(Closed) Wedding Ring HORROR NIGHTMARE — can i sue??

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  • poll: What would you do, if your ring isn't in for your wedding day?

    throw a cussing tantrum

    cry and bawl in public


    be chill, it's just a ring.

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    I honestly understand your frustration. If your going to wear a wedding ring the rest of your life then you want it to be present on your wedding day. So I am hoping it works out for you. But just take a step back and relax. Think of all your blessings in life. Talk about 1st world problems.. if your biggest upset right now is that your third ring might not make it in time consider yourself beyond lucky for the life you have. 

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    @MissS2MrsD:  I would be just as upset if they had my ring since Aug and had the wrong phone number, why didn’t they mail you a card to let you know your jewelry is in? I am sure they took down your email also.

    Not the store’s responsibility.  They called her.  She didn’t respond.  I am sure if they were aware the phone number they had was wrong, they would have tried contacting her through other means.  Unless they got a message when calling that the number was out of service, or the person they DID call (I assume they left a message, because if someone had picked up the phone, they would likely have said, “I think you have the wrong number,”), called the store back and said, “Hey, (store), I got a message saying my ring was in, but I didn’t order any ring, I think you have the wrong phone number,” they had no way of knowing the OP hadn’t receieved the message.  They probably should have tried calling again, since it’s been more than 30 days, but if they had the wrong number, we have no way of knowing they DIDN’T try calling multiple times.

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    @Rusalka:  Bottom line is that sales people are just minimum wage personnel and they don’t care. The manager is only there to listen after all the screws up and smooth things out. It is not worth it to sue the store because they would win with their fine print that probably states “they don’t guarantee anything… bla bla”

    I really, really resent this remark.  I worked for six years at a retail store, and yes, I started at minimum wage or thereabouts.  I worked my ass off for that store and for my customers because I DID care.  Customer service was/is important not only to our store, but to me as well.  I work for a company now that CS is not as important to, (even less so under the previous owner – it was at times shocking how little concept he had of CS).  But I try to make my clients happy to the best of my ability.

    There are going to be employees everywhere that really don’t care, but to paint everyone with that brush just because they work retail and get paid poorly really offends me.

    Retail employees are people, too.  And like all people, sometimes mistakes are made.  For all we know, the OP or her Fiance gave them the wrong phone number and the mistake was theirs.  

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    @kerpao:  I agree sueing is ridiculous but I would complain the management, maybe have the name of the people that told you the ring was not ready and try to get them fired.

    Great idea!  Fire the people who may or may not have made a MINOR mistake.  I don’t know about you, but when I worked retail, I NEEDED that job.  Just as I need my current job.  I work with around 20 coworkers, and with the exception of ONE person who works for something to do, we all need that job.  I had a coworker quit because she was upset, without having another job lined up.  She was unemployed for FIVE MONTHS, even though she applied to even minimum wage jobs.  

    Don’t try to make someone lose their job, their livelihood, for a mistake like this. 

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    @Miss Apricot:  +1


    OP – No, you cannot sue. The customer service was badly handled and you’d be reasonable to make a complaint to the store or to corporate. But suing and trying to get people fired? No, absolutely not. Not over a piece of jewelry. 

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    Like a lot of others, I understand your frustration.  For me though, if it was really important I would have went to the store sooner to check on it.  You can’t always completely trust that everything is going to be ok if you haven’t heard from them in a month and its for reasons like this.  If you would have went down sooner, you would have found out they had the wrong number, the ring was wrong, etc. and it could have been fixed.  If you try to sue them, I am sure the case will get thrown out.  I mean, it was a mistake that could have happened to anyone and its not like it is something that doesn’t usually happen.  Sometimes the order numbers get mixed up or they are so close to another number that the wrong one gets picked.  If it makes you that upset, after this don’t go there again.

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    First of all a big LOL at this whole thing. This is not sue-worthy in any way, shape, or form. Plus, you’re going to have your wedding band, no? This is just a third band. You will get much, much farther, if you calmly ask them how they’re going to rectify their error. They will likely be understanding that they did indeed screw up. If not, speak with the management/corporate and see what happens.

    Hint: written communication is actually really effective in these kind of situations, as well as an email to the upper-most contact person you can find (especially if it’s a chain). But the key in all of this is to be CALM! Nobody wants to deal with a crazy person (not saying you are crazy, OP, but we have all been there or seen it).

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    I get that the third ring has an important meaning but if you waited until 2 months before your wedding to order it to me it seems more of an afterthought. Even though calls were made to the jeweler and were told it wasn’t in I’d be a bit worried that something wasn’t right and ask them to re-check or speak to a manager. It shouldn’t take 2 months for a ring to be ordered. I think you need to take some responsibility in this and not just blame the store.

    I know you’re mad and upset and want justice but to sue is a bit overboard. In the end what are you looking for? A free ring? Discount? $100,000? If it’s a free or discounted ring couldn’t you just ask the jeweler “How are you going to compensate us for this mix up”? I’m sure they want to correct the situation and make you happy. If you sue it will cost you way more time and money and in the end get the same result. I mean to take time off work alone to go to court isn’t worth the effort.

    In the end you’re going to have a beautiful wedding and will just have to make an adjustment in your plan…. it’s just life!!!!

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    Your feelings aren’t sily, but suing over a ring is silly.

    The legal fees alone would costs more than your ring. Not worth it.

    And I wouldn’t want to start my new marriage in court.

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    You get to feel frustrated, yes.


    Even if this was your ONLY wedding band this would not be remotely sue-worthy. Not even a little bit.




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    @Miss Apricot: +1 about what you said to this: Bottom line is that sales people are just minimum wage personnel and they don’t care. The manager is only there to listen after all the screws up and smooth things out. It is not worth it to sue the store because they would win with their fine print that probably states “they don’t guarantee anything… bla bla”

    I actually work in fine jewelry sales and most of us work on commission and make pretty decent money.  I’m in the luxury sector so I make more than a lower end place would, but I resent the implication that we’re just people that hate our jobs and don’t get paid anything.  I freaking love my job!  

    That being said, to the OP, sales people make mistakes.  It sucks they made two big ones in relation to your order.  Stay on them about the timeline (while being very respectful because they’re just doing their jobs)  Be as nice as possible while still staying firm.  If you piss them off they’re not going to be as helpful.  And absolutely ask for a discount because it’s unacceptable to order the wrong item.  Suing is going to get you nowhere, but try to get money back for the trouble.

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    It’s just a ring…

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    This person is a human being and makes mistakes. Shes not a robot. Do you never make mistakes? Let. It. Go. I can’t imaging being rude to her over something so silly let alone thinking I could sue the store… Really? What a waste of energy.

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    The courts would probably throw your case out. You’d have to justify your quantification of the emotional damages you experienced from not having the ring on the wedding day. That would be very difficult and probably not amount to the time, effort, and headache even if you did win. 

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