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  • Wedding: September 2021

I am currently using wedding wire and I find it helpful. It helps me feel more organized. 

what was so useful was being able to contact wedding venues and caterers etc through the app so that all of the response e mails were all there in one place. It generated a generic e mail for you so you literally just had to plug in the date and number of people and it would do the rest. I also like how it gives guidelines on when to have certain things arranged my such as when to have the dress, when to book float all arrangements by, when to send out invitations by, etc. and it also has a nice checklist to mark off completed tasks.


As I really liked the features mentioned above I would vote for something along those lines to be incorporated. Maybe something to add that may be in wedding wire and I just haven’t noticed is maybe like a “vision board” type section where you can upload various photos such as ones saved from Pinterest to sort of show ideas and colour schemes and whatnot. 

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  • Wedding: February 2016

I didn’t use an app. I found most wedding websites were geared up to the US and didn’t reflect things in other countries and so apps would have been the same. Which is fine, the people putting this stuff together can only go off what they know. However, it does exclude large amounts of users when the usability/advice doesn’t suit them.

I generally prefer to use websites rather than apps when it comes to my personal data. There are a few apps that I have that use my personal data but I’m really put off when it asks for more detail than I deem to be necessary, so I would make registration as minimal as possible. With apps you also get locked into it, so if you’ve entered information for a while but then it doesn’t have a feature you want or the usability changes in an update, you’re then stuck with that app or trying to transfer everything over. So for me, having my own documents external to an app is preferable.

I would find a table planning feature useful. Something where you could enter table sizes, whether they were round or rectangle. Enter guest names but link names to other guests so that you sit families/couples together automatically. If you could then see how many spaces were left at each table. In an ideal world you would also be able to say that table 5 is suitable for someone who needs access in and out such as a breast feeding mother or a disabled guest. If you can then add in seating requirements to certain guests, so you know your disabled grandparent has to sit at table 5 and everyone else slots around them. This could also potentially work for making sure that troublesome guests don’t get sat next to each other. You want the option to create a PDF that can be printed and can be used when setting up the wedding.

Along the same lines would be the option to add in guests as you remember them so when you’re out to dinner or talking to your parents and you suddenly remember them. If you could build in some intelligent recognition to say ‘you’ve already an Aunt Mabel, do you want to add another Aunt Mabel?’ I think would be useful. We ‘forgot’ one of DH’s relatives several times, which meant they ended up added to the list several times and pushed our numbers up.

Being able to search for venues under multiple criteria. So our criteria was that it was a hotel, accessible to less mobile guests (either lifts that weren’t service lifts or on the ground floor) and was less than 20 minutes from the ceremony. Allow for this to be community populated, you’ll have to populate some to begin with, but community population allows for places outside of where you live to be added. You can also link this to reviews on other platforms. 

You could also add something to relive stress. This could be a prompt (which can be turned off) to read a book or go for a walk or to take a mindful moment. Maybe it’s promoting feeling good about yourself and not like you need to diet. Something to note about your partner that you love about them that day. Or maybe it’s just something like a fart noise that can be played when people are giving you their opinion, that you really don’t want. Even if people don’t use the last one, it might provide some light relief if families get a bit too invested in the wedding.

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