Wedding is two Months Out – Any Emotional or Other Advice to Share?

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Helper bee

Hi bee! I’m riding the two-month wave myself, my wedding is on July 28th.

Can you identify (only if you’re comfortable sharing) what is stressing you out right now in particular? I find breaking my stress down into tasks that I can accomplish and/or give to my wedding coordinator is very helpful.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2018

My wedding is in 40 days. Like you, I also deal with depression and anxiety.I just got everything done and am now waiting on our RSVP’s to come back and until they do I am at the point now where I am just going to relax and enjoy our engagment. We are having a very short engagement (only 8 weeks) and I have planned a wedding for 100 guests in about 2 weeks. I am just exhausted and we just finished up the big stuff yesterday. Now it is time to enjoy my fiance before I blink and he’s my husband 🙂


The best way for me to stay calm is to talk about it with my fiance. Every day we sit on our patio with a beer before I cook dinner and just talk about what ever is going on in our heads. It helps to say it all outloud and know that he is in this with me.

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Helper bee

I’m getting married August 2nd and technically we are eloping with 4 other people as guests so stress has been cut way down. 

I would say the best way to keep calm is to remember that it is just one day in the rest of your life. It will be lovely to have photos and memories of but that’s it. Don’t panic and try hand over some of the planning and organising and enjoy it. 

Its about you and your SO. 

That’s what I focus on. 

Congrats and good luck. 

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Helper bee

Let me start by saying I’m just trying to be honest, not scare you. 

I have 12 days until the wedding and I am stressed beyond stressed. Granted, a lot is from outside wedding planning stuff (work, family events, etc) but still. 

I would highly make sure you focus on getting all of the small details taken care of now. Programs, desserts, decorations, etc because all the little to-dos will hit you like a freight train. At least, that’s how I feel right now. 

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Helper bee

gallantgabs :  weekday weddings are the way forward lol. 

You will be ok if you just remember it’s one day for you to enjoy. Hugs! Have a great one 

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kmmq72 :  We have the same wedding day! 12 days to go…crazy


I agree with OP. I am way more calm now than I was a month ago, or even two weeks ago haha. At this point a few of the small things that I was considering doing just don’t seem necessary or worth stressing about. Maybe it’s because we are having a relatively small 50-people weddng, but we are not doing a seating chart or program. I was going to display a few pictures of Fiance and me but the frames I ordered ended up being the wrong size, and I realized that I don’t care enough to find new ones haha. In fact, now i actually prefee not having our photos on display. People will not care or remembwr, and they’ll be able to figure out whose wedding it is. 

Bottom line is just to remember that the purpose of the day is to celebrate you and your future husband. I can relate to wanting to make sure everyone else is happy and not inconvenienced, but they are coming to see you get married and celebrate with you! 

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Buzzing bee

coraviolet :   kmmq72 :  6/16 for us, too!

And I agree… I wish I had gathered together all the small decor items sooner – signage, banners, balloons, etc. 

But I’m doing it all now, and it’s not like I’d be doing anything else now if I wasn’t doing that. So it’s not a HUGE deal.

The few things that have given me anxiety, I’ve likewise handed off to my DOC.

I’m feeling much less stressed these days. We have final numbers and final contracts/menus. We have a final layout, final rentals, etc. Now Fi and I decide how much or how few “small” things we want to do, and we’ll probably decide to do fewer. And that’s ok.

Like a pp said, all you really remember (and all that is really important) is the ENERGY of the wedding. Did it feel authentic or like a production? Did it feel like the couple? Were people happy and vibing and dancing and laughing? Or awkward and quiet and leaving early?

I’m just trying to remind myself that the enegy is what’s important, not the appearance. I want our guests to ENJOY our wedding, not be impressed with how it looks.

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Bumble bee
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gallantgabs :  we are getting married the day after you on the 4th and I just wanted you to know that you’re not alone in having feelings like this! I’ve found that spending quality time with my fiancé NOT talking about wedding-related things can be a really great way to recharge and to also enjoy the last two months of being engaged to one another! 

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Busy bee

I’m 4 days out and am only anxious at this point about the weather – I check the forecast all the freaking time!

My focus has been on the fact that I’m about to marry the man I love. We’ve had last minute cancels (including FI’s sister) and last minute additions to the guest list, but I’m just taking deep breaths and trying to be in the moment (even though I want Friday to be here already!!!). I’m focusing on the big picture – the small stuff is just that, small stuff. No need to sweat it. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: June 2018

I’m nineteen days out and literally have butterflies in my stomach 24/7, I’m so excited but so nervous. And really, really ready for all of this planning to be over. My best advice is to take time for yourself. I have made myself go to the gym every day and having that hour to myself (as well as the drive to and from which is good for thinking, listening to music, etc) has been so beneficial. It also has helped me get into shape for the big day so that’s a bonus as well! It starts to feel like you don’t have time for anything, especially yourself, but that just makes it extra essential. Good luck, and seriously the next two months are going to fly by.  

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