolling in while we were stranded at the park. It’s bad enough to have a wedding party stranded in 95-degree July heat. It’s another thing entirely to be stranded in the rain.

Luckily the rain held out and the replacement limo got us back to the church in time for the ceremony, so I can’t complain too much.

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Hmm, half (yes literally half) of our guests who had RSVPd as coming didnt show up, the DJ athough a good guy had hardly any songs that people were requesting, I didnt get any photos with DHs family which I was really gutted about, the photographer disappeared never to be seen again when it came to the reception part,the flowers for the groomsmen were wrong, aaand DH and I had an argument at the very end of the night.

It didnt really bother me at the time, but it bugged me a little bit a few days after when the excitement had died down. But now? meh, theres bigger problems in the world, and all of it makes it what it was, which was our perfect day!

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I have a ton.

Before the wedding when we were getting ready,my SIL refused to be in most of the pics. So there really aren’t a ton of her and the ones she is in she isn’t smiling. She looks like a miserbale cow.

My Mother-In-Law had her crazy friend help out with all of the traditional Macedonian stuff. All she did the entire time was yell at me and my BM’s about how we should have known how to do all of this stuff. I’m American, no one told me I had to do all of this. So me, my sisters, my dad and my aunt all told her to back off and stop disrespecting people and that just made her worse.

My Mother-In-Law took over my wedding music. We had all agreed the first half of the wedding would be Macedonian music and the last half American music but we would all be introduced to American music. She told my Father-In-Law that the entire music was Macedonian so it ended up in this huge fight.

My SIL cussed my dad out and told him to knock it off (arguing about music because her parents paid for the entire wedding which was bull. It was half and half. So I yeleld at her and then my Mother-In-Law came up to me and called me a bitch.

THEN when my sisters were giving their speeches, my Mother-In-Law ROLLED HER EYES and was a total brat the entire wedding. She was outside smoking the entire night and wouldn’t even say bye to me at the end of the night.

When we got our pictures back she was mad because there are no pics of her smiling. There are no pictures of it because she wasn’t.

There are sooooo many more….

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Here’s some horror stories for you!

First, my husband’s proposal was ruined because of my mother’s interference.  When we decided to get married, we did so without a ring.  We booked the church first because that was the hardest thing to book and we were only going to tell our parents and two best friends.  On the weekend of my birthday, my mother pressured me to tell my aunts that I was engaged, but I told her we weren’t ready to announce our engagement yet because we wanted to get an engagement ring first.  Then she came up with the idea of wearing her old engagement ring and telling no one that it wasn’t my own.  I didn’t like this idea for SO many reasons… I don’t like lying, it was embarrassing every time a middle-aged woman would remark that my ring was just like hers, it was even more embarrassing every time someone realized that it was MOM’s ring, and I just really don’t like the ring anyway because it’s not my style at all, but she was going on about what a waste of money it would be to get me a ring when I could just wear this one and how honored she would be for me to have her ring and how nice it would be to have an heirloom, so she shamed me into accepting it.  My husband wasn’t any happier about this than I was, by the way.  He always thought that I deserved to have a ring of my own and that it was wrong that he didn’t get me one himself.  We both thought that I should have a ring that represented OUR relationship rather than my parents’ marriage (and that’s how I eventually wound up with my Claddagh ring and matching band), but I had to wear Mom’s old ring until Christmas! 

Maid of Honor #1 had to be replaced and she and I are no longer even speaking.  She and I were friends since high school and we always said we’d be each other’s maid of honor, but to make a very long story short, she was wedding-obsessed so when I got engaged before she did, she let jealousy get the better of her.  When I told her that my husband and I had decided to get married so we had booked the church, she didn’t smile, hug me, or even congratulate me–all she said was that I should have waited to get an engagement ring before I got engaged because we got engaged without one.  I started seeing a lot less of her then and when I asked her when she was free so she could come with me to shop for my wedding gown, I never did receive a response.  I was always having to call her first, she’d never call me anymore, and then half the time I couldn’t even get a hold of her.  Whenever I was with her, not only did she seem to be in a hurry to get rid of me, but every time I’d mention anything about the wedding, she was always negative, putting down all my ideas (like saying how cheap artificial flowers look and how she’d NEVER have them in HER wedding), trying to make the wedding as expensive as possible (she actually told me that I would have to pay for the hairstyling, make-up, manicures, pedicures, dresses, purses, shoes, bouquets, and jewelry for her and all the other girls in the bridal party), and kept trying to get me to postpone the wedding.  She’d already done so much research on weddings before either of us even got engaged that she had an entire binder full of information, but she wouldn’t lend this to me when I asked if I could borrow it and whenever I asked her for any ideas, all she would say was, “Just look for yourself!  Everything’s online!”  She just plain didn’t want to help me and didn’t want me to get married.  I tried writing her a letter telling her how much her recent behavior was really hurting me and that I’d like to try to repair our friendship to get it back to the way it used to be, but she only came back with a very nasty response so that’s when I decided that enough was enough and I haven’t spoken to her since.

I had asked my three favorite cousins and my husband’s sister-in-law to be my bridesmaids.  One of the cousins was bumped up to maid of honor status to replace my ex-friend, I lost another bridesmaid when the maid of honor’s sister told me that she was going to be nine months pregnant during the wedding, and I lost yet another bridesmaid (as well as her husband who was supposed to be a groomsman and her son who was supposed to be our ring bearer) when my husband’s sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer just a few weeks before the wedding.  Although I did manage to find people to replace my bridesmaids and ring bearer, I’ll always be a little disappointed that our nephew didn’t get to be our ring bearer and that he and his father (my husband’s brother) missed out on all the family pictures.  It’s very rare that my husband’s family all get together because his father lives in another province as does his brother, sister-in-law.  Our wedding was supposed to be a family reunion of sorts for them but it never happened and now it probably never will. ๐Ÿ™

Not only was I getting tired of having to rearrange the bloody bridal party, but getting outfits for them was an absolute NIGHTMARE! My colors were royal blue and baby blue, and I should have made sure that the local men’s formal clothing stores carried vests and ties in those colors before I chose them, but unfortunately I didn’t.  The stores carried the vests and ties in royal blue, but only ties in baby blue, so I decided to put the groomsmen in the royal blue and buy baby blue ties and vests for the best man and ring bearer online.  Even though I ordered the vest in the largest size available for the best man, he was still too big to be able to fit into the vest, and even though I gave him the vest and tie in JANUARY, he waited until AUGUST (one month before our wedding) to tell us it didn’t fit!  First, his grandmother tried to fix the vest for him but she couldn’t, and then he went to the men’s formal clothing store where the guys were getting their tuxedos where he and the store clerks decided (without even consulting me or my husband) that he could just wear the royal blue vest and tie like the groomsmen and completely ruin the color scheme I had picked out (the best man and ring bearer were supposed to match the flower girl and maid of honor in baby blue while groomsmen and bridesmaids were supposed to match each other in royal blue).  I don’t mind admitting that I had a bridezilla moment over this one because time was running out, I was stressed to the MAX, and I was livid that decisions like this were being made without even talking to me or my husband about it first.  They had absolutely no right to do it and it wouldn’t have looked right, especially on the wedding pictures, but none of them cared because it wasn’t THEIR wedding that they were messing up.  Anyway, I wound up bringing the best man to a professional seamstress to have his vest fixed and thank God she was able to do it because that was done with only a few days to spare before the wedding!  The ring bearer’s outfit was another close call because I had to replace my ring bearer just before the wedding and had to order a whole new vest and tie for him from online!   Meanwhile, I had just as much (if not more) trouble with the maid of honor’s and bridesmaids’ dresses.  I had shown them all a dress that they had all agreed upon and they were supposed to order it.  Five months before the wedding, I asked them if they had their dresses ordered and this was when the maid of honor told me that she and her sister (another bridesmaid) had been talking and decided that the dress “really wouldn’t work for their body type” so she wanted to pick something else out.  Oh, and this was when their other sister (who was also supposed to be a bridesmaid) dropped the bombshell on me that she was pregnant and would now not be able to stand in the bridal party!  I was fit to be tied, not because one of them was pregnant nor because they changed their minds on the dress, but because they waited so freaking long to tell me!  Most of all, I was mad because, as I explained to the maid of honor, that the other girls might have already ordered their dresses, and if that was the case, I was going to have to pay for these dresses that were now useless because these dresses were all being custom made.  Oh, and she decided to tell me this just before she moved to Toronto!  She came home for the wedding, but I spent the next three weeks trying to chase her down to get her dress measurements so I could order new dresses MYSELF (since that was obviously the only way it was going to get done and time was running out) and I wound up having to PAY for them myself too!  Only two of my bridesmaids and my flower girl’s mother ever paid me back for the money I spent on all the dresses.  It also doesn’t help how much our best man and maid of honor complained about how much they hated the baby blue color, how bad it would look on them, etc. 

Throughout the entire wedding planning process, I argued with my parents on countless things, but the worst thing I ever did was let them pay for the dinners at the reception because they used that as a means of getting whatever they wanted.  Mom insisted on serving a dessert that I personally hate and kept adding… and adding… and adding… and adding to the guest list even though I wanted a SMALL wedding.  She said, “I’m paying for the dinners so I can invite whoever I want.”  My suggestion to other brides is don’t let your parents pay for ANYTHING unless you’re willing to accept it as a gift with strings attached, because if they’re anything like MY parents, they’ll use it as a means of taking over your wedding.  I was extremely tempted to tell my parents that I didn’t want them to pay for the dinners after all, but that would have been the beginning of World War III, so I let it go and just let them invite all these extra people I didn’t want (and some who I really didn’t even like) at my wedding.  More often than not, my husband and I felt like the guests of honor at my PARENTS’ party, and we both resented it.

It also rained on my wedding day.  The lady at the hair salon said that rain on the morning of your wedding was supposed to be good luck and “wishes from Heaven.”  She herself had rain on the morning of her wedding and she had been married for over forty years so maybe it really is good luck, but it sure as heck didn’t FEEL that way, and it still doesn’t.  Believe it or not, this was an unusually beautiful summer here, probably the best we’ve ever had, and it seems like every Saturday this summer and fall has been beautiful EXCEPT my wedding day, so yeah, of course I’m more than just a little rotted about that.  Even though it stopped raining, the weather never really did clear up enough to give the beautiful sunny sky that every bride hopes for so I’ll always be a little disappointed about that.

The most disappointing thing in my wedding, however, is also the most important part and I’m still not sure how to move past the disappointment over it: the priest completely messed up our wedding vows!  It seems that lately, the Catholic Church has changed their wedding ceremony and the new standard vow is “I (insert name here) take you, (insert name here) to be my husband/wife.  I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health.  I will love you and honor you all the days of my life.”  My husband and I really didn’t like that because we think it’s too plain and unromantic (no offence to anyone who actually used those vows–it’s just our personal opinion!) so we re-worded it to a longer, old-fashioned one, more like what our parents would have said, and this was approved by the priest.  Then, during the ceremony, the priest showed the ceremony book to my husband and the vows on the page were NOT our vows–they were the new standard one–and my husband read them out loud before he even knew what he was reading because he thought it was something he was required to say that he didn’t know about.  I knew, though, and I was absolutely poisoned but there was absolutely nothing I could do without totally ruining the moment and embarrassing both my husband and myself.  So I said the same vows back to my husband, as much as I REALLY didn’t want to, and worst of all, I didn’t even get to look into my husband’s eyes while I was saying my vows because I had to read from that stupid book (because these were not our vows and therefore not the ones I had memorized). I hate to say it, but this totally ruined the entire wedding for me because the exchange of vows IS the wedding as far as I’m concerned.  I feel like something very special and sacred was stolen from me because it’s not something that can ever be done again or fixed.  Apparently, what happened was the priest had forgotten to put our vows in the book because he told my parents afterwards (because they’re really close friends), but he has not confessed the mistake to me or my husband or apologized to us, so I’m also mad about that as well.

All in all, our engagement was a disaster and so was our wedding. ๐Ÿ™  I hope I won’t ALWAYS feel that way but I can’t help but feel that way now!

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๐Ÿ™ these are so scary for a future bride planning her wedding!

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Oh, and did I mention how my gift table caught on fire during my bridal shower? ~_~ lol  Luckily, one of my bridesmaids saved all of the gifts but I was more worried about the building catching fire.  My aunt beat out the fire with her shoe before it got too bad. lol

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@SarahVee:  Try not to be scared but to learn from some of our mistakes. ๐Ÿ™‚  Some of it is just plain bad luck but other problems could have been prevented.  Personally, I recommend either not having a bridal party (because I honestly wish that I never had one) or being EXTREMELY careful about who you choose to be in the bridal party.  Weddings really do bring out the worst in people, but they can also bring out the best in people!  I found that the people I thought would be the most helpful were actually the people who let me down the most while other people who I expected the least from were the ones who bent over backwards to try to help me.

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This makes me nervous.

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@MoonlightRose:  wait, wait, wait. what? how can it catch on fire? I must hear this story

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@Miss Panda:  There were some tealite candles on the gift table.  When it was just one of my bridesmaids passing me the gifts and putting things away, it was fine, because she was careful to put things away from the candles, but then one of my aunts also got involved and she was a lot less careful about where she put things!  She put the tissue paper from one of the gifts too close to one of the candles, it quickly caught fire, and next thing you know, my guests are all screaming, (because they saw the fire before I did since I was back-on to it), I turn around to see what all the screaming is about, and I notice my gift table on fire. lol  Actually, I’m extremely lucky that my hair didn’t catch on fire as well because I have very long hair and I was close enough to the fire.  The aunt who caused the fire is the same one who put it out. lol

This is definitely one of those horror stories that could have been prevented.  Even though I didn’t have anything to do with the decoration at my bridal shower (as it was thrown for me by my mother and aunts), there never should have been candles, especially on the gift table.  Since there were candles, my aunt also should have been more careful, or better yet, just left the handling of the gifts to my bridesmaid since she was doing fine on her own and we hadn’t asked for her help.  My advice to future brides is to never have candles at their bridal showers!

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I’ll play. 

  • One of my Bridesmaid or Best Man dropped out 30 days before the wedding.  She just stopped answering my phone calls, text and fb messages. 
  • I took pictures of the bouquet I wanted to a florist.  I wanted all the flowers purple with pink tiger lilies.  A friend went to pick them up and I had pink and purple flowers and pink tiger lilies and it looked like a floral arrangement more than a bouquet.  Everyone I showed the bouquet to before the wedding just looked at it and ask if she couldn’t remake it. 
  • Outdoor venue and the temperature was fine the whole week.  Day of my wedding it decided to drop and be windy.  My floral arrangements for the ceremony had to be put up because the wind kept knocking them over. 
  • My centerpieces that I loved soooo much.  That every one in my bridal party loved had to be taken off the tables because they wind kept knocking them over.  So no one got to see them. Some tables just had votive candles on them.
  • When we jumped the broom, my dress came down a little and you can see my bra in the pics as I was walking out.
  • My guest got lost because when you put the address in the GPS it took some of them to the park next the venue which use to have an entrance but it is closed off for others it just stopped in the middle of the street.
  • I didn’t get to take pictures I wanted to because the photographer was taking the pictures he wanted to.  No pics of just Me, DH and the kids.
  • We had 60 no shows.  Yes Sixty people that RSVP yes didn’t show up!!
  • I heard cocktail hour was a blast and I have no pictures from it.
  • When it was time to leave people were going out the side instead of the front so a lot of them didn’t get any candy from the candy bar.

The good stuff!

  • I married my man and I looked like a movie star!
  • The food was delicious!
  • The cake, even though it started falling apart, was delicious!
  • I lost about 10 pounds shaking my ass on the dance floor.
  • My Bridesmaid or Best Man were the best Bridesmaid or Best Man in the whole wide world.
  • There was a mix up with the lights that turned out perfect.  I was expecting one thing, he did something else and it was perfect!
  • The photo booth was a big hit.

If I could do it all over again, which I wish I could because I had sooo much fun, I would’ve rented some space heaters.  My guest were freezing!  After my 3rd shot of patron, I was fine and so were the people taking them with me!  We had an after party somewhere else and we partied until 2:30 in the morning!

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  • Wedding: June 2013

@MoonlightRose:  Thanks for the insight!! And I am so glad that your hair didn’t catch fire! That would have been awful!!!!

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  • Wedding: June 2012

husband to be had a siezure 2 hours before ceremony

limo went mia after dropping me and girls back at hotel to “wait” it out –while fil and dh went to emergency room to get his head stitched up and make sure he was okay


30 guests were no shows

my family was late to church because i had called everyone saying wedding is on hold. just to have fil call saying dh and him are leaving ermergency room as we spoke.


we have very few pictures of the bridal party and one photo of my three kids and dh and i and we are spaced out extremely far due to how we were standing during ceremony

ceremony started 30 minutes late which is not bad cosindering a er visit and mia limo driver.

dj played the THONG SONG. i dont even know how or who requested that but i ran up to hotel room to change into shorter dress and walk in during that song i was mortified.


um we dont have  a single photo of my husbands dad side of the family–really regret that since an uncle died unexpectly the following month.

our wedding was at church then moved to hotel ballroom— we had hotel guests peeping into the ballroom– near the gift table.- my moh saw this and got her bf and two other people to move out gifts into locked hotel rooms.



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