Wedding weight loss in a short time – did it work for you?

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Busy bee

15-20 pounds in 4 months is do-able, I did this before my wedding- without starving myself or anything dangerous. My tips: 

Drink lots of water, staying hydrated is important and when you DON’T drink water, you tend to replace it with high calorie drinks or artificial crap (Diet Coke was actually the hardest thing for me to limit!)

Don’t starve yourself, if you go super strict and are always hungry, you’re more likely to go off your diet, binge eat, feel bad, then start the cycle all over again. Yo-yo dieting is the worst. 

Focus on fresh natural foods- especially green veggies. I ate lots of salads. And it’s amazing how many different salads you can make just by adding little extras here and there that don’t add too much calories but add lots of taste. Experiment with different combinations. 

Lean protein is imiportant. I didn’t cut out carbs but I watched my portions and tried to choose multigrain products. 

And if you have a craving for something, have it. But in small quantities and savour it. I would rather have a very small bowl of really decadent ice cream- 1 scoop only- once a month than the flavourless off-texture of fat free low calorie ice cream every week. Go for quality over quantity and you’ll feel like you’re indulging yourself more than you actually are. 

Don’t weigh yourself obsessively (something I used to do) weight can fluctuate on a day to day basis for many reasons and it’s too easy to fixate on a temporary few pounds and feel discouraged enough to give up. Weigh yourself no more than once a week- better still, take your measurements and focus on that. Sometimes the scale barely budges but you’ve lost inches. 

Adjust your calories to your activity level. If you’re going to hit up the gym or play sports, have a filling breakfast with protein. If you’re going to sit at a desk all morning, fruit and yogurt should be fine. Most weight loss comes from what you eat more than exercise, but exercise still has many benefits. 

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90ssweatershirt :  I had about 5 months till my wedding when I actually started putting forth real effort. I lost 15 pounds by calorie counting, intermittent fasting, and doing HIIT 4 days a week

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Definitely do-able. I did intermittent fasting, HITT and reformer pilates and lost about 15 pounds as well.

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Helper bee

I second intermittent fasting. This is definitely a realistic goal. 

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Highly recommend calorie counting and sticking to like at the lowest 1200-1400 calories a day. I actually did a crash-course and did like 1000 calories for 3 weeks and lost 7lbs! Its not as bad as you think… I just did fresh whole foods (salads like a PP posted are so versatile) and watched for healthy fats/carbs. 

You’ve gotten a lot of good advice but echoing some of it – I reduce my alcohol intake a lot (beer drinker here) and soda and went to lemon water and that was a tremendous help not just to the weight loss but for my energy level as well. I would only allow myself a few treats on the weekend. 

Don’t be so restrictive on yourself. I knew when I was super strict, I would go off-track and pig out or have more cheats than actually eating healthy. If I ate super good in a day and was craving some ice cream in the evening, I’d give myself the recommended serving size of ice cream and wouldn’t feel guilty about it. If I “cheated” and had a soda… I just drank all water the next day to compensate. I never mentally “punished” myself. 

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I third intermittent fasting!  


And not fixating on the scale.  


If you are making a concentrated effort on your fitness, the scale can be a tricky thing.  I only workout 3 days a week and walk my dogs most days but, I lost a solid 2 sizes without scale movement.  Your body is amazing at using what you give it and will take advantage of healthy fats and proteins to do some building and re-composition.  I did find that making sure I was getting plenty of good quality fats like avocados and real butter (we make our own) is making sure I feel satiated.

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It is completely a realistic goal! Just to echo some of the PP, I lost my weight by making sure I drank a ton of water, and I cut out all sugar, cut down on alcohol, and cut carbs as well. Stuck to a lot of lean protein and green veggies! Cutting carbs is the quickest way for me to lose weight so that’s what I did. 

I also switched up my workout routine. I switched to more HIIT and kept lifting to just 3 days a week. Usally I lift 4 days a week and do HIIT 2-3, to wedding prep I lifted 2-3 days a week, and did HIIT 4-5 days. And yes a couple of days a week I did “doubles” where I would do a fasted HIIT in the morning and lift over lunch or after work. And some times on my lifting days I would add in a quick 20 min HIIT at the end of the workout to burn a few more calories. 

You got this girl! Good luck!! 

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Definitely doable. I cut out/down carbs, sugar, salt, and booze the month before my wedding. I ate clean, counted calories/serving sizes, and hit the gym 5 days a week doing cardio and adding HIIT 3x. I worked with a trainer and lost 10 lbs in that month!

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look into the 10 day green smoothie cleanse. 

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