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If emotional eating is the issue, maybe you could replace the eating with something slightly different: a sensation.

Instead of eating just anything, you could drink an ice cold fruit smoothy. You could also eat something that is healthy but spicy. These sensations will provide you with a feeling and distraction, but they won’t derail your diet. You’ll also learn more about healthy, satisfying snacks and drinks.

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I eat super healthy but not by choice. When my Fiance and I got serious about eating healthy we threw out all junk and we make sure to never go grocery shopping when we’re hungry. Now we only have healthy things, but some of them are still tasty! Sometimes I get frustrated when it’s 10pm and I want ice cream or pizza, but since there’s none in the house, and I’m far too lazy to go get it, I just go without. Also, your stomach will shrink once you start eating less. I used to be able to eat a giant burrito from our fave resturant no problem, but when we went there the other day I was full after eating half (and I was really hungry when we got there!)

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If you’re an emotial eater you could consider seing a therapist. They could help you figure out why you do this and ways to cope that don’t involve food.

I say this because I see a therapist regularly, and we’ve had discussions about food that I would’ve never thought to bring up. Usually there’s more to emotional eating than meets the eye, and it often gets pushed under the rug because it is normalized sometimes in our society.

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Be really strict about food shopping. Purge your house of any junk. Order groceries delivered, plan out healthy snacks, pack all your lunches and don’t go out to the local store to buy snacks when you get the urge! A meal delivery service could you good too for portion control 

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Cardio kickboxing classes and this. 

Do not do this meal plan without working out. You eat every 2.5-3hrs. Alternate between meal and protein shake from when you wake up until you go to bed. 

I never did the boot camp but have been following their meal plan with my kickboxing classes and its a super quick way to lose weight!

Good luck bee! Follow me on IG or My Fitness Pal! PM me

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I am also an emotional eater which caused me to gain over 70 lbs. I found that holding myself accountable via weighing myself once a week and tracking all my food through weightwatchers has really helped. I am down 30lbs and I tell myself no I don’t have the points for that and it makes me not eat when im emotional. Keeping in mind your end goal will help keep you on track but maybe look into a service that does prepackaged meals or weight watchers, these will help with the dieting and the emotional eating.

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This might not be the solution you were looking for, but I was in a similar situation. I weighed about 190 when DH and I started dating. By the time we got engaged five years later, I was at 240. I stress eat, and I binge if I cut too many calories. Between asthma and joint issues, exercising the calories away is very difficult. I have to cut calories. Hangry = bad for stress and partner. After yo-yo ing trying to lose weight before the wedding, I decided that I would simply look like me for my wedding photos and that maintaining my weight through all the planning stress would be accomplishment enough. And, hey, maybe it would be better to look great *after* the wedding instead of it being all down hill from there! 

I hope you accomplish your goals, Bee! But, if you can’t or find that there are more pressing things at hand, don’t dismay. 

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I’m a big believer that if you don’t deal with the root issues that everything else is moot.  I would see a therapist to help you work on those underlying issues and find a way to work through them that doesn’t involve food.

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As hard as this is going to sound, and I’ve done it so I’ll assure you it’s hardest the first time you do it but gets easier the more you do it: fasting. I personally know a few people that have had great success following the Snake Diet. There’s a great Facebook group with a lot of support, pre and after pictures. Here are a few links that describe how to kick your body into ketosis in a healthy way.

I’m also an emotional eater too, but seeing and feeling the results when I look in the mirror has won me over.  

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sassiestgecko :  I just recently started a 90 day system and it has been the only thing that has worked for me! It has helped cut cravings, helped keep me from over eating and I’m losing pounds and inches. It’s very easy to follow. You just need to find what works for you.

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I used to be an emotional eater myself and the key for me was to go cold turkey on anything giving me empty calories in favor of healthier choices. I got rid of any and all junk food and sugary drinks in my house and committed to doing Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix as best I could. So when I needed to snack I was subbing in things like fruits and nuts instead of an entire sleeve of cookies.

It took me a while to really change my relationship with food, but making small sustainable changes was really what did it for me. If you visit the Beachbody blogs 21Dear Fiance hub you can check out some of the snacks they have that will fit into your plan: and you can actually try the workouts for free with a trial for their VOD service: 

All that being said, it sounds like your issue is an emotional one so if you really can’t break the cycle you have with food it might be worth considering seeking out some professional help to get to the root of the problem. 

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Just wanted to say I am in the same boat. 

I ws about 160 when I met my partner and I am now 210. Most of that weight come on after I had a pretty bad injury and nearly died. But I have not been able to get the wieght off. 

I lost about 15 pounds last summer and put like 10 back on. I need to get on track too. It is so difficult. 


Just wanted you to know you arent alone!

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