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I’m so sorry you’re going through all this! I always enjoy reading your posts so I hope eventually you’ll post something that says the wedding is back on. If you guys only have 3 to 5k what about a destination weddingmoon??? That’s what my husband and I did. We spent a little over $5000 and stayed at a sandals in montego bay jamaica. It was just us for the ceremony but it was really romantic and unique. 2 weeks later he deployed to Iraq and was gone a year. now we’re having the “wedding” we always dreamed of. We’re doing a vow renewal and doing the whole white dress, wedding party thing. We’re even registered because we didn’t tell anyone but our parents that we were getting married so soon. That way for our VR we could register and have the full experience. You guys don’t even have to spend so much on the weddingmoon. We stayed 9 days in a luxuray suite but we could have gone somwhere else or just cut way back and fit easily into a $3000 budget.

I know you’re sad and disapointed but the wedding will happen eventually. Keep your head up. We’re all rooting for you!

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@SoontobeMrsA: We went for our honeymoon in Thailand and my bf is getting married there in 2012, you can get the most awesome wedding for nix there. Heaps of Australians get married there as it is so close. Places like Phuket and Ko Samui are tourist central Everyone speaks english, half of Australia are there too lol. 

The only down fall is that because so many Aussies holiday there they base a lot of the tourist prices on what Australians are used to paying (clothes, restaurants and resorts aren’t that much cheaper than what they are in Aust, And Aust is one of the most expensive countries. However the wedding packages are cheap, check this out.


Other countries that have cheap but fantastic wedding packages are Fiji, Cook Islands, Vanuatu


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I’m so  so sorry that happened! I saw you asked about Thailand and I’ve never been there but tons of Australians go there on vacation so I have to assume that you can get by with English, it probably depends on what city you go to though- ie Bankonk and Phuket are where tourists usually go. Good luck with everything!

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I’m glad you’re still planning on getting married next year; I vote for still having an intimate celebration when you do though, eg. potluck style at the parent’s summer place, because I’m sure all your friends and family will want to make it a memorable and festive event. Then you can throw your dream wedding celebration under the guise of a vow renewal when you have the funds! (2, 5, 10 years down the road; whenever it may be)

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@SoontobeMrsA: Yes, almost everyone in Chiang Mai and Bangkok (2 biggest cities; I’ve mostly spent time in Chiang Mai, and by mostly, I mean I’ve spent about 3 months there total, over 3 trips) speaks English. Some of the street vendors might not speak much (beyond the english names of whatever they’re selling, haha), but anyone with higher education is more or less fluent.

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Awww I’m so sorry to hear this news. I was in the same spot 2 years ago. I had everything planned out on a 15,000 budget when the perfect oppurtunity came for us to buy a house we thought we could never afford. We worked our tails off, pitched every penny, took our monthly budget down to pure necessity and eventually got our house. With everything that comes with a big beautiful new house it took over a year to recover. We had to postpone our wedding 2 times due to financial reasons and finally after being engaged for almost 3 years my dream wedding ( suprisingly under $10,000) is coming together perfectly. My advice to you is take it a blessing in disguise. I rushed into alot of things that had to do with wedding because I was so excited to have my “dream”” wedding. Having over a year to plan and realizing that finacial stability is more important that one day, you will get creative and with help from all these talenteted bees here you will have the wedding of your dreams and still be finacially stable to begin your new life.I think you have the right idea…take a lil break, take care of your health, and come back with a new outlook.

Keep your head up

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@SoontobeMrsA: I harp on this a lot, but if you want to take down the costs of root canals/Oral Surgery, you could try to go to a dental school.  I know of at least 3 in the Boston area.  You could have a resident do it for a fraction of the cost.  At our dental school it’s <$200 for me to do a front tooth root canal, and I think $350 for a resident to do one.  It’s a far cry from the thousands you would pay for an endodontist and front teeth are easy.  Crowns are less expensive as well, usually just the cost of the lab fee.  You can get referred straight to a dental school resident (they are already dentists, they are just receiving more extensive training so that they can become specialists).  I can’t tell you offhand what Oral or Perio (gum) surgery are offhand at my school (and these are only done by residents and faculty, but as students we can watch perio surgery and you would only get charged a student fee), but I do know that you wouldn’t be hit by $8K of fees since as students, we defray a lot of the overhead costs and salaries via our tuition.  I hope everything works out!

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HUGE HUGS!!!!!  No brilliant words of wisdom – I just want to say that you are awesome and I’m sad that you’re sad.  🙁  But I know it will work out great in the end. 

I’m assuming, based on the health insurance thing, that you’re in New Husband, not MA? If by some chance you are in MA, look into the state insurance programs.  I don’t know if it covers dental, but it has been a true lifesaver to my fiance since he has been unemployed.  It was also possible for another friend of mine who was freelancing to get insurance at a much more reasonable rate than individual insurance costs elsewhere in the country.

And biscuit is right about the dental schools – I know people who have gone to the Harvard dental school here and had good results.

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i’m am SOOO sorry to hear you’ve had to postpone=( i hope one of the links above could save you some $ on the dental work, what an unpleasant expense! i haven’t been to either of those dental clinics, but i have gone to one at a school closer to me for cleanings/whitening, and it wasn’t as scary as i thought it would be to have students working on me. i hope everything works out for you! i am happy to hear that your family got the perfect house to start your soon to be married life together, reception or not, it will be a happy future=)

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