(Closed) Wedding Ring HORROR NIGHTMARE — can i sue??

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  • poll: What would you do, if your ring isn't in for your wedding day?

    throw a cussing tantrum

    cry and bawl in public


    be chill, it's just a ring.

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    Even suggesting you’d sue them is just ridiculous IMO. Maybe you shouldn’t haven’t waited until one week before your wedding to sort this out…? Take a chill pill, try to relax. I’m sure it’s very irritating but you have a band already, it’s not the end of the world.

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    I understand that you’re pissed, and rightfully so.  Your lawsuit would be a frivolous one, though.  People who sue for minor things have forgotten what lawsuits are really for, and have totally screwed up the system.  The fact you’re even suggesting sueing over this makes me lose sympathy for you, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Sue happy people have really screwed up a lot of things in this country.  If the jeweler had destroyed your ring or switched your stone, I’d say that was grounds for sueing, not this.  Geeze, woman, you already have a band, for goodness sake.  You can have your ceremony without 2 bands.


    If you want to punish the store, leave bad reviews everywhere you can.  They’ve definitely earned that much.  And like a PP said, see if they can compensate you in some way for their error; if they don’t, and are unapologetic, add that to your review.

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    Life is full of little disappointments like this.  How you choose to handle when it happens it will affect your overall happiness.  Ask yourself if a lawsuit will really make you happier than just chilling and focusing on the big picture – your wedding and marriage.

    That being said, I hope that your ring arrives in time for the big day!

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    To be honest, any court of law will view a ring as a ring. There are no romantic notions entertained by a judge. . . . none whatsoever. The purpose of a suit is to make you whole again – monetarily. You will not be able to sue for emotional distress over the lack of having one extra ring for your wedding ceremony. I’m sorry if this is not the information you want to hear. Bad customer service does not a law suit make – unless they refuse to make it right, or refuse to give you your money back – there is no recourse for you except to give them poor reviews. Which you have every right to do at this point.

    Currently, this is stressing you out. You are very close to your wedding and emotions are running high. But you just need to step back, take a deeeeeeep breath and focus on what really matters – the commitment that you are about to make to your husband. And whether you have two rings or three – the meaning and the commitment is still there. 


    ETA: I have studied law. I am barred to practice. This is not legal advice – but a personal (nonprofessional) opinion coming from someone who is lawyer. 

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    Add me to the “You are seriously over reacting” camp.

    Don’t shop there again, and this may sound harsh, but judging from what you posted in the OP, they will probably appreciate it.

    I don’t care if you’re getting married, I don’t care if you had an otherwise bad day, there is no reason to treat people poorly and freak out at them.  That is NOT the way to treat people in order to get what you want.

    And sue for what? Hurt feelings?

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    Well you can chose to act like the mature adult you hopefully are or you can throw a fit. Life is full of mistakes, mix ups and let downs- you can not control that. How you react to that is the only thing you can control. It is their fault for the mix up, but surely you can see you need to take some of the blame. If something is so important you wouls sue over it it should have been important enough to go into the store and see what the deal was. You can not always rely on people to do things perfectly, sometimes getting things done right requires action on your part as well. 

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    Alright, Mr. Xray and I went thru a very similar situation not with the wedding band but the Ering itself. he proposed (amazing) but it was to big and when they resized it they changed the entire band…. still no idea why they did that, and then started a 6.5 month mess of sending it back and forth to NY where our designer was to “fix” the problem ending with it never getting fixed and had to just get our money back for the whole ring and go some where else. my best advice




    I know it seems like the end of the world, its so much money & time and so important but if you want them to help you you need to be calm and composed. That was the only way we were able to get what we wanted. Just take a step back and breathe, sueing will get you no where except further in debt as you wont likley win. It was an honest mistake and over sights happen. Just relax and if your calm they will be and more happy to do anything in there power to help you. 

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    I am so sorry this is happening to you, I completely understand the past, present and future symbols of the rings. Right now you have the past and present. The future isn’t here yet. Maybe if the band is too late for the wedding on Saturday, you can use the past and present and wait for the future to come in and THEN have them all blessed together by the same officiant who married you. 

    I know it won’t be the same as doing it on your wedding day, but seeing as this probably won’t have a happy ending, it’s the best you can do in the light of the circumstances. 

    I do hope the ring comes in on time though! That’ll be a blessing in itself!

    By the way, I didn’t vote in the poll.

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    No, you can’t SUE a jewler because they messed up an order. The first thing the judge would ask is why it took you 2 months to walk in to the store if this was such a big deal, and the case would be over.

    Take a breather, get some perspective, and move on.  When you’re calm, you should write a review on Yelp and share your negative experience with this place, but if you write on Yelp what you just wrote here,  you’re just going to give the impression that you’re hysterical, and your review will get ignored.



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    This happened to me, I was so mad at the store! It took 3 months to get my wedding set: first it was the wrong ring, then it was the wrong size, then it was unfinished on the inner side (scratched my finger to blood). I finally got my wedding band a week before the wedding when they had to overnight it to get the right one in and overnight it when it was done. Then it still came in wrong and we had to get it fixed after the wedding. I only wore it for the ceremony.

    I wanted to just get a plain band for the ceremony but Fiance was adamant that it would not be the same band that he would give me at the wedding ceremony. Who knew, they could be that sentimental?! So, we had to go with the motions at the store. I would never order anything else from them but I guess they don’t care once you already bought the items.

    Bottom line is that sales people are just minimum wage personnel and they don’t care. The manager is only there to listen after all the screws up and smooth things out. It is not worth it to sue the store because they would win with their fine print that probably states “they don’t guarantee anything… bla bla”

    The store didn’t even appologize to us for any of the mix ups. You will have to find a way to let it go. It is just not worth it!

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    @mandypop:  it took her a while because the store’s distant from where they live. 

    I agree sueing is ridiculous but I would complain the management, maybe have the name of the people that told you the ring was not ready and try to get them fired.

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    I wouldn’t sue OR try to get people fired. Make sure the mistake wasnt on your end regarding the phone number before you start going for blood.

    The person who ordered the wrong ring messed up. Why you waited as long as you did to go into the store is puzzling to me. I’m not trying to be mean in any way, but it’ll be okay. 

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    You need to simmer down, seriously. You’re not going to do yourself or the situation any favors by being THIS upset over it.

    So I realize that these rings are important to you, sure.  But these are material things that represent something BIGGER.  What happens if you lose these rings at some point?  Life does not end.  

    I say this because I know a couple who have been married a month and have lost BOTH of their rings.  Hers on their honeymoon and his on a weekend vacation.  Their marriage is not over or doomed because of this.

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    I think you’re over-dramatizing this a tad. At the end of the day it’s jewelry.

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