(Closed) Wedding is in 7 weeks and I keep having breakouts! Help!

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I found these have REALLY helped. I pop one on overnight every night till they have cleared up. If I get to a spot early it just stops it dead in it’s tracks. 

Corsyx pimple master patch. 

If nothing else it keeps the skin over them hydrated so they are super easy to cover. I found spots would always get dry and I couldn’t cover them.


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Overwashing your face could lead to breakouts as well. When I stopped using cleansers in the morning my skin improved so much. I just wash it with lukewarm water now. 

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katiefitness92 :  what is the neuropath doing? Maybe something is wrong w that. Go to a derm and get retin A. Until then drink as much water as u can and don’t eat anything inflammatory-no sugar or flour or gluten. Load up on wild salmon.


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You might be washing your face too often. I read online that it’s best to rinse your face with water in the morning and wash it at night. Washing too frequently can cause excessive oil production. This may vary by person and skin type though, so you should probably read more about it and not blindly take my advice because I’m not a skincare professional 🙂 

I’d also recommend products by Ren Skincare. My makeup artist is also an esthetician and uses their moisturizer. I switched to it after my trial, and it’s so much better than the moisturizer I used to use! It’s also free of parabens and other ingredients like that, cruelty-free, and almost all of their products are vegan. I order my stuff from their website, but I think it’s sold at Sephora. 

Last thing, make sure you drink lots of water and try to minimize your stress! I’m sure that’s hard only 7 weeks out, but try to find time to meditate, pray, or just sit quietly for a few minutes every day. 

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This is also happening to me , actually for a couple of months and what I been doing has really worked. You can also find these things on Pinterest and YouTube. I wash my face at night only and splash water every morning to not over do it face washing wise. I don’t put anything on my face that I can’t eat ( when washing) I rinse with water, coconut oil all on my face to remove make-up and let it sit for 2 mins, hot rag on face to open pores and to remove the oil. You will still have that feeling that the oil has been rubbed into your skin and that’s fine. NOW I MUST use a toner day and night to pull ALL the dirt. Toner helps me SO Much from not breaking out I use #4 from clinique. Then I’ll either put honey on my zit cover with a bandaid over night or Neosporin with a bandaid. OMG it’s a miracle. My bump ends up flat and not red. Do this for a couple of days. No scars no popping needed

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Wedding is in September and I started the acne fighting battle (officially anyway, due to the impending wedding, but I have always had bad acne and treated it with many things including accutane as a teen). I started with Biacna (tretinoin and clindamycin) topically at bedtime (because benzoyl peroxide wasn’t helping and bleaches clothing and bedding really easily). Then after 3 months we added spironolactone 100 mg daily to help act as an anti-androgen and increased the Biacna to twice daily. About 6 weeks ago I added minocycline 100 mg daily to the regimen and within about a week (not sure if it was due to the long term cumulative use of the other two agents or  due to the antibiotic because it typically takes longer to see results following the start of most anti-acne agents) I was no longer having any breakouts and I have not had a pimple since. Unfortunately, I still have a few blemishes that are slow to fully heal and some acne scars/hyperpigmented areas left, but overall I am really happy with it.

To top it off, I wash my face morning and night with Cerave facewash and water before applying the Biacna.

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Maybe see a dermatologist or a really good aesthetician for a facial? 

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I’m 29 and still battling acne, but it has gone down considerably since cutting out most sugars, (sounds like you have the diet aspect under control though), but what works the best for break outs for me is doing charcoal and kaolin clay face masks! Seriously, if I have an event coming up, I do one ever two or three days beforehand (for two weeks if I can) and completely cut out all sugary stuff and alcohol (so only green tea and water for me!) during that time, and my skin looks as good as it can! 

Also, don’t over wash your face! I use a Clarisonic with a soap free face wash every night, and do a light exfoliating scrub every other day, and in the morning just rinse with warm water and a washcloth, then apply moisturizer as usual before make up. 

I love this mud mask (I have oily combination skin) 


And my favorite scrub is Sukin Organics Supergreens Detox scrub, but it’s an australian brand and reeeeeeally hard to find in the USA, bought my first tubes for $13 and then the price jumped to $25, so I got this stuff a couple weeks ago after trying to find a comperable brand, and it’s a smidge more abrasive (but less rough than say St. Ives apricot scrub), but so far hubby and I are both loving it and my skin is definitely smoother! 



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Here are a couple of things that have worked for me:


1) Cutting out alcohol

2) Tea that helps with skin detox (Yogi has several) 

3) sleeping on a clean pillow case

4) don’t touch your skin

5) Lemon and Cucumber Water 


Is it possible that you’re using something that doesn’t agree with your skin? Be careful about trying tons of new things. 

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These are things that have drastically improved my skin and kept it consistent. 

-Switching from your typical face wash to micellar water. I use the garnier one and those big cotton pads twice a day. My skin was drying out/over producing oil from typical face wash that requires water. This was by far the most effective change

-Lush breath of fresh air toner and skins shangri la moisturizer. My skin didn’t react well to anything too harsh, unnatural or heavily fragranced

– A facial once a month

– Murad skin smoothing polish. This was recommended to me by my esthetician and it is amazing. I use it once a week or at most twice and it helps keep my pores clear, prevents blackheads and removes dead skin. 

-changing my pillow case every few days

-Mario badescu drying lotion. I had this wicked huge throbbing pimple pop up on my face less than a week before my wedding from the stress and this saved me! It shrunk that sucker in a few days. I now dab it on anything that starts to emerge before bed and that stops it in its tracks. 

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My skin is a combination of pimply and super sensitive. For smaller pimples, I usually control mine with witch hazel and Aveeno face wash. If my face is dry or aggravated, sometimes I also use La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume on problem areas It has never made me break out, but makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated.

Thanks to genetics, I also get large, deep, purple cystic pimples around my chin and in my cheeks, especially when stressed or hormonal. For those, Retin-A is the way to go. Just be careful, and use lots of sunscreen.

Lastly, really, really do your best to not touch your face. Clean your phone screen and keep all bedding and pillow cases washed.

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So I’d echo the PPs advice about overwashing. Twice a day is probably making the problem worse. A clean damp washcloth and lukewarm water once a day should be enough. Once I stopped washing my face so often, my acne went into retreat amazingly fast. 

Also, as PP said, nothing on your face you wouldn’t eat. I tend to have dry skin and was using chemical moisturizers which didn’t agree with me. Coconut oil is gentle and feels amazing. I had someone legit call me “dewey” one morning. 

Finally, you might try acupuncture. Stress hormones can defintely cause acne to flair up. Along with what your naturopath is doing, acupuncture can help calm you down, aid in balancing your hormones, and can be effective at calming breakouts and preventing new ones.


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