Wedding makeup question: I hated my makeup trial; what to do?

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: June 2017

I loved both my hair and makeup on my wedding day 100% more than my trials. I also felt that the makeup was too heavy at my trial, but on the day I asked her to make it more natural and it was perfect. I kind of agree with her though.. you should probably wear foundation so you don’t look super shiny or red faced in photos.

can we see a picture though? I can’t really tell from your description if she was truly awful or if you just aren’t used to wearing makeup like that.

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: November 2014

If you are paying her for a service, you shouldn’t feel bad about telling her exactly what you want. I agree that foundation will photograph better, but that doesn’t mean you need it caked on. I did my own makeup for my wedding, but I also wear makeup on a daily basis, so I was very comfortable doing my own. Maybe watch a few Youtube videos and see if you can replicate your own natural look. Look into using BB creams or tinted mousturizers instead of foundation. They will cover any blemishes and even out your skintone without feeling heavy. I also disagree with the false lashes comment. I didn’t use them and was more than happt with my pics. I wouldn’t use any type of stylist who refused to listen to my wants.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2019 - Country/barn

It sounds to me like you’re just not used to wearing a full face of makeup. While I agree some can go overboard and and make it too heavy, a picture would be helpful if you have one! And also a “before” picture as well.

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Honey bee

Is this your long-lost friend?  Are you going to be penpals after your wedding?

If the answer is no, then why are you so afraid of offending her?  She is providing a contracted service you are paying for.  That is it.  As a customer, your money should be paying for something you want.  The only way to get what you want is to state it.  She isn’t a mind-reader.

So your options are to:

1.  Book another trial giving her constructive feedback.  If you don’t want foundation, try a tinted moisturizer.  If the eye makeup is what you told her you wanted based on your inspiration pics, then maybe you need to do more searching for looks that suit your eyes (not all eye looks suit all eyes depending on slope, shape, type of lid, how closely set, etc.).  If you don’t want false lashes, be more assertive. 

2.  Give her the constructive feedback without a new trial and just hope for the best the day of.  Be prepared to speak up and book extra time of you don’t like it and she has to start over.

3.  Find a new MUA.  Due to time constraints, this may mean having to go to a full-service salon and not have someone come to you.

4.  Call her and ask for only hair and do your own.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal. “Hi, after some thought, I’ve decided I prefer to go with my everyday makeup look, but would love to have you still do my hair.”

The point is, you need to be more assertive and start viewing this as a business transaction, not your long lost pal.

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: June 2015

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oxfordp :  I’m a former pro MUA and it’s not you I’m eyerolling here. The number one thing we are to do is make YOU feel beautiful. If that means you aren’t in foundation, so be it. This is not unusual, and I say that as someone who did only pro work for photos and film. There are people whose skin is super sensitive and people who don’t  feel comfortable in make up. A pro works within those parameters.

There’s nothing wrong with natural skin. Maybe you need some powder to keep shine at bay, or maybe you need a good moisturizer to enhance your glow. The make up should make you feel great. 

While pictures are important, when people say your have to wear a ton of make up for photos, they don’t understand why and they think it means heavy make up. This is a fallacy. The need for photos is even skin, less shine, and emphasizing eyes or lips, along with any subtle contour and addressing of issues. 

If you like full glam, great. If not, there is no reason you have to do that. A good MUA should know how to do clean editorial bare looks as well. Look at print ads and notice that most of them do not look like they’re overly made up. 

This Insta make up culture has made it difficult for people like yourself, but IMO true beauty is you feeling great and looking how you want to look. Don’t let anyone bully you into a look youre not happy with. And remember this heavy look is going to date and look like what it is- a fad. Not that it’s not fun, but it’s not for everyone. 

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Helper bee

Look, I’m exactly like you… I never wear foundation and am super antsy about being made to look like someone I’m not.  I did my own makeup for my engagement photos and will do trials with MUAs to see what I like.  I have been really focusing on skincare so I chose products that did not feel awful.  I wore foundation, a bit of powder, concealer, bronzer, blush, eye makeup, and those fat lip pencils from the drugstore that are like a balm.  I liked that the redness on my face was gone and that I controlled what it looked like.  But, it was 96 degrees outside so after 30 minutes you could see my sweat.  Idk if it would have been better with more full coverage products but I think you need to decide what you priorities are.  If you want to go full glam, get a MUA.  If you are good at makeup, DIY.  Don’t make yourself uncomfortable.  If men don’t have to go full glam to look good, neither should you.  And if women before 1920 (and many of the non famous women after) didn’t wear makeup in their photos, you can wear what makes you comfortable.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: June 2018

I AM a person who is accustomed to wearing a full face of makeup, but I use a light hand because I have very fair skin and light hair and eyes, so I don’t like the look of heavy dramatic makeup on myself. I had my first makeup trial and I hated the way I looked. The MUA didn’t have a foundation shade light enough for me, so I looked orange. She also used very dark eye shadow colors that made my eyes look small and overpowered my face. She was also pretty insistent on false eyelashes, but I have worn them several times before and spent the whole day feeling uncomfortable and I wasn’t about to spend my wedding day feeling that way…

I decided that she and I weren’t a good match, and I found another MUA who did listen to me. I still wore a full face of makeup, but she matched my skin shade and listened to me when I told her preferences. She also said it was no big deal if I didn’t want to wear falsies, and she put mascara on me and left it at that. I felt BEAUTIFUL on my wedding day, and my pictures look great.

I recommend you find a new MUA. It doesn’t sound like the one you’re working with is a good fit for you. You deserve to not have to stress about what your MUA is doing on your wedding day!


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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2019

Hi there, I agree with Ballet Pro. I am a MUA for 15 years and even though I may disagree with you, as my client, I will do whatever you want. 

I’ve had clients tell me they didn’t like the lipstick color and pull out their shitty ugly peach that looks terrible on them and wear that instead. That is THEIR choice. I don’t have to agree with or like it. I got paid and they were happy and that’s all that matters. 

I would also call my MU style more ‘water color’ then the bold instense makeup styles you see out there in the IG world. I studied Bobbi Brown ever since the age of 12 and aspired to be like her. So my style is ‘you but bumped up’. 

It’s OK to tell her how you feel in a nice way! She should NOT be offended by taking constructive criticism from a paying client. 

It’s ‘hey I really didn’t like the foundation, could we maybe use mineral powder and a spot of concealer instead?’ OR ‘I know you think falsies are ‘it’ but can we maybe do singles instead or a really great mascara?’

‘Hey, can we talk about my trial, I’m feeling nervous about it for XYZ reasons and I really want to pull it back a lot more. Like 100%. If the makeup you did on me was a 10, I want it at a 2, can you work with that?’

Try to use ‘metrics’ ‘numbers’ ‘colors’ anythng that helps kind of ‘define’ what it is you want. 

I hope that helps. I know you showed her pictures but maybe you could even go to see her with makeup YOU would normally wear and see what she says. like, ‘this is what I normally wear, I just want a little more, is that OK?’

I’m sure she will be happy to be given the opportunity to correct it instead of living in the dark with an unhappy client. 

Good luck to you!

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: September 2012

I am NOT an MUA, but I am a woman who wears very minimal makeup. I went with airbrush makeup for my wedding, which was great because there was nothing caked on my face or gooey. I DID feel it was too strong at my trial, but when I looked in the mirror a few hours later, it had mellowed, so I realized it would do that on my wedding day too (and my makeup was put on a few hours before I walked downt the aisle, so it worked out well). Did you see a similar effect? Does your MUA offer airbrushing perhaps?

Secondly, if you really don’t want lashes, be assertive. However, I got overruled on that by my mom and MUA (they didn’t bully me, just persuaded me), and I am so glad I wore them looking back at photos. After about 10 minutes, I forgot I was wearing them anyway.

Just one experience from a low-makeup lady.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2017

I had a slightly similar experience, but I stood my ground on no foundation etc, and so glad I did! 

As far as how to be assertive and stop worrying about offending people, oddly it can help to let go of your pride. Pride of being the chill client, of not looking stupid, of knowing what you want and how to communicate it. To get what you want, it may require looking stupid or confused or generally un-chill. Give yourself permission for that. You don’t know about makeup, so who could blame you?

Anyway I did a lot of “sure that sounds good” during my trial and then stepped back and looked at the whole face and just was honest that I didn’t like it. Even though she’d probably thought she was finished, my MUA worked with me to fix it! I had no shame about saying “dumb” shit like “I don’t like how foundation makes my nose all one color, I just don’t think my nose should be only one color.” That may have made no sense to her, but she switched from foundation to tinted moisturizer and I was so happy with the look! I also didn’t like the eyeliner – I’d never tried that style before, so how could I have known? And I asked to change the brow look from “distinctly outlined” to “made of hair.” In the end we sorted it all out and I left feeling so much better.

The point of a trial is to feel confident about the wedding look and save time on wedding day by having all the decisions made already. Your trial didn’t accomplish any of that, so don’t just sit yourself in her makeup chair on your wedding day and assume it will be better, because IMO it won’t. Getting another trial or doing your own makeup are both totally fine – either way you will have to suck it up and look a little bit “un-chill” so just accept that and do what you gotta do! Good luck!

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: March 2017

I did my own makeup for my wedding and it was fine. I did a make-up trial, and my husband didn’t like it because it was so dark. I rarely wear makeup so I didn’t look like myself. I practiced multiple times before the wedding and watched You Tube videos. I thought my makeup came out fine. I wore much more than usual, but it was still fairly natural looking. 

The best thing I did was to go to Sephora and get them to pick out the foundation and other make-up for my wedding. I had good quality make-up that fit my coloring. 

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