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Worker bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

Wedding Date: July 20, 2013

Engagement Length: Since December 25th 2009

Colors: mix of purples, lemon yellow, with white and silver accents.

Theme: dont really have one

Wedding Party(#s): 1 Maid/Matron of Honor, 3 BM’s, 1 best man, 3 Groomsmen

Ceremony (where, time): Outdoors 7pm Alberta Canada

Reception (where, time):Same place as ceremony but in the hall behind. 8 pm

Dress Style: Have not bought yet but A line..beaded lace NO tulle

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair, DIY make up

Honeymoon Location:dont know yet

Flowers: My bouquet is daffodils, bm are carnations

First Dance Song: I am liking a good life by one republic…but it may change.

Centerpieces: Kusudama flowers spread out like confetti around candles ( all DIY)

Cake Flavour:not sure yet

Favours: plantable paper ( wildflowers)


Bachelorrete (when/what):  Not sure yet.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2013 - Four Rivers Environmental Center

OOOH! I wanna play! I have too much done! πŸ˜€

Wedding Date: July 27, 2013

Engagement Length: 2 days short of 2 years. 

Colors: Teal/turquoise, yellow/green (on the greener side), brown, ivory/champagne

Theme: Rustic garden with peacock decor.

Wedding Party(#s): MOH, 3 BMs, 1 Bridesman / Bridesmaid or Best Man, 3 Groomsmen, 1 grooms sister. 

Ceremony (where, time): Four Rivers Environmental Educational Center, outdoor under pavillion (“Shelter”). I am thinking around 4pm.

Reception (where, time): Same venue, but in the grand hall. Indoors with doors to patio and access to WHOLE venue (rivers, fire pit, lots of gorgeous scenery). Thinking at 5 or 5:30.

Dress Style: David’s Bridal t9612. <3

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): I think I might have my bridesmans mom do my hair since she has done my hair for every dance and event I went through. And probably DIY make up.

Honeymoon Location: Roadtrip! IL to WA to CA to CO to IL again!

Flowers: DIY, all fake. My bouquet = peonies, gardenias, lily of the valley, bleached peacock feathers. Bridesmaid or Best Man bouquets = lily of the valley with peacock feathers. Bout = peaock feathers.

First Dance Song: Brigher than Sunshine – Aqualung.

Centerpieces: Vases of peacock feathers, peonies. Books. Frames with table numbers.

Food/Menu: One thing not yet planned. Haha.

Cake Flavour: I am thinking of having one tier vanilla, one tier chocolate, and the top that we take home somehow be half mintchocholate and half whatever the Fiance wants. (He HATES chocolate mint. :()

Favours: S’mores to be roasted at the fire pit!

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ, not yet picked.

Bachelorrete (when/what):  I’ll probably have a fun night with the girls, maybe a lingerie party (NOT sex toys) 
Fiance wants to go fishing with his dad and guys. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

Wedding Date: July 19, 2013

Engagement Length: 1 year and 10 months


Theme: An Evening intimate affair

Wedding Party(#s): 1 Maid/Matron of Honor, 1 BM- Groom 1 Bridesmaid or Best Man, 2 Groomsmen

Ceremony (where, time): The Waterfall Building in Vancouver BC around 4pm

Reception (where, time): same as ceremony!

Dress Style: Classic, silk/ 1940’s glam, easy and intimate

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair and pro makeup (maybe body shop, maybe Mac or go to spa, not figured out yet)

Honeymoon Location: Hopefully Antigua! Family there, but really not sure.

Flowers: Check out the inspiration board! Dont care which flowers, more about the colours

First Dance Song: Not sure- probably either Michael Buble (Sway?) or something mellow and classic.

Centerpieces: Mid-height glass vases with flowers up top and candles with sari-netted throws on the tables.

Food/Menu: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/how-did-your-tasting-work check our my reply lol!

Cake Flavour: No wedding cake, dessert buffet instead

Favours: engraved shot glasses and chocolates

DJ/Band/Ipod: guitarist for ceremony/DJ

Bachelorrete (when/what):  COMBO Bachelorrette and Bachelor Party.. πŸ˜€

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: City, State

I’ll play!

Wedding Date: July 13, 2013

Engagement Length: 1 year, 5 months (too long)

Colors: Orange, Red, Yellow

Theme: none

Wedding Party(#s): 1 Maid/Matron of Honor, 2 BM’s, 1 best man, 2 Groomsmen, 1 Flower Girl, 1 FB (flower boy), 1 RB

Ceremony (where, time): my grad school chapel

Reception (where, time): A local night club. 5pm

Dress Style: TBD

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair, pro make-up

Honeymoon Location: Either Greece/Turkey or African Safari

Flowers: Yellow Roses and Tiger Lillies

First Dance Song: TBD

Centerpieces: TBD

Food/Menu:lots of aps, pollenta crusted salmon and herbed chicken.

Cake Flavour: Georgetown Cupcakes. Flavors: chocolate lava fudge and TBD

Favours: Probably candy from my hometown

DJ/Band/Ipod: We have 2-3 DJs we are looking at.

Bachelorrete (when/what):  We have a few ideas, but it will be next May.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

Wedding Date: July 19, 2013

Engagement Length: 1 year 4 months (16 months)

Colors: Blue, Champange, Ivory

Theme: Not much of a theme

Wedding Party(#s): 1 Maid/Matron of Honor, 1 Bridesmaid or Best Man, 1 Groomsmen

Ceremony (where, time): Sheraton Hotel, Northwest Pennsylvania. Time tbd

Reception (where, time): Sheraton Hotel, Northwest Pennsylvania. Following ceremony

Dress Style: Ballgown Ballgown Ballgown!!!

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro Hair, TBD on make-up

Honeymoon Location: Bora Bora

Flowers: Not 100% decided… we like tulips.

First Dance Song: I’m attempting to convince him to go for a slow song at first, and then have a fun coreographed second portion. 

Centerpieces: We can’t decide, something DIY and cheap though! haha

Food/Menu: TBD next week when we meet with our venue!

Cake Flavour: Red Velvet Cake

Favours: Photo Booth

DJ/Band/Ipod: Something live for ceremony, DJ for reception

Bachelorrete (when/what):  Probably not.


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Worker bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

I’ll play! I think I’m obsessed too, by the way. Haha!

Wedding Date: 13 July, 2013

Engagement Length: 1 year, 5 months (on the day)

Colors: Something like this:


Theme: Summer/romantic/vintage/DIY

Wedding Party(#s): 1 flower girl, 1 flower boy & 1 ring bearer (our youngest niece and nephews). No bridesmaids or groomsmen.

Ceremony (where, time): In Sweden – by the waterfront next to our reception venue, probably at 4pm.

Reception (where, time): At a 18th century building located next to the garden.

Dress Style: Not sure yet. Most likely this Modest Iris dress:

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair, pro make-up (hopefully, if I feel we can afford it)

Honeymoon Location: Not sure yet. We’re already travelling half way around the world for the wedding, so probably just a weekend in a European capital city. πŸ™‚

Flowers: Would love peonies but they won’t be in season. So probably David Austen roses or cabbage roses, or perhaps hydrangeas in cream white and pale pink. I want something simple that looks like it’s just been picked from the garden, basically. 

First Dance Song: Ella Fitzgerald – Cheek to Cheek

Centerpieces: DIY mason jars with same type of flowers as my bouquet.

Food/Menu: Not sure yet.

Cake Flavour: Undecided. But thinking homemade Swedish summer strawberry & cream cakes made by my mother.

Favours: DIY cotton muslin bags with our initials stamped on them, filled with lollies in cream and pale pink.

DJ/Band/Ipod: Flautist/vocalist/acoustic guitar for ceremony (2 of my best friends), ipod for reception.

Bachelorrete (when/what): No idea.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

Ooh, this looks like fun!


Wedding Date: July 20, 2013

Engagement Length: 7 years(!!!)

Colors: Ivory and Purple

Theme: Outdoors, fairly relaxed garden party

Wedding Party(#s): 2BMs, 2 flowergirls, 2 Best Men, 5 ushers

Ceremony (where, time): Under a pergola at the reception venue, 2.00, registrar is my Auntie

Reception (where, time): A small family-run hotel near where we grew up and met

Dress Style: Hopefully Ellis Bridals 11256.  Orzanza, mermaid, ruffly

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair and make-up by FI’s cousin at my mum’s house

Honeymoon Location: Saving our honeymoon for first anniversary to spread out expenditure!

Flowers: I adore orchids, so probably some purple orchids.  But I’m planning to DIY my flowers and to have artificial because of allergies

First Dance Song: Still under discussion

Centerpieces: Possibly submerged orchids with floating candles

Food/Menu: 3 courses, yet to discuss with chef at venue

Cake Flavour: Traditional English fruit cake, DIY with help from Mum

Favours: Maybe tuxedo strawberries.  Possibly no favours

DJ/Band/Ipod: My little brother!  He’s in a band and dead excited to be involved.  Also, FI’s uncle can do the disco as he’s a DJ

Hen Party (when/what):  Not sure.  One of my BMs seems intent on getting me horribly drunk though…

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  • Wedding: July 2013

Wedding Date: July 19, 2013

Engagement Length: 19 months

Colors: I change my mind daily lol I like purples and then I like slate grey, yellows and blues

Theme: None yet

Wedding Party(#s): 1 Maid/Matron of Honor, 5 BM’s, 1 best man, 5 Groomsmen

Ceremony (where, time): In the same Church my parents and grandparents were married in Ontario, Canada 

Reception (where, time): Amicis in St Catharines Ontario

Dress Style: I like everything!!!! I cant wait to go dress shopping! 

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Professional for both

Honeymoon Location: We think we are going to backpack in Italy, London ect..

Flowers:  I have not gone to check flowers out yet. 

First Dance Song:Not sure

Centerpieces: Tall vases with flowers in water with floating candle on top

Food/Menu: 5 course, we are picking it two months before the wedding at our food tasting. 

Cake Flavour: Cupcakes: Assorted

Favours: Candy bar

DJ/Band/Ipod: We are having a DJ

Bachelorrete (when/what):  Vegas with the girls!!!

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  • Wedding: July 2013

WHOO HOO! Loving these posts for all the July 2013 brides!!!  πŸ™‚

Wedding Date: July 5, 2013

Engagement Length: 1 year, 5 months

Colors: Aqua & Ivory with touches of deep red

Theme: no real ‘theme’ unless FUN counts.  πŸ™‚

Wedding Party(#s): 1 Maid/Matron of Honor, 2 BM’s, 1 best man, 2 Groomsmen

Ceremony (where, time): Aboard Carnival Inspiration cruise ship in Long Beach, CA.  We won’t know exact time until about 2 weeks prior! 

Reception (where, time): same place, different venue onboard right after the ceremony

Dress Style: Sottero & Midgley Adorae, I also have a DB convertible dress I’m not sure if I will wear as an after party dress that night or part with prior to the wedding.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair, pro make-up (luckily one of my best friends is a cosmotologist!)

Honeymoon Location: TBD – but warm & tropical for sure!

Flowers: Red rose bouquets for myself & my BMs, Red rose boutenniers – that’s aboout it.  We have to do silk, though not my favorite, it’s a ship/agriculture rule.

First Dance Song: TBD

Centerpieces: No centerpieces (we’re having apps & cocktals & dancing)

Food/Menu: hot & cold apps… specifics TBD

Cake Flavour: TBD

Favours: Personalized spirit tumblers, perhaps filled with candy to match theme &/or can koosies.

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Bachelorrete (when/what):  TBD

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  • Wedding: July 2013

Wedding Date: July 6, 2013

Engagement Length: 1 year, 4 months

Colors: Sage Green, Light Pink, and touches of dark pink

Theme: no theme

Wedding Party(#s): 1 Maid/Matron of Honor, 5 BM’s, 1 best man, 5 Groomsmen, 2 ring bearers, 1 flower girl

Ceremony (where, time): Catholic Church my parents got married in 2pm

Reception (where, time): Butternut Farms Country Club Stow, MA

Dress Style: NO CLUE!! Going dress shopping for the first time this week!!

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair, pro make-up (luckily one of my Bridesmaid or Best Man is a hairdresser!)

Honeymoon Location: Not sure yet…but it MUST be tropical!

Flowers: White roses and hydrangas bouquet for myself. Light green and pink for my BMs

First Dance Song: The Day Before You~ Rascal Flatts

Centerpieces: Tall cylander vases with green apples inside and hydragas on the top

Food/Menu: hot & cold apps… specifics TBD

Cake Flavour: can’t wait for the cake tasting!

Favours: Raspberry Jam and an ice cream bar!

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Bachelorrete (when/what):  TBD

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

I feel so much behind you guys! My planning is still in its very infancy!  Sorry for horrendous spelling in advance. I’m trying to multi-task while doing this and I can’t seem to find a spell check button?

Wedding Date: July 6, 2013

Engagement Length: 14 months

Colors: Deep purple (think eggplant/plum) and cream

Theme: None really, just going to feel pretty formal

Wedding Party(#s): 1 Maid/Matron of Honor, 2 BM’s, 1 best man, 2 Groomsmen

Ceremony (where, time): Local church, ~2:30pm

Reception (where, time): A local hotel (not for sure, they won’t book until a year out), ~6:00pm

Dress Style: Don’t have it yet, thinking lace bodice (sweetheart neckline), with a dropped waist. Maybe a tulle skirt. OR A white, dropped waist gown with a sweetheart neckline and assymetrical roushing (sp?) down the bodice (see inspiration pics below!)

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair, pro make-up

Honeymoon Location: Not even given too much thought. I want to go somewhere tropical, Fiance wants Italy.

Flowers: I’m not really a flower expert by any means, so I’ll insert inspiration pics instead!

First Dance Song: Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Originally by Elvis, but we’re doing the Michael Buble version)

Centerpieces: Once again, I’ll leave it to photos to speak for me

Food/Menu: No idea! All I know (or think I know!) is that there will be passed apps during cocktail hour and then a plated dinner with probably a parmasean chicken or steak or vegetarian entree to choose from.

Cake Flavour: All I know is that there will be a red velvet layer, probably a chocolate, lemon strawberry, and a almond vanilla (or something along these lines.) FI’s grooms cake will likely be a chocolate mocha or something, he’s a coffee addict!

Favours: Photo strip from photobooth and possibly a bag for candy from the candy bar

DJ/Band/Ipod: Pianist and vocalist for ceremony, DJ for cocktail/reception

Bachelorrete (when/what):  Probably a bar crawl and a lingerie shower. My Maid/Matron of Honor is in charge, and I’m letting her run with it.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

WARNING! Lots of pictures will be below!

Wedding Date: July 6, 2013

Engagement Length: 14 months

Colors: Deep purple (think eggplant/plum) and cream

Theme: None really

Wedding Party(#s): 1 Maid/Matron of Honor, 2 BM’s, 1 best man, 2 Groomsmen

Ceremony (where, time): Local church. Thinking 3:30ish?

Reception (where, time): Local hotel, 5:00pm-12am

Dress Style:eh, not sure. I love lace, but my Fiance and mom don’t. So about half of my inspiration photos have lace, the other half have another style that I am in love with too (see below)

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro hair, pro make-up

Honeymoon Location: Haven’t even given it much thought

Flowers: I know nothing about flowers. So I’ll just show you my inspiration…

First Dance Song: Can’t Help Falling In Love by Michael Buble

Centerpieces: see photo

Food/Menu: Not deciced other than we’ll have about 3-4 apps at cocktail hour and then a plated meal – likely a beef, chicken, and vegetarian option

Cake Flavour: 4-5 tiers, plus a grooms cake. All will be different flavors, for sure we will be having red velvet and a champagne cake with strawberry filling. The rest is undecided.

Favours: Photo strip from photobooth

DJ/Band/Ipod: pianist and vocalist for ceremony, DJ for reception and cocktail hour

Bachelorrete (when/what):  Not sure, likely going bar hopping with a naughty shower before.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

Wedding Date: July 27,2013

Engagement Length: 1 year, 8 months

Colors: Malibu and Bright Yellow πŸ™‚

Theme: Firefly in a Mason Jar…so basically ‘country chic’

Wedding Party(#s): 2 MOH’s, 5 BMs, 1 Flower Girl, 1 RB, 2Bridesmaid or Best Man, 5 Groomsmen (Big Party!!)

Ceremony (where, time): Church my grandparents were married in at 3 p.m.

Reception (where, time): A local eco-friendly park with beautifu buildings over-looking a huge pond.

Dress Style: Not sure, yet. Aiming for all-over lace with a cathedral veil.

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro for both!

Honeymoon Location: Looking at Riu Resort in Aruba!!

Flowers: Sunflowers for bridesmaids and groomsmen. Blue orchids/white roses for my boquet…baby’s breath for centerpeices.

First Dance Song: ‘I Won’t Give Up’- Jason Mraz

Centerpieces: Birdhouses with one mason jar with baby’s breath and a smaller mason jar to resemble ‘fireflies’ flickering inside.

Food/Menu: Complete Southern homecooked meal- Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Mac & Cheese, salad. We might opt for some Prime Rib or Roast Beef for the anti-greasy fried chicken people.

Cake Flavour: 2 teirs- both vanilla sponge cake but 1 tier with lemon/blueberry fillings, other tier mocha/caramel.

Favours: Button candy in a small jar tied with twine.

DJ/Band/Ipod: DJ

Bachelorrete (when/what):  TWO bachelorette parties! One on my cousin’s boat and the other in Chicago, IL at a Chicago Cubs game!

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: July 2013

@Jessy727:  OMG that might be the sweetest theme I have ever heard!!! I LOVE!!


Wedding Date: 13.07.13

Engagement Length: 2 years and a bit

Colors: Navy & Ivory with accents of Apple green and Turquoise – Stripes!

Theme: “Married by the Sea” – preppy and nautical

Wedding Party(#s): none!

Ceremony (where, time): Third floor atrium of The Rooms a local museum. Starting around 7pm.

Reception (where, time): CLB Armoury (basically a huge empty hall) that is just down the street. Immediately following (8pm?) That’s a pic from their website.

Dress Style: It is an Alfred Sung  bridesmaid dress that I found for $112!

Hair/Makeup (Pro/DYI): Pro & Pro

Honeymoon Location: Greece – probably as a 1st anniversary/late honeymoon

Flowers: I know I want anemones and pale green spider mums…. other that that I have no idea! Probably going to order bulk stems and assemble the bouquet myself.

First Dance Song: We want to do a slow song (FI is choosing) and then go into a choreographed 2nd half (Lady Gaga??)

Centerpieces: I’m thinking of doing a mix of round and long tables. Groups of mason jars with candles and maybe flowers on the long ones and a lantern or model boat or something on the rounds.

Food/Menu: It’s going to be cocktail so some heavy hors d’oeuvres and pass apps. Haven’t talked to the catering guy yet.

Cake Flavour: Cupcakes! Haven’t decided on flavours yet

Favours: Candy Buffet

DJ/Band/Ipod: We’re thinking iPod at this point but may end up doing DJ just for simplicity sake.

Bachelorrete (when/what):  No Idea.

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