(Closed) Wedding Ring HORROR NIGHTMARE — can i sue??

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  • poll: What would you do, if your ring isn't in for your wedding day?

    throw a cussing tantrum

    cry and bawl in public


    be chill, it's just a ring.

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    If it’s that important to you all then get the reverand to bless the rings when you have them all.  Just because they’re not blessed doens’t mean the marriage is going to fall apart.  🙂

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    @kerpao:  Get people fired? Seriously? Over the POSSIBILITY of not getting a ring in time?

    I don’t think jewelry is a valid excuse to ruin someones life – but maybe thats just me.

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    I feel for your frustration. We had an awful time with what we thought was a reputable local jeweler with my ering. Poor craftsmanship, not fixing things that they said they had, etc.

    *on soapbox* Never did it ever cross our minds to sue. I’m with a lot of other people in this thread. So many people are willing to sue for frivolous matters, and it is screwing society. *off soapbox*

    I recommend that you ask what kind of compensation they will offer you (discount, money towards a future purchase, etc). And then post factual reviews in as many places as possible until you’re satisfied.

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     I understand feeling disappointed and angry and trust me, I know about POOR customer service…my country is nothing like America when it comes to customer service/complaints/refunds/exchanges…anything. I also get the sentimentality behind the ring as I am very sentimental myself…


    …it is just a ring. It is a symbol – nothing more, nothing less. You do not need three rings to represent your life with your fiance in its entirety. A simple knotted string around your finger would serve the same purpose. I completely understand wanting to have your ring blessed by the officiant but you are already doing that..the wedding band that came with your e-ring will be blessed. It only takes one ring to represent your past, present and future together. The third ring is just a bonus symbol that you wish to have but is by no means mandatory. 

    Keep in mind what the day is really about. You + your fiance + your love = your wedding day 🙂 And please, please, please do not consider a suit or getting someone fired over this. I know you’re upset but perspective is needed here. 

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    It’s only a second band. It would suck if it isn’t in, and I would want a discount for all your trouble, but suing is a bit much.

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    I think you are a bit emotional but not necessarily overreacting. I hold retailers to a certain standard. If you didn’t pay them what you owed them, and then gave them a runaround every time they called your house, and “forgot” to send them a check, and then claimed the check was sent to the wrong store…well… They would sue you. It’s called a collections agency and they wouldn’t care about any excuses.

    You don’t have this on your side. What do you have? The Internet.

    Brides research everything. Tell them you will be posting this story on yelp, citysearch, weddingbee vendor section, and anything else you can think of. No bride wants their ringmisplaced or GASP give to someone else by mistake!! They do not want you fanning the flames of hysteria.

    I agree with above posters you need to be calm. the more collected you are to a business owner, the scarier you are. No, don’t let it ruin your happiness. But they shouldn’t get away with it.

    I would not back down. The fact you have a wedding Band to use despite their failure is lucky, but they didn’t know that, and shouldn’t have relied on it. This is no way to run a business. What if they had lost a family ring or stone?

    go get ’em 😉


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    I agree with PPs, sueing is a bit far, but definitely post bad reviews everywhere!

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    I get how you feel, I would be just as upset if they had my ring since Aug and had the wrong phone number, why didn’t they mail you a card to let you know your jewelry is in? I am sure they took down your email also. I would just ask for a discount next time you go in there, or let your fiance ask for the discount, sometimes they are more leniant with men for whatever reason.

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    This makes me cringe. We live in such a sue-happy era. Working in healthcare, I see people who look for any possible reason they can sue and make a buck off a family members illness, which I find really sad. This seems pretty frivolous. And some genuine advice, this probably isn’t the only thing that will go wrong for your wedding and you just have to roll with the punches so to speak or it will ruin your day! 

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    Wait, why would you sue? Are we missing something? Or are you going to serioulsy take them to court over calling the wrong phone number (that your Fiance may have given them? accidents like that happen all the time) and/ or ordering the wrong ring? Wat are you going to tell the lawyer?

    What they did is bad business practice but Im wondering what wrongdoing you are going to bring them to court for. Just go onto every review site you can find and give them a bad review. Thats a pretty big deal now-a- days.

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    The truth is that these people are humans, they make honest mistakes just like every other living, breathing person on the face of the earth. I would ask for compensation, but suing? Come on, you HAVE to know that you’re overreacting saying that you want to sue them over a mistake. 

    First off, it’s a second band….so it’s just for looks. Second, it’s jewelry. Third, you didn’t allow time for mistakes, as anyone should. Mistakes HAPPEN. They’re going to happen, and trying to make people lose their jobs or threatening a court case over the matter? Come on. 

    Sorry honey, but you need to RELAX. You’re freaking out this much over a piece of jewelry?

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    I’m no lawyer, but I have no idea what you would be able to sue for. You can’t just sue someone because you don’t get your way. Sorry, as much as some people would like it to be, the world does not work that way. 

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    I would definitely be asking for some sort of discount for the error, but I think you are overreacting considering you waited until the last minute to physically go into the store to check on the status of the order.

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    The store my husband bought my rings at totally screwed up and had me spinning 2 days before our wedding, thinking I wasn’t going to have a band to use in the ceremony.  They were neither apologetic, nor forthcoming with a discount. Even being a lawyer, it never crossed my mind to sue.  Our society’s increasingly litigious nature is really doing the lawyers of the world no favors.  Like we’re not the butt of people’s jokes enough as it is, people filing friviolous lawsuits like this one would be only serve to make it harder on us.  

    Not everything that goes wrong in life should be seen as an opportunity to make a buck. 

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