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  • Wedding: July 2010

I am using Nika Stroble of Soiree Key West.  She can accomodate all budgets and is detail oriented. 

Check her out!  i am also using a fabulous photographer there too!

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  • Wedding: March 2010

I got married at coconut cove in Islamorada as well and had a very smooth planning process. I was allowed to use my own florist, photographer, and videographer.

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  • Wedding: September 2011

We just wanted to take this chance to say how utterly dissapointed with their services.
We expected things to go better, but with the rudness received in the emails prior to the service, we cannot say that it came as a complete surprise. They were extremely rude, telling me to calm down in an email when I was just trying to verify details so that I didn’t have to run around doing it the day of. And maybe if they had actually taken the time to discuss it with us rather than blowing us off, things would’ve gone more smoothly. We have only been to Key West one other time, so we were relying on them to help us out with good locations and good pictures and how to organize the service. They are typically the officiant too, thank God they weren’t for ours.
They arrived only 15 minutes before the ceremony (knowing I had almost 30 people there) and they were completely unorganized.  They did not take but a handful of sloppy photos of my husband and his best man and a couple of me and my dad. They should’ve taken that time to get pictures of guests, and they should’ve been there sooner.
At least my bouqette looked good (though it smelled terrible) but my fiances boutineire was wilted before they even pinned it on. And for some strange reason they had Eilleen pin it on?? It seems dumb to us that they wouldn’t have had his Mother pin it on and take a picture of that?? I don’t want a picture of the terrible wedding “consultant”. We truly cannot believe that they have been doing this so long. How many bad reviews do they deny to find those few good testimonials on their website?
We were also very upset at how many times they stopped me during my procession and yet there are very few pictures (andthey are not very good). When going down the aisle to my future husband I should not be stopping and posing. If you are a decent photographer you should be able to get those shots without me needing to stop continually. And there should be a LOT more photos for the number of times you I was stopped, plus you didn’t get any of my husband while I’m walking down the aisle and there is only one of my maid of honor who walked down the aisle in front of me (they kept stopping her too).
Also, they were in EVERYONE’s way during the ceremony. They can say in the contract that no one else should be taking pictures because they are, but if that’s the case then 2 things need to happen – 1) the pictures are good enough and there are enough of them that no one else Needs to be taking photos and, 2) everyone who is there still gets to SEE the ceremony. My mom is legally blind and already had enough trouble seeing and she ended up staring at Ray’s backside for at least half of the ceremony.
How do they not have AT Least 2 cameras? What if one broke or the battery died or something?? Why were both of them not shooting pictures?? Heck, why was Eilleen even there?? There are multiple things going on in a ceremony and they missed at least half of it. How do they not have a proper zoom lens?? They were blocking the whole service during the ring exhange to get pictures because they don’t have a decent camera. I have heard there are a several locations in Key West that only hire a few select photographers because photographers like themu end up ruining the ceremony for a “good” picture and they didn’t even provide the latter after ruining our ceremony.
They were both very rude to everyone and you didn’t even dress nice for the service. You are at a wedding, decent clothes and at least brushed hair are Expected/Required. That is ridiculous to show up looking like a slob and then be in the way of anyone taking photos. They were those people in the pictures on their website – the ones not dressed nice and in the way of everyone’s shots.
Thank goodness my family did not listen to you and kept taking pictures, as half of them took better or bare minimum the same quality photos as yours and many of them got more photos.
The contract states that I get all my pictures no matter what….where are the rest?? We definitely did not get them all. I can’t believe they didn’t even take one photo of the cake, there was time before the service. They took pictures of freaking flowers and the club’s sign but not the cake?? They also took a couple scenic pictures that were pretty but more made us more mad because they didn’t us those scenic pictures for any of our photos. What training do they even have?? They are more amature than many of my guests as the service. I wish I had ignored the contract and not asked everyone to try and refrain from taking pictures. Thank goodness my friends and family didn’t all listen to me or we would have very few decent photos.

We can’t believed how rushed we were to take all the photos
Ray was extremely rude an arrogant when I mentioned where I thought the bike would look good. If you think somewhere else is better or if you were going to use that spot fine, but there is no need for an attitude. Frankly it was OUR wedding day, and we Paid them, so yes, we are the bosses then.
They may not count the Total number of pictures but they clearly only took 1-2 photos before they moved on to the next picture and the pictures verify that.

Frankly they were paid an EXTRA $150 because we did not use them as the officiant (thank goodness) and they still charged us the whole cost of the Original package so that should’ve gone towards photos.  Plus we paid you an extra $26 for a tablefor the sand ceremony but, it shorter than they described and they got there so late that we got a different one because we were afraid we wouldn’t have time to set up the sand ceremony at all.
We are so enraged that Eileen was rude to my mother about what her “responsibilities” were. My mom was just asking, then she copped an attitude with her (mainly because she was trying to do the absolute minimum while still providing the “services” we paid for).
Their team is EXTREMELY unprofessional and over priced for the terrible service received. We frankly don’t even need their photo release as thepictures don’t look like they were taken by a professional photographer. We should demand our money back, but with the type of people they are we wouldn’t expect anything but the worst.

If you want to have a great wedding go to the Key West Harbour Yacht Club and do it ALL through them…..We wish we had!! They were amazing and did half of the things the Weddingtogokeywest.com was supposed to!!!

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  • Wedding: April 2011

Hands down the WORST company I have ever Encountered.  The owner is a complete, crazed, psycho and his wife(the efficient) gave one of the most unenthusiastic, passion-lacking services I have ever witnessed.  A good friend of ours was photographing the ceremony and the owner of the company freaked out, said we were in breach of contract, and threatened to shut down the ceremony, and remove everything from the beach.  PSYCHO.  After me(the groom) and our friend the photographer listened to an earful of his psychotic babble, he then proceeded to go to the car where my wife and her father were and ranted to them about what a big problem we have and we are going to have to shut down the ceremony.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? YOU ACT LIKE THIS ON OUR WEDDING DAY???  What a joke of a company this is.  Luckily, we were with good friends and family so we were able to have a good time and recover from what was the MOST MISERABLE PERSON I have ever met in my life.  I STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST anybody ever doing business with these people.  Oh, and on top of that, they were supposed to give us a ride back to the hotel after the ceremony, but they drove off immediately with no explanation and then delayed weeks before getting us our marriage certificate.  These people were awful and wish them nothing but the worst in life. 

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  • Wedding: April 2012

So sorry to hear everyone’s bad experiences. We actually had a good experience. We planned a sunset beach wedding and everything went very smoothly. They were friendly and professional. It was a second wedding for both of us, so I am by no means a “rookie”. My first wedding was a big affair with over 250 guests, so this time we wanted something more intimate and personal. WTG accomplished that for us with no stress. I think they are a company better suited to casual weddings.

I am always saddened to hear about a couple not getting the day they have dreamed of but we got lucky and got what we were expecting.

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  • Wedding: November 2012

I don’t have experience with the company at all, but I checked out their website, and I would encourage you to look around a bit more.  Some of the stuff on their site is completely unprofessional (I hate that they didn’t pay attention to correct grammar, and while most people wouldn’t see that as a red flag, it makes me wonder how much effort they put into things that are a big deal, like the main means of promoting their business).  They also seem to talk mainly about how everybody else is bad at doing something rather than talking about why they are the best choice.  I am weary about this company, but I wish you the best of luck.

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