(Closed) Wedding in 10 days and im still breaking out ALL over

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  • Wedding: September 2012

To cover the redness try that Clear Eyes stuff. Put some on a q-tip and dab it on the zit, it takes the redness out. Make sure to drink lots of water and maybe take some flax seed oil pills. That usually clears my skin in a few days.

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If you have a dermatologist, they can inject them with cortisone shots. I had a major breakout the day before my wedding but my makeup artist rocked! Check out my post ‘Mrs G’s pro pics’. I even had a big one dead center of my nose and she covered it so well! don’t worry about it.. and DON”T PICK

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I started using proactiv and after just over a week my skin started looking better. I only get break outs on my face, but I’ve heard good things about their bodywash….

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Do you have a dermatologist you can call?  I’ve heard some people respond to anti-biotics for acne but there is that whole BC effectiveness thing which isn’t exact;y great timing if you are going on a honeymoon right after the wedding.  My derm gave me some strong prescription gel that helped clear my skin up pretty quickly.  I also swear by the clarisonic device with the body brush head.  

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Maybe do a calming mask with cucumber in it, too.  They have some on the bottom shelf of the facial cleasners aisle at CVS, and it’s cheap — like $4.  That will help soothe your skin.  Also make sure you’re drinking tons and tons of water.  If you have trouble drinking water, carry a large bottle of it (like a liter) and make yourself drink it in small sips throughout the day.  When I first started making myself drink water (I weened myself off diet coke) I would make myself take three sips after every bite of food during lunch. 


I now drink more water than…than…than a water drinking animal that drinks a lot of water.  HA.

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Just be careful if trying new products.  Maybe visit a dermatologist first if you can to determine if you have any allergies.  I used Proactive for 2 days before I noticed it was sucking the moisture from my skin.  You could see the dry patches, and no amount of facial lotion would make it go away – so embarrassing!  It turned out that I was allergic to benzoyl peroxide, which is a key ingredient in Pro-Active, Clearisil, and a number of other products.  I now look for ones with salicylic acid, which I’m not allergic to.

For breakouts, I use Clean & Clear acne spot treatment, which can sometimes make my breakouts less noticeable within a day or two.

Good luck! 

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I use a toner when I break out- Biore is my fave. Walmart and walgreens etc will have them.

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I know that tannin is bad but it will help clear you up if the acne isnt that crazy. It will dry your skin a bit which helps with the oils that cause you to break out

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I’ve had acne since I was 12, I sympathise.

The last thing you want to do is to be using anything too harsh or astringent, It will dry the skin out, and can cause the skin around the zits to become red and flaky….not good for make up! You don’t want to do too much to the skin, because stripping it will take off the oils and make more oil production, which will cause more zits. It’s a myth that harsh, astringent chemicals will cure acne, it will just inflame it more. Teenage skin can take Proactiv, adult skin is more delicate.

Spots arise because of oil and sebum blocking the pore. It’s not dirty skin that is problem, stripping the skin or continuing to mess with it’s PH will make the skin sore and irritated and prone to infection from bacteria.

I recommend keeping your hair off your face and washing your hands before touching your skin. I also recommend:

Fill a large bowl with hot water, maybe add some lavender oil if you like, sit with a towel over your head and steam your skin to open the pores. Once you have done that, you can treat the zits with some tea tree oil, and cleanse your skin (even though my skin is oily, it likes a fluid cleanser and mild toner. You can use a little tea tree oil and lavender in water, in a spray bottle, be sure to close your eyes when you spray it on your face) With clean hands and a light day moisturiser, massage your skin gently to help aid drainage and stimulate blood flow. 


In the morning, you can use a light facial exfoliant to remove dead skin and stop pores being clogged, with nothing with large grains that will scratch or strip the skin. A gentle face mask with kaolin clay will draw away the impurities and it’s even better if you wear it in the bath, where the steam will open the pore and allow the clay to draw out the oil. Keep the skin moisturised with a light day cream, dry skin will over produce sebum and contribute to spots. I never used to moisturise my oily skin, once I started, it got a lot better.

At night, make sure you have a clean pillowcase and tie your hair back. Dead skin deposits on worn wedding can make bacteria breed more, leading to infection.If you can get hold of a silk pillowcase, you’ll be less wrinkled too 🙂

As for diet, plenty of water, a zinc supplement and,fruit, veggies and oily fish can all help skin, as can exposure to sun (in a safe way, ten minutes may be all you need.) Some people find that dairy makes their acne worse.

If you have a spot that is raised, red and sore, you can crush up a aspirin in a paste with some water and apply it to the spot, the salycic acid will take down the spot and speed it’s healing.

I would also meet with your make up artist, talk about the use of a primer (to stop shine on the skin and make up slipping if your skin is oily) and also a good concelear that is a good colour match and has a good consistency, to be applied with a brush to make sure the surface of the skin is even.

Lush have some great gentle skin care products, because they are not made with chemicals, they are lighter on the skin. Above all, remember you are a beautiful lady and a few zits can’t change that. You’re marrying the love of your life, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being you. Stress and worry make my skin worse, do whatever you can to relax over the next week, because the stress hormones will flare up your skin. Calm, relaxed and ready to wed 🙂

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